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SWIM Portal Feedback & Data Management Needs Gheni Abla Eliot Feibush Job Monitor.

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1 SWIM Portal Feedback & Data Management Needs Gheni Abla Eliot Feibush Job Monitor

2 Web Portal Goal: provide a secure browser-enabled interface for: monitor simulation runs discover archived runs through rich meta-data initiate visualization Convenience for physics analysis Not a required single entry point for obtaining data and information

3 Current Working Web Portal monitoring information on all runs with the ability to drill down into greater detail on specific runs

4 Web Portal Supports Instant Messaging Protocol

5 Next Version of Web Portal… Better page refresh Allow detailed search for archived runs: by user, runid, date, keyword, (anything else?) Provide password enabled user registration and logi n; Login is not required to view but Allow receiving emails about run status Personalized web page view Allow post comments Any other functionalities?

6 Portal Aspects Integrates data monitoring + job monitoring Leverages FusionGrid SciDAC + PPL ElVis Web accessible Navigates firewall without login/authenticate Implemented quickly, low FTE “Strong Client” – interactive data exploration – Limited server side development so far...

7 Server Side Enhancement Movie of psiRZ over time Python script runs on data server: Copies psiRZ from each plasma state. (Long-Poe Ku) Creates new netCDF file with composite (psiRZ, t)

8 Additional 2-D Data over Time? Other 2-D variables to monitor Create movie file (.AVI or.MOV)

9 CSTATE – Compare Plasma States Existing Fortran program integrated with ElVis Display graphs & tables in ElVis Planned enhancement – Integrate as web service Demo in Display Wall Room A104

10 NERSC Web Directory Project directory at NERSC can have HTTP-served directory for web access – Read netCDF files over the web

11 Many Graphs  Small Graphs

12 Display Techniques Scroll through grid of full-size graphs Omit labels, titles as graphs get smaller – Display abbreviated title as index for: QuickLook - demo Draw multiple variables per graph

13 Many Graphs Approach Similar to managing slides and digital images: Scrollable Index + 1 big graph – Filmstrip (row or column of small graphs, e.g. Apple “Cover Flow”, Windows Filmstrip PowerPoint “Normal View” – Abbreviated title (short name)

14 Proposed Graph Layout ne(rho) Pe_icrf(rho) Pmin_e(rho) Eperp_min(rho) Te(rho) Pi_icrf(rho) Pmin_i(rho) Epll_mini(rho) Ti(rho) Pi_icrf(rho) Pmin_i(rho)

15 Graph Layout Discussion Graphs ≈ Digital Photos – Favorite photo management technique? Subdivide big image for comparisons, cut/paste Multiple windows with groups of variables – tabbed pages?

16 Generalize Monitoring Discussion

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