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1 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 1 NLR Tom West Wendy Huntoon Bonnie Hurst

2 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 2 NLR Infrastructure and Services

3 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 3 Infrastructure - Network of networks Fiber based, optical network Owned and operated by NLR National fiber footprint Production and experimental networks over the same infrastructure. Building blocks Phase 1: Northern footprint –Supports up to 40 lambdas on each segment Phase 2: Southern footprint –Up to 32 lambdas on each segment Provides flexibility to meet the needs of the user community. Core services at Layer1, Layer2 and Layer3

4 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 4 Three Core Services WaveNet - Layer 1 Point-to-point 10 GE or OC-192 waves Many users, encompassing big science, network researchers and production services FrameNet - Layer2 First Nationwide 10 Gb Ethernet service for the R&E community GigE interface and non-dedicated service comes with membership PacketNet - Layer3 Nationwide, diverse, redundant, reliable routed network service. 10 GE and 1 GE access part of membership No cost for additional users, including K20.

5 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 5 NLR owned fiber* NLR WaveNet, FrameNet & PacketNet PoP NLR WaveNet & FrameNet PoP NLR WaveNet PoP PoP for primary connection point by a member (“MetaPoP”) PoP needed because of signal regeneration requirements but can also be used for secondary connection by a member PoP established by NLR for members regional needs PoP established at exchange points RATO BATO SAND STAR CHIC SALT HOUS DALL SYRA TULS PENS ELPA KANS PHOE LOSA ALBU PITT WASH BOIS CLEV ATLA PORT RALE NEWY SANA DENV SUNN SEAT JACK OGDE * Fiber on the SAND-LOSA-SUNN path belongs to CENIC NLR Infrastructure - Core Services

6 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 6 WaveNet Service Dedicated point-to-point lambdas First service NLR deployed Between any 2 nodes on NLR’s footprint Used for both production and experimental services Current Usage 98 WaveNet Circuits - all 10 Gb Represents 980 Gbs of bandwidth 312 out of 1029 segments allocated 30% of the backbone capacity Average circuit length - 3 segments Implementation Quote 4-6 week installation Typically installed in 2-3 weeks Have delivered waves in < 1 week

7 NLR WaveNet Allocated Waves - January 2007

8 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 8 Example WaveNet Uses Network Backbone Infrastructure NLR PacketNet NLR FrameNet Teragrid Backbone NASA Backbone TransitRail Backbone Network Access NLR PacketNet Teragrid Research Projects Optiputer EnLIGHTened Computing CAPS - Tornado Forecasting

9 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 9 FrameNet Services - 10 Gb Ethernet Service Services available between any FrameNet nodes Point-to-point or multi-point 10 GE or 1 GE ports Use existing or deploy new end-point interfaces Deployment Within 24 hours of order when new interface is not needed Dedicated Bandwidth Guaranteed bandwidth - increments of 100Mbps Additional backbone links are added if dedicated bandwidth exceeds 6 Gbps. Pricing is distance sensitive Redundancy is available upon request Non-Dedicated No cost through 12/07 for bandwidth Minimal cost for additional ports

10 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 10 FrameNet Service - VLAN Allocation

11 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 11 FrameNet Weather Map - Bandwidth Usage

12 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 12 FrameNet Services - Example Uses Backup Connectivity Dedicated or non-dedicated VLAN between two RONS 3ROX (Pittsburgh) to SOX (Atlanta) - regional peering and backup Abilene connectivity FLR BATO to JACK - the long way (through Chicago) –Backup to regional connectivity Project Infrastructure VINI - 6 site multi-point. Test-bed overlay connecting VINI platforms. Collaboration OneNet - TULS to STAR - connects to the Enlighted project for Thomas Sterling’s HPC class.

13 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 13 PacketNet Designed to be extremely reliable Diverse backbone Redundant route processors, power supplies Redundant member connections 10 GE primary connection 1 GE backup connection Backup connection opposite direction and connects to different router Takes multiple failures to cause a backbone or end-site outage PacketNet routes 7212 distinct routes

14 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 14 PacketNet - Member Connections and Peers

15 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 15 International Peers

16 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 16 PacketNet Weather Map - Feb 2007

17 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 17 Other Services Infrastructure Services Co-location - any NLR node, services are site specific Cross Connects - ordered by NLR, billed back to user. Fiber IRU - leverage NLR’s fiber agreements NLRview Measurement infrastructure on NLR Both testing and measurement capability 10 Gb performance, multicast performance Measurement data –Actual data sets TBD based on community needs

18 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 18 Other Services Dynamic Provisioning of Services Layer2 - possible today Web based service to provide on-demand allocation of VLANS. Discussed at NLR AHM –No demand yet for the service –Looking for beta users Layer1 - Optical Switching NLR - foundation for many of the optical switching testbeds and projects –Examples: HOPI (2006), EnLIGHTened, LONI, UltraScience, NLR Switch NLR Optical switch –To be located in Kansas City –Collaborate with other Optical Switching projects –Service restoration and dynamic allocation of waves

19 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 19 User Support

20 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 20 Supporting Users Needs Defined and documented standard services See No one ever wants just the standard service Service Desk ( Single point of contact for all NLR services Experimental Support Services (ESS) Works with the user (RON, Researcher, etc) to understand specific project needs Cost, service, reliability, timeframe, etc. Appropriate NLR services are identified and modified to meet the specific need ESS liaison with rest of NLR staff through implementation process.

21 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 21 Research Proposal Quotes for services and infrastructure Letters of Support Outreach Support for regional and local conferences and workshops Documentation, presentations and demonstrations Project Engineering support Identification of services and resources appropriate to the project. Project Plan - document outlining project requirements, resources provided, implementation and deployment

22 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 22 Research - Example Projects BGP information BGP traces and BGP route dump Using real network information to test new algorithms Could not get the information anywhere else Outcome - new algorithms and technical papers Distance Learning Class Taught by Thomas Sterling at LSU Participants - Louisiana Tech University, University of Arkansas, MCNC, and Masaryk University in the Czech Republic Two parts –Actual class - High-Performance Computing: Concepts, Methods and Means –MCNC/NC State - evaluating the technologies

23 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 23 Research - Outreach EnLIGHTened G-Lambda demonstration Fall 2006 Demonstrated reservation, management, and monitoring of computing and network resources across two countries - US and Japan - for the first time. SC06 16 Projects PacketNet, FrameNet and WaveNet Allocated 40 Gbs of connectivity for entire demonstration period Scheduled dedicated bandwidth - PacketNet and FrameNet

24 © 2004 National LambdaRail, Inc 24 Research - Resources Available NLR Research Program In-kind donation of resources by NLR to a project Identification and request of resources Reviewed by NLR Chief Scientist NNRC oor NSRC where appropriate Recommendation on supporting project Allocation of resources for set time period Cisco Research Waves Request resources, such as dedicated waves for research projects.

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