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1 Understanding the Non-Functional Properties of Services Justin O’Sullivan.

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1 1 Understanding the Non-Functional Properties of Services Justin O’Sullivan

2 2 Outline Who am I? Applicability to WSMO Motivations Challenges Non-Functional Properties Benefits of approach Overview of models Questions

3 3 Who am I? PhD Student within the BPM Group (, Queensland University of Technology. (Dr David Edmond and Assoc Professor Arthur ter Hofstede). Systems Architect at GBST ( Participant of BPM Center (

4 4 Applicability to WSMO All WSMO elements (goals, mediators, ontologies and web services) can contain non-functional properties. Core Properties Dublin Core Metadata Element Set + Version Web Service Specific Properties Accuracy, Robustness, Availability, Scalability, Financial, Security, Network-related QoS, Transactional, Performance, Trust, Reliability

5 5 Motivating Example Simplistic Filtering

6 6 Motivating Example (Cont’d) Proprietary Classification Scheme

7 7 Motivating Example (Cont’d)

8 8 Black & White Cleaning ABN: 64 010 840 687 HEADING: Lawn Cutting & Maintenance Ph: 1300 133 811Fax: (07) 3821 7388 Email: Website: PRODUCTS & SERVICES: Domestic Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, External House Washing, Pre Sale Cleaning, Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning OPENING HOURS: MON 24h TUE 24h WED 24h THU 24h FRI 24h SAT 24h SUN 24h PUB 24h PAYMENT METHODS ACCEPTED: Bank Card, AMEX, Visa, Master Card, Diners Club, Cheque, Cash INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS: ABSA ACCREDITATION: Licensed Pest Control NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 50-100 DATE ESTABLISHED: 1985

9 9 Motivations To provide a necessary pre-requisite for: Automated Discovery Automated Selection and/or Substitution How do we achieve this? Increase the semantic richness of service descriptions – particularly with respect to the non-functional properties of services.

10 10 Challenges How do we entice service providers to undertake the (possibly) lengthy task of describing their service(s)? How do we support service providers in describing their services in ways that they currently use? How do we give requestors the ability to state what they require from a service? What level of domain independence should we support within service descriptions?

11 11 Non-Functional Properties Two halves of a service description (functional and non-functional). Non-functional - Anything that exhibits constraint over the functionality. Non-functional properties include availability (temporal and locative), payment, price, obligations, rights, security, trust, quality, discounts, and penalties.

12 12 Benefits of approach Domain independent approach to modelling of non-functional properties. [80/20 rule] Caters for conventional (bricks 'n' mortar) and web services. We have modelled these properties at a conceptual level (independent of a technology). Recursive nature of the models. Comprehensive (semantically rich).

13 13 Service Provider

14 14 Request Availability

15 15 Provision Availability

16 16 Locative Entities

17 17 Route

18 18 Route Specification

19 19 Region

20 20 Region Specification

21 21 Temporal Entity

22 22 Temporal Dates

23 23 Pricing Obligation

24 24 Price

25 25 Price (Cont’d)

26 26 Price Granularity

27 27 Rights

28 28 Quality

29 29 Next Steps Interested in augmenting this work with an existing standard. Undertake validation of this work as part of the completion of my PhD studies (July 05 – Jan 06). Determine other applications (Perhaps decision support wrt services).

30 30 Sources and References Justin O'Sullivan, David Edmond and Arthur HM ter Hofstede. Formal description of non-functional service properties. Technical Report FIT-TR-2005-01, Centre for Information Technology Innovation, Queensland University of Technology, 2005. functional.jsp functional.jsp Made available via: J O'Sullivan, D Edmond & AHM ter Hofstede, What's in a Service? Towards Accurate Description of Non- Functional Service Properties, Distributed and Parallel Databases, 2(2-3):117-133, 2002. Yellow Pages (Australia)

31 31 Questions Any questions??

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