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Lecithin. The name “LECITHIN” is taken from the Greek word “likothos” … meaning egg yolk.

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1 Lecithin

2 The name “LECITHIN” is taken from the Greek word “likothos” … meaning egg yolk

3 Its presence in egg yolk indicates it is a necessity in DEVELOPMENT

4 Although egg yolk is a good source of lecithin, eggs are also high in cholesterol … so some people purposely avoid it. The same is true of organ meats … another lecithin food source

5 Whole grains contain some lecithin, but people are trying to reduce their carbohydrate intake

6 Lecithin, from soybean oil, is one of the richest CHOLESTEROL-FREE sources

7 If LECITHIN were a drug instead of a natural food, your doctor would probably be prescribing it to EVERYONE!

8 Lecithin is a PHOSPHOLIPID It CANNOT be manufactured by the body, and, therefore, MUST be provided in adequate amounts in the diet

9 Lecithin has a very high content of: Linolenic acid and linoleic acid Choline Inositol

10 Linoleic Acid: is an essential fatty acid that is part of the structure of all cell membranes it is converted by the body to other fatty acids that are needed for the production of many hormones it is involved in the regulation of perspiration

11 Choline: is a B vitamin that supports brain, liver, cardiovascular and reproductive health is involved in the absorption of fats into the cells (so you can use your fat soluble vitamins... A, D, and E) plays an important role in passing signals from one nerve to the other … example: as soon as you touch the stove with your finger-tip, a nerve impulse registers “hot” … nerves then transmit a command back to the fingertip which pulls away from the hot stove

12 Inositol: helps transport cholesterol out of the body it also is critical for healthy liver and kidney function is a B vitamin that is an essential component of the myelin sheath that surrounds and insulates nerve fibers.

13 Twelve Benefits of Lecithin

14 1. Lecithin … the Emulsifier

15 Lecithin acts like a detergent in the blood … it dissolves fat and keeps it suspended in the bloodstream, preventing it from settling on the membrane walls.

16 Lecithin acts as a solvent for cholesterol, triglycerides, and other fats. Therefore, it helps to prevent such ailments as high blood pressure stroke heart disease hardening of the arteries

17 Some wellness consultants recommend up to 6,000 – 7,000 mg LECITHIN daily when dealing with these disorders initially

18 2. Lecithin … the Brain Tonic

19 Choline and Inositol make ACETYLCHOLINE, a vital compound for the transmission of messages from one nerve to another. This improves MEMORY and THINKING ABILITY! A deficiency causes BRAIN DISORDERS! Some wellness consultants recommend up to 7,000 mg daily to help reduce dementia, senility, & Alzheimer’s disease

20 3. Lecithin … the Nerve Insulator

21 Lecithin is part of the myelin sheath that surrounds and insulates nerve fibers. Because of this action as a nerve insulator, people would benefit who have: multiple sclerosis fibromyalgia stress / hyperactivity / depression PMS

22 4. Lecithin … the Dieter’s Friend

23 Dieter’s love lecithin because of its emulsifying effect on fat. Accompanied by an appropriate exercise program, lecithin helps burn fat much quicker! Best results occur with 4,000+ mg daily accompanied with exercise.

24 5. Lecithin … a Lung’s Friend

25 Lecithin lines the lungs as an essential fatty acid to soothe mucous membranes and prevents irritation Therefore, it has been found helpful for … allergies hay fever asthma bronchitis emphysema COPD

26 6. Lecithin … the Joint’s Friend

27 Lecithin acts as a lubricant for the joints. Therefore, it is a friend to every joint in the body

28 7. Lecithin … the Beauty Nutrient

29 Lecithin is a beauty nutrient because it is essential for: healthy, shiny hair moist, soft skin helps prevent skin disorders like eczema

30 8. Lecithin … The Woman’s Friend

31 Lecithin is necessary for the production of various hormones such as epinephrine (which regulates perspiration and prostaglandins. Therefore, it has been very beneficial: in the reduction or prevention of PMS, menstrual disorders, and menopause symptoms and it is an excellent source of neurotransmitter hormones which are sleep inducing

32 9. Lecithin … the Liver’s Friend

33 Lecithin, along with other substances is used by the liver to make BILE Bile emulsifies fat & fat soluble nutrients like essential fatty acids and Vitamins A, D, E, and K. This emulsion enables you to get full benefit of these essential nutrients.

34 10. Lecithin … the Bowel’s Friend

35 Lecithin aids maintenance of healing of pancreatic and kidney tissue, and the bowel lining. The lining of the small intestines is one of the fastest growing tissues in the body, completely renewing itself in about 1 ½ days. Therefore, additional LECITHIN is very beneficial for people who suffer with: Crohn’s Disease Colitis Irritable Bowel Syndrome kidney disorders pancreatic challenges

36 11. Lecithin … the Gatekeeper

37 Lecithin is a phospholipid, and is essential in EVERY cell in the body. … If phospholipids are not present in sufficient amounts to maintain the cell membrane structure, the membrane loses its ability to protect the cell and also to transport nutrients in and out of the cells. … It also aids our immune system by coating our red blood cells, thereby providing protection against the invasion of viruses, germs, or bacteria. … Therefore, it is called the “gatekeeper” of the cell.

38 12. Lecithin … the Pollution Fighter

39 Chemicals from environmental pollutants, heavy metals, drugs, food additives, pesticides, etc. cause hardening of the cellular membrane. Without adequate lecithin, our cell membranes harden and malabsorption is the end result. Lecithin also helps soften hardened liver tissue, and helps reduce or prevent cirrhosis of the liver. Therefore, increasing your lecithin intake is a wise choice in our polluted world.

40 Twelve Benefits of Lecithin

41 Liquid Powder Granules Capsules FOUR forms

42 Liquid Lecithin is like Axle Grease - Exposed to oxygen … oxidative damage

43 Granules - Convenient

44 - Exposed to oxygen … oxidative damage Powder Form … Convenient

45 Lecithin Oil Capsules Protected from Oxidation


47 Each Shaklee Lecithin contains at least 500 mg of pure vegetable source lecithin from soybean oil

48 The Shaklee Difference the capsules are prepared under the most hygienic laboratory conditions Shaklee Lecithin has not been heated … (oils are altered by heat and become rancid, therefore becoming carcinogens or cancer-causing agents) No added preservatives or chemicals of any kind it is contained in an easy-to-swallow gelatin capsule which seals in goodness maximizing shelf-life.

49 Shaklee Lecithin A Product you can TRUST!

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