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Elsevier |MC Strategies 2009 LMS Strategic Planning November 19, 2008.

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1 Elsevier |MC Strategies 2009 LMS Strategic Planning November 19, 2008

2 .  Accomplishments 2008  LMS 2009 Feature Enhancements

3 Customer Requests for Change 943 Customer Change Requests from 10-1-2007 through 10-31-2008 40% requests for new features or enhancements 35% custom requests for reports, information, or processing 25% fixes and minor changes 5100 Customer Requests for data, HR downloads, and content linking

4 . LMSLesson Content Ecommerce USA Prepare CDSAHM HFMA

5 . E-Learning Platform to manage assignable items – multiple solutions Mosby’s Imaging Suite NDLSFMCGONCE CDS JCR Diverse Flexible Responsive AACN

6 To provide a fully functional learning environment to support delivery of blended learning programs including on-line learning, event management, discussion forums, e-mail notification, competency management, and reporting with delivery solutions for all healthcare organizations.

7 Usability study for UI improvements MCS will be conducting a usability study for consideration of user interface enhancements to the navigation. Dashboard Reporting & Report Manager Administrators will have quick links to dashboard reports for the more common compliance reports. Event/E-mail Notification Enhancements MCS will evaluate and consider requirements for enhanced notification system to alert users to new learning assignments, announcements, and/or critical events Content Management Module Phase I - UI for content linking with search keywords and optional groupings Phase II - MCS add an optional Content Management module for customers who want to create and launch their own content, without requiring support from MCS. Lesson Indexing to improve Browse/Search Phase I - provide catalog search for licensed content Phase II – add search keyword availability for linked content.

8 Knowledge Manager (Q1 2009) New module option to add to the MCS LMS. Knowledge Manager will provide functionality for organizations to create their own assessment checklists with remedial training, and will also include the ability to create independent competency requirements with goals and objectives, and will allow on-line preceptor grading. oOn Track Enhancements Phase I - On Track will be enhanced to allow a configurable option for organizations to let learners enter their own external training. Those entries will then become a part of the MCS LMS transcript. (completed Nov 2008) Phase II - Automatic update from e-learning or events Barcode scanning support for event attendance (Phase I completed Nov 2008) MCS will provide specifications for support of barcode scanning to record event attendance. Barcode information will be required to be in the user table. This add on feature will be available late Q4 2008.

9 Investigate Mobile delivery for competency grading MCS will begin to investigate alternatives for delivering competency grading via a mobile device. Depending on technology investigations, this feature may/may not be delivered in 2009. Q2 2009 we will begin the investigation of a solution. Investigate Discussion boards/wiki/blogs In order to support collaborative learning, MCS will be adding some functionality to support discussion forums and/or wikis. Investigation will be begin Q1 2009.

10 Several administrators agreed to partner with MCS to design some of the new modules. If you are interested in helping with any of the following, please contact your Client Service representative and we will be in touch with you sometime in January. –Partners needed for: Report Manager – Review/refresh reports to increase ad hoc reporting capability Discussion Boards/Forums – OnTrack enhancements Content Management Module –Phase I – UI for Content Linking –Phase II – Content Management System for creating lessons

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