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Brought to you by Kathleen DiGennaro June 1, 2010.

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1 Brought to you by Kathleen DiGennaro June 1, 2010

2 A Fun Way to Read and Share

3 What is Book Talk Club? Book Talk Club can provide an opportunity beyond the regular classroom reading lessons for students to read and share books in a social setting.

4 How does Book Talk Club support curricular goals? Book Talk Club can enhance the opportunities for students to attain the goals set forth in the beliefs reflected in the NYS ELA Core Curriculum. –English language arts learners must be exposed to regular and varied opportunities to read –Students to read a minimum of 25 books or the equivalent, per year, across all content areas and all standards –Students to listen and to speak on a daily basis. –Students as active learners, responsible for and knowledgeable about their own learning.

5 Background and Supporting Research Book Club Plus: A Conceptual Framework to Organize Literacy Instruction Taffy E. Raphael, Oakland University Susan Florio-Ruane, Michigan State University MariAnne George, Rochester Community Schools - 82864 Book Talk Club: Cape Elizabeth High School Library 345 Ocean House Rd.; Cape Elizabeth, ME 04107;(207) 799-3309 Literature Circles Compiled By: Pat Elliott, Resource Teacher & Dale Mays, Grade 4 Teacher Simcoe County District School Board Ontario Canada

6 Background and Supporting Research Literature Circles Revisited: Learning from Experience By Christine Boardman Moen Book Links May 2005 pp 52-53 Literature Circles Structure: Grades 2-3 By Mary Lou Laprade John Hay Elementary Seattle, Washington Literary Lessons: Literature Circle Models By Laura Candler Milken Educator 2000 Fayetteville, NC Literature Circles Build Excitement For Books! Mary Daniels Brown Education World Copyright 2004 Education World

7 How to Implement Book Talk Club? Students Supervisors Day(s) Time Rooms for each club Books Activities

8 Divide the number of students in the class by 6 – 7 to determine how many book club groups will be needed. Select an adult staff supervisor for each book club group needed. AIS Reading Teachers Special Ed. Teachers Librarian Literacy Coaches Speech Teachers Principal Classroom Teachers

9 Select book titles to equal the number of book club group needed. Design or find an activity for each book that features the book’s genre, topic or story line. Activities should be appropriate for 20 minutes of play and 4-8 players. Book titles should represent the readers’ independent level of reading. Select book titles to equal the number of book club group needed.

10 Model Book Talk Club Meeting and review club roles and rules with the class. Schedule a weekly meeting day and time of 45 minutes that fits all participants.

11 Keep a log of book titles assigned to each student. Make a Student Roster Sheet of each Book Club Group to include book copy number, group supervisor, book title and student classroom (if more than one class is involved.

12 Prepare a Bookmark for each student that includes the teacher-facilitator, the book title, book copy number, classroom teacher and meeting date. The bookmark is a reminder to As you read, make a sticky note about 3 of these ideas.

13 Students sit in semi-circle of chairs with discussion chart and agenda at the head of the circle. Teacher/facilitator may choose to stand outside of circle and guide the students through the agenda. (encourage students to direct their contribution to the group) Seating Arrangement Agenda Discussion Chart RulesJobs

14 BOOK TALK CLUB Meeting Agenda 1.Read the club rules. (3 minutes) 2. Announce meeting jobs and responsibilities. (3 minutes) 3. Share story summary- Next/Before. (6 minutes) 4. Share ideas on sticky notes – on discussion chart. (8 minutes) 5. Book activity- the teacher will explain. (23 minutes) 6. Clean up (2 minutes)

15 Teacher may choose a Manager (eg. pick name tag from “hat”, select volunteer) Place Manager’s name card on job chart. Manager reads his role and then chooses names of others: each selects their job, affixes their name on the Jobs Chart and reads their role.  With 7 club members, the seventh person may choose any of the 6 jobs to be shared. Timer or Recorder can easily be shared, or two Encouragers can work cooperatively. Provide Timekeeper with the timer and Encourager with a sheet of stickers. Taskmaster reads the Agenda Item #2 Roles and Responsibilities 1. Announce meeting jobs and responsibilities (3 minutes)

16 Share story summary- Before/After. (6 minutes) Timekeeper sets timer. You may want to have students close the books for this activity to encourage recall of the story rather than describing an illustration they look at. Gate Keeper: Begins, “One thing that happened in the (beginning, middle, end) of the story is.. “ Then pass the After/Before card to the next student who says “And before/after that (shows the Before or After on card)... “ adding a main event recalled from the story. Then pass the After/Before card to the next student and continue until each has had a turn or Timekeeper calls time. Summary Share – BEFORE/AFTER

17 Share ideas on sticky notes on discussion chart. (8 minutes) Timekeeper sets timer. Students contribute ideas to Discussion Chart. Gatekeeper gives each student a turn to read one of his/her ideas prepared on sticky-notes. The student reads their idea; then Recorder places it on the chart. Each student gets 3 turns to read each of their ideas.  Remind students, contributing 3 sticky-notes each meeting is their responsibility to the club. After all have shared their sticky notes; Encourager gives a sticker to each member who has contributed 3 ideas to the Discussion Chart. Encourager may also give an extra sticker to 1-2 students who did an extra good job during Discussion Discussion Chart of Idea Sticky Notes

18 Book activity- the teacher will explain. (23 minutes) Timekeeper sets timer. See activity in Book Talk Club basket. Manager helps hand out supplies. There are two sets of materials for the students to do the activity in groups of 3-4. Book Activity



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