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Building and Testing OGCE Software on the NMI Build and Test Facility Marlon Pierce Indiana University.

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1 Building and Testing OGCE Software on the NMI Build and Test Facility Marlon Pierce Indiana University

2 OGCE’s portal release includes several Grid portlets built with Java COG, our Velocity Bridge, and GTLAB JSF libraries

3 The OGCE Gadget Container allows you to build portals out of public and private Google Open Social gadgets. Supports HTTPS. Downloadable, packaged software.

4 OGCE’s Cyberaide JavaScript provides a Grid abstraction layer for developing mashups and gadgets. Downloadable, packaged software.

5 The XBaya workflow composer allows you to build scientific workflows from services running across the TeraGrid. This is part of our workflow suite. OGCE Tools for Science Workflows

6 OGCE Packaging, Building and Testing All component builds are designed to be self contained – Uses Apache Maven 2.x – Download includes everything you need. – Built with a single command: mvn clean install – Builds are modular Code is managed by SourceForge’s SVN. Apache JMeter test suite for the portal. – Need more than just unit tests – Run against your installation – Automated tests nightly

7 Basic NMI Build and Test Script Structure is the master script. This is called as a cron job. – This calls the.submit script for each component For each OGCE component, we have 3 metronome submit scripts – Nonmac (linux), mac-x86, mac-ppc – Example submit script on next slide – This stages in inputs to the destination machine, runs SVN Finally, we run a build-specific shell script that does the actual Maven build. You can get all of this from our SourceForge SVN: – scripts

8 Example NMI submit file script project = OGCE component = Trunk Build component_version = 1.0.0 description = Automated test of OGCE build/runtime execution run_type = build inputs = ogcePortal.svn, buildOGCEPortal-nonmac.scp, OGCEJMeterTestFile.scp, OGCEJMeterResults.scp, jakarta-jmeter-2.scp, maven.scp remote_task = remote_task_args = "" platforms = x86_64_fc_4, x86_64_fc_5, x86_64_rhap_5, x86_64_rhas_3, x86_64_rhas_4, x86_64_sles_8, x86_cent_4.2, x86_deb_3.1, x86_deb_4.0, x86_fc_2, x86_fc_3, x86_fc_4, x86_fc_5, x86_rh_7.2, x86_rh_8.0, x86_rh_9, x86_rhap_5, x86_rhas_3, x86_rhas_4, x86_slc_3, x86_sles_8, x86_sles_9, x86_slf_3, x86_suse_10.0, x86_suse_10.2, x86_ubuntu_5.10 prereqs = java-1.5.0_08 notify = remote_task_timeout = 120m

9 Practical Lessons o Need to modify your build script for some platforms o JDK versions were different between Linux platforms, Macintosh x86, and Macintosh ppc platforms respectively o Made it necessary to use three different NMI scripts o Maven program had to be copied separately for Linux platforms because of NMI incompatibilities with OGCE’s bundled maven o Once again, be self-contained

10 Practical Lessons o Environment variables need to be specifically assigned o $JAVA_HOME needed to be set and added to path o $HOME directory needed to be set to current NMI build directory because OGCE portal builds in the $HOME by default o Keep trying to build even if project fails the first time o OGCE svn download would occasionally fail, so we had each script try 'rebuilding' the portal up to three times every night

11 Practical Lessons o Have your script "sleep" if runtime programs aren't loading o Apache Tomcat server would often fail to start o Issuing a "sleep 20" command gave Tomcat enough time to load

12 Some Sample Timings Linux platforms o Average build time per platform = 52.19 minutes o Average total time w/ queue wait (all platforms) = 223.2 minutes Macintosh OSX 10.4 (PPC) o Average build time = 10.3 minutes o Average total time (including queue) = 25.29 minutes Macintosh OSX 10.4 (x86) o Average build time = 6.2 minutes o Average total time (including queue) = 96.5 minutes

13 Critique of the Build and Test System Help support has always been great Documentation should be improved. – Difficult to remember how to find out which Linux platforms are available. – Difficult to remember how to find out which Java versions are supported. – Need some “getting started” scripts I really don’t care too much about specific OS and Java versions. It would be nice to have “use all linux”, “use newest Java” options. – Would also allow me to use the same scripts for all my platforms. I would like to revisit our systems testing strategy

14 More Information Email: OGCE Web Site: Blog/News Feed: http://collab- See our poster at the SDCI All Hands Meeting Thursday night Rishi Verma did most of the original build and test work

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