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Welcome Vocational Education and Training Orientation and Induction Program.

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1 Welcome Vocational Education and Training Orientation and Induction Program.

2 My Name is Gregory Askew and I am the Director of Studies Of Lloyds International College

3 Introduction 1. Administration Procedure During Orientation 2. College Staff 3. Where To Find Us 4. When Can I See Staff? 5. College Facilities 6. Counselling Services 7. Critical Incident Procedures 8. OH&S 9. Complaints and Appeals Process 10. OSHC & ID Cards 11. Prescribed Textbooks 12. Attendance Policy 13. Timetable 14. Assessment Tool 15. Class Allocation 16. Class Timings 17. Rules 18. Requirements 19. Our Aim 20. Your Focus

4 Administration Procedure During Orientation Complete New Students Arrival Form Provide Passport and Visa to SSO for photocopying Provide ‘Australian sized’ Passport size picture for ID cards

5 College Staff Director of Studies: Gregory Askew Head Trainer & Assessor: Amit Thakur OH&S Claudia Student Services Officer: Lorena Chivu Student Services Officer: Monika

6 Trainers/Assessors Alina Bohatkiewicz Arvinder Kaur Baljinder Singh Donar Firman Donna Karam Harita Dave Imtiaz Uddin Jasvir Kaur Carolyne Marnell Ken Newton M Sajedur Rahman Michael Jacke Ashiqur Tanim Muheeb Bin Shafi Naheem Mahtab Joy Kumar Shamim Ahmed Ticiano Kokay Poonam Jain Stephen Dassanayake Soussan Imani Sneh Chandwani

7 Lloyds College Structure Director of Studies SSO Customer Service STUDENTS HT Academic Trainers / Assessors STUDENTS SSO Academic STUDENTS Board of Studies Industry Reference Board

8 Where to Find Us Head Office/ Accounts/Admissions? Level 8, 307 Pitt St 8263 1200 Contact Person at College? The Student Services Officer (SSO): Lorena College Address? 269 Sussex St 8263 1200

9 When Can I See Staff? Appointments can be made to see the Director of Studies/Head Trainer/Counsellor via the SSO. For Counsellors contact details see SSO The DOS takes appointments between 10-am-12am Monday, Wednesday and Thursday The Head Trainer takes appointments between 1pm – 4:30pm Monday, Wednesday and Thursday The Counsellor is available by appointment. The SSO Desk is open from 9.00am – 11.00am & 2pm-5:30pm Monday-Thursday

10 College Facilities A vending machine, microwave, hot water and tables and chairs can be found on the Basement level for student use. Computer Labs are in rooms B1, B2, B3 Printing facilities will soon be established for students who wish to print. Campus is equipped with Wireless Internet. Username and Password is posted around the college

11 Counselling Services The College provides a confidential Counselling service to all students. Group Counsellor – external Why see the Counsellor? If you are having personal difficulties, or just want to talk, you can see the Counsellor about: Your special needs Your disability Relationships Family issues Ongoing problems with anxiety, stress or shyness. Appointments can be made to see the Counsellor through the SSO or read more about the service in the Counsellor’s Pamphlet.

12 Critical Incident Procedure Critical incident may include: Missing students; Severe verbal or psychological aggression; Death, serious injury or any threat of these; Natural disaster; and Issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault, drug or alcohol abuse. Contact person - Director of Studies College will ensure the provision of all necessary support services.

13 OH&S Toilets are located in the stairwells with a disabled toilet on the basement level. Maps of the building can be found on walls throughout the Campus. In an emergency, follow the illuminated exit signs to exit the building. DO NOT use the lift in any emergency. The Emergency Assembly Point is on the corner of Sussex and Druitt Streets, near the motorbike parking area.

14 Complaints and Appeals Process Students can get a Complaints and Appeals Form from the SSO. Return forms with relevant evidence to SSO for appointment scheduling These forms then will go to the Director of Studies (unless they are concerning the DOS) where we will attempt to resolve the issue. If a student is not happy with the outcome of the internal process, there are external processes which can be taken. These processes are outlined more clearly on page 21 of the Student Handbook.

15 OSHC & ID cards OSHC All international students should have Overseas Health Cover. The College has a suggested provider – AHM. If you have elected to be a member of AHM, your cards will be available from Head Office in two weeks. Student ID Cards Student ID Cards will be available from the SSO in one week. Students require their student IDs at all times while on the College premises.

16 Prescribed Textbooks You can purchase textbooks from College (Reception Desk) Certificate III in Business – Will be available shortly Certificate IV in Business – Will be available shortly Diploma of Business – Available ($40 each - $10 per week)

17 Attendance Policy Please carefully read your Attendance Policy Pamphlet! Attendance Policy is now in effect. 100% attendance is required by all Students According to this Policy, any student holding a Student Visa is expected to maintain 80% attendance in the given study period (each term). Failure to maintain 80% attendance is also a failure to meet Student Visa requirements and will result in the college reporting students to Immigration. Please be aware, students will be informed of their drop in attendance with a Warning Letter and will then receive a final letter informing them of the College’s Intention to Report before they are cancelled and will be provided with an opportunity to appeal this decision (Internal and External). To avoid problems please ensure your contact details are correct and regularly updated with the SSO Attendance will be marked three separate times by your trainer during both morning and evening sessions.

18 Timetable – Cert III Week starting every Monday Current unit of study Assessment Tool Start date and Due Date No of weeks in a term

19 Timetable – Cert IV Week starting every Monday Current unit of study Assessment Tool Start date and Due Date No of weeks in a term

20 Timetable – Diploma Week starting every Monday Current unit of study Assessment Tool Start date and Due Date No of weeks in a term

21 3 sections (it will differ based on the unit being delivered): Assignments (Group / Individual) Practical (in class presentation/observation) Questionnaire 2 Different types of marks : C (Competent) NYC (Not Yet Competent) Assessment tools are a part of your learners guide (textbooks) If learners guide is not in stock assessment tool will be provided by the college. Each student has to buy learners guide in order to submit their assessment tool. This is mandatory and compulsory for all students. Unit guide is an introduction to the unit and will be given and explained by your trainer on the first day. Assessment Tool & Unit Guide

22 Class Allocation Your class and trainer’s name will be provided to you by the SSO today. Morning or evening allocations have already been decided as a result of the information provided to us by your Agents, or by default. No class changes will occur without approval from DOS

23 Class Timings Morning Class Time (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 9:00am – 10:30am break 10:30am – 10:45am 10:45am – 12:00pm break 12:00pm – 12.15pm 12.15pm – 2:00pm Evening Class Time (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) 5:00pm – 6:30pm break 6.30pm – 6.45pm 6.45pm – 8:00pm break 8:00pm – 8.15pm 8.15pm – 10pm

24 College Operation Structure Discipline Fun

25 Structure Timetable is accurate and comprehensive Resources are current and compliant Teachers qualifications are current and appropriate Accommodation is comfortable and suitable Student records are accurate and complete Curriculum is organised and easily understood Policies and procedures are available and clear OH&S management system is operational Quality Control management systems are in place Continuous improvement philosophy is adopted

26 Discipline Student Attendance Student Punctuality Class Room Behaviour Academic Performance

27 Fun The Students & Teachers must enjoy the Learning experience Students Learn better when the Learning is enjoyable Teachers enjoy their work more with motivated Students

28 OUR AIM Trouble Free Enrolment Learning Assessment Graduation

29 Rules 100% Attendance – 20hpw Punctuality - within.15 minute window Assessments completed within Time Frame Doctor Certificates required for all absenteeism No NYC Poor attendance


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