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Copyright DBA Apparel – All rights reserved Anne-Christine Ayed Leveraging on-line consumer clubs to identify innovation white spaces Anne-Christine Ayed.

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1 Copyright DBA Apparel – All rights reserved Anne-Christine Ayed Leveraging on-line consumer clubs to identify innovation white spaces Anne-Christine Ayed Leveraging on-line consumer clubs to identify innovation white spaces January 26, 2009

2 aca – jan 0923/04/20152  Global Designer, Marketer and Manufacturer of Branded Women's and Men's Apparel Products.  International group created from the acquisition of Sara Lee Branded Apparel Europe by Sun Capital Partners (2006).  3 categories including:  Intimates (50%)  Underwear (20%)  Hosiery/Socks (29%).  The 14 brands are: DBApparel : The company

3 aca – jan 0923/04/20153  DBApparel is and wants to stay the European leader – - With strong brands – - Focusing on customers and consumers – - Known for its ability to Innovate. DBApparel : The company

4 aca – jan 0923/04/20154 When related to lingerie and hosiery technical products, the criteria for innovative offerings are: - new materials/processes -new product construction -new presentation/packaging that - do not exist in competitive products - bring added value to consumers - could be protected by intellectual property DBApparel : Innovation

5 aca – jan 0923/04/20155 DBApparel : Innovation Board Sponsored by the CEO and composed of business VP’s, Operations VP, R&D and Brands Directors  Provides a forum for firmwide exchange of innovative ideas  Tracks and cultivates innovative ideas across the BU’s  Undertakes R&I product portfolio management and sets new product development strategy

6 aca – jan 0923/04/20156 “The Consumer Board is a company wide forum that integrates consumer insight and understanding into the heart of what we do” DBApparel : Consumer Board  Key cross business ‘players’ primarily but not exclusively from marketing or retail  All have a passion for the consumer and are open, collaborative and willing to embrace change  Look also at external inputs

7 aca – jan 0923/04/20157 DBApparel : Consumer Board Its role:  Develop a learning culture by providing a forum for sharing commercial successes and failures through the company  Drive deeper insights and intelligence across the Brands and optimise total company spending  Develop new ways to raise consumer observation and listening skills  Benchmark our consumer research process and keep us up-to-date with new methodologies and segmentations

8 aca – jan 0923/04/20158 Online community of women who log on weekly to a dedicated site to complete “Activities”  Semi Structured questionnaires and open forum discussions  Activities are planned and directed by us  Around 500 women registered  Actual participation 75-150 members a week DBApparel : Consumer Club

9 aca – jan 0923/04/20159 DBApparel : Consumer Club Bras & Women Who wear them Our Goals: Our Goals:  Increase our understanding of what women want their bras to do for them  Engage in a dialogue with consumers to - Explore unmet needs and pain points - Generate universal insights  Uncover innovation white spaces for DBA brands - New Product ideas - Marketing and communication messages

10 aca – jan 0923/04/201510 DBApparel : Consumer Club Bras & Women Who wear them The kind of women have been we talked to:  Age 20 – 60  Full range of bra sizes  Mix of shoppers  Department stores  Marks and Spencer  Online  Grocery  Multiples & Chains # Duration : 6 months Keen to share preferences and pain points Comments are frank, uninhibited and full of humour! JulAugSepOctNovDecJan Analysis and implementation Club set up and recruitment Club is live for 5 monthsFinal report from BIG

11 aca – jan 0923/04/201511 Our Goals: – Understand women’s hosiery use, preferences, and priorities – Find and explore pain points and possible white spaces The kind of women we talked to:  Women from France  Ages 15-59  1-6 pantyhose size  35-41 shoe size  1.5-1.85 meters height  40-95 kg weight  Purchased hosiery in last 12 months Duration: 3 months DBApparel : Consumer Club “ Le Club des Collants”

12 aca – jan 0923/04/201512

13 aca – jan 0923/04/201513 * Why I like them: * Description (brand, cut, fabric, and any other feature important to you): 3. Have you discovered knickers that are so fabulous, you want to tell the world (or at least your friends)? Tell us what they are and why you like them. Your Club Stats Current BIG Bucks Total Activities Completed View My Club Profile Review Your Activity History More Information About the Club How to win prizes 7. Tell us everything that influences what knickers you choose to wear for the day. For example, are there habits or outfit coordination rules that you generally stick to? Do you wear different types/styles knickers during the week and at weekends?

14 aca – jan 0923/04/201514

15 aca – jan 0923/04/201515 They told us…  On bras in general, their emotional and psycological connections with their underwear, basics things that are still a problem  On bras of the future DBApparel : Consumer Club Bras & Women Who wear them

16 aca – jan 0923/04/201516 Topics we have explored…  Bra choices ( drawer inventory, favourites and regrets, priorities, bra diary, fashion)  Comfort and Support (general issues, comfort and adjustment, forum discussion on price)  Shaping and enhancing, (physical, psychological and emotional dimensions)  New ideas, disposable underwear, sleepwear …  Health  Eco-bras  Shopping DBApparel : Consumer Club Bras & Women Who wear them

17 aca – jan 0923/04/201517 They told us…  On their basic hosiery habits and preferences  Their Weekly Wardrobe: weekday vs. weekend outfit choices DBApparel : Consumer Club “ Le Club des Collants”

18 aca – jan 0923/04/201518 Topics we have explored…  My Shape and My Pantyhose (Likes/dislikes about their lower bodies and what they hope pantyhose will do for their shapes)  Control pantyhose and shapewear  Assessing hosiery fabric and features  Shoes (Discomforts wearing different types of hosiery)  The Right Size: Usefulness of current hosiery sizing system  Special Effects  Change of Season  Laundry Basket  Recycling Hosiery DBApparel : Consumer Club “ Le Club des Collants”

19 aca – jan 0923/04/201519 Results: Major areas of opportunities identified including white spaces and several opportunities for product and packaging improvement DBApparel : Consumer Clubs

20 aca – jan 0923/04/201520 Encouraging loyalty – engaging with and influencing consumers online  Set up a DBA online community for customers – Women are passionate about their bras and keen to engage in dialogue  Register and win  2 way information exchange – Email alerts on new intros and updates to their favourite style – Real information: “Did you know all our bras have…” – Consumer feedback on purchases – Questions to the Experts DBApparel : Consumer Clubs

21 aca – jan 0923/04/201521 Turn these insights into new products, services and capabilities as quickly and efficiently as possible Criteria used for measuring the opportunities: - Speed - Resource investment needed - Impact (market, revenues, competitive advantage) - Importance to DBA’s strategy and constituents Next Steps DBApparel : Consumer Clubs

22 aca – jan 0922  We define what internal/external resources we need to meet our objective  We leverage design firms, network of inventors, suppliers, universities, non competing companies (co-branding, JDA), communication agencies ….  We assign dedicated project teams in charge of the partnership (s)  We are currently managing at least 5 projects emerging from the clubs and involving external partners DBApparel : Open Innovation

23 aca – jan 0923/04/201523 The key is to sustain momentum on opportunities uncovered and build on our success in employing new technology and open source to identify whitespaces DBApparel : Innovation

24 ACA 18-10-2007 Thank you 24

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