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MUSEC-EIE/06/024/SI2.445716 SUPPORTED BY Best practice examples – Denmark Jens Frendrup, European Green Cities.

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1 MUSEC-EIE/06/024/SI2.445716 SUPPORTED BY Best practice examples – Denmark Jens Frendrup, European Green Cities

2 Best practice DK 1: Green Municipality Think Global/ActLocal Local Green Strategies Energy Efficiency Cleaner Industrial Technology Waste Handling Urban Ecology Environmental Education Results: new ways of cooperation internally and externally to citizens, industries, farmers, business and municipal suppliers etc.

3 Best practice DK 2: PV assisted ventilation Energy recovery ventilation Space consuming very low Low energy consumption High energy efficiency Low noise PV mixer (solar – grid) Low price app. 2000 EUR Results: easy to fit into new built or renovation, necessary to meet low energy standards, high comfort for low price

4 Best practice DK 3: Renewable Energy Island The island ”Samsoe” was appointed demo in 1997 4400 citizens – 11.400 ha First major step was 11 1MW windmills in 2002 In 2005 was achieved 100 % renewable electricity and 70% renewable heating District heating based on solar with additional wood waste Results: bottom-up planning by local people involvement in any step to implem. and operation

5 Best practice DK 4: Green Diploma 40 housing association dept. Yearly energy & environmental report heat, water, electricity and waste – since 2002 Awarded for energy & environ- mental efficient operation Now introduced also for construction work (new built as well as renovation) Results: change of tenants behaviours, better playgrounds, greenings, bird life, transport

6 Best practice DK 5: SUN-ROOF Flat roofs as new building plots for CO 2 free housing units of 84 m2 (2 modules) Financial help to renovation No need for connection to exist. Energy supply system 2 m2 thermal solar panels and 3,5 m2 solar cells (or + 14 m2) Results: demo project to also inspire Danish building sector into industrial more cost efficient prefabrication units

7 Best practice DK 6: Dogma 2000 Environmental impact yearly reported in Green Accounts Targets in Local Agenda 21 plan for improvements Env. work anchored in resident areas, industries, municipality Results: 7 municipalites City Council commitment to follow above Dogma rules, common cooperation agreement and common rules for yearly external auditing

8 Best practice DK 7: Solar Cell Coop In Nov 2004 Copenhagen citizens started ”Solar Cell Coop” inspired from windmills Turn ownership of solar cells into a more popular movement In 2005 first plant 440 shares of each 400 EUR sold 2½ months And next plant 154 shares of each 365 EUR sold in 14 days Results: progress possible in cities if positive cooperation to energy supply, house owners etc. and economic stimulus !!!

9 Best practice DK 8: Green Shops Energy & environmental progress in energy, water, waste, transport as well as for products being sold in the shop Visible Green Shop Award !!! Audit yearly – and 3 new targets set up every year First Green Shop in 1996 – now 310 shops in 8 municipalities Results: Good support for citizens’ awareness rising e.g. buying more ecological food, textile and low energy TV set, refrigirator etc.

10 Best practice DK 9: Copenhagen City Bike 1000 bikes introduced in 1995 2000 bikes now in 2007 Inner city – borrow for 20 DKK Take/leave - 110 parking places Citizens – tourists Health – city traffic – pollution ”City Bike One” to Bill Clinton Results: Visible and popular initiatives for general awareness rising, 400 city bikes now in next city Aarhus since 2005

11 Best practice DK 10: Green Accounts Albertslund Municipality 28.000 citizens next to Copenh. All municipal departments and institutions environmental certifyed during 2007 All – making Green Accounts 46 of 52 residential areas now work out Green Accounts on electricity, heating, water, waste Results: ”Red consumers” more than average are contacted and adviced to reduce consumption

12 Danish National SECA group Board members of Solar City Copenhagen Board members of Danish Association for Sustainable Cities & Building Contact persons for Best Practice long-list examples Total 31 persons

13 Danish SECA group Mr. Jakob KlintKUBEN, chairman Solar City Copenhagen Mr. Mikael HastrupCopenhagen Municipality Mr. Jens WindeleffDanish National Energy Agency Mr. Torben EsbensenEsbensen Consulting, chairman ISES Mr. Leo JakobsenValby Local City Council Mr. Stig MikkelsenDissing+Weitling (architechts)

14 Mr. Martin NielssonMalmoe City (Oeresund cooperation) Mr. Soeren PoulsenTechnology Institute Mr. Joergen StokbroCopenhagen Real Estate Mr. Peder Vejsig PedersenCenergia, chairman assosciation Sustain Cities & Building Mr. Thomas BraendgaardDONG Energy Ms. Kirsten SanderAssociation of Danish Architects Ms. Helle Voss MarkerDansk Solenergi (Danish Solar Energy) Mr. Jan Erik NielsenPlanEnergi (energy specialist engineer) Mr. Jens H. LarsenCopenhagen Energy & Environment Agency Mr. Peter AhmPA Energy (consultant)

15 Mr. Lars Bork HansenCarl Bro (consultant) Mr. Anders Bille JensenGAIA (solar cells producer) Mr. Toeger Nis ThomsenCopenhagen Municipality (environmental dept) Ms. Karin MunkholmCopenhagen, board member ass Sustain Cities & Building Mr. Thorkild Green JensenAarhus Municipality Mr. Arne Vinten NielsenKoege, board member ass. Sustain Cities & Building Mr. Torben GadeGBL (urban & landscape architects) Mr. Peter ChristensenNCC (contractor) Mr. Peter HeeKolding Municipality Mr. Soeren HermansenSamsoe Energy Office

16 Mr. Erik ChristiansenEBO-Consult, chairman Solar Cells Coop Ms. Helle TiedemannBallerup Municipality Mr. Torben ThyregodVELUX Denmark Ms. Bettina FellowFellow Consult (consultant housing associations etc.) Mr. John Steen JensenEcoVent (producer ventilation)

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