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Patton Smartnode VoIP eszközök használata

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1 Patton Smartnode VoIP eszközök használata
Unyi Gábor Comfort-Netshare Kft. 1139 Budapest, Teve u. 41. Tel: , Fax:

2 SmartNode™ 1200 / 4552 Typical Installation
Example of an Installation with a DSL Access ISDN Fallback ISDN NT ISDN S/T VoIP Access ADSL Annex B Copper Internet Access Splitter DSL Modem Ethernet 10bT ISDN fallback is a isdn services (isdn voice and data) fallback only, it cannot be used as a dial-out data fallback path with the current SmartWare release (2.10) On the side: ADSL Annex A: ADSL over POTS base band (filter required) Annex B: ADSL over ISDN base band (splitter required) SmartNode (tm) ToIP Seminar rf/2004, rev1.00

3 SmartNode™ 1400 Typical Installation
Example of an Installation for PBX Networking with 4 simultaneous VoIP calls Site A Site B PSTN 2 x ISDN S/T Data Network DSL Modem VoIP Network SmartNode (tm) ToIP Seminar rf/2004, rev1.00

4 Applications in the Provider Market
Multi-Service Broadband Access Bind Customers through Service Differentiation Bind Customers with Bundled Services Cut Operation Costs through Converged Service Delivery Internet Services Voice Services Application Services PSTN Provider Backbone PowerLine BB Access WLL xDSL CATV Leased Lines SmartNode Customer Premises Gateways Overview picture of what multi-service broadband access. CLECS use the the SmartNode as a CPE for local loop bypassing last mile access interconnection to legacy PSTN SmartNode offers migration and scaling steps for Carrier Services Small Networks (1000 Subscribers): Shared PRI Access Medium Networks: (10’000 Subscirbers): V5.2 concentrated access Large Networks: (> 10’000 Subscribers): Softswitch networks Customer Networks SmartNode (tm) ToIP Seminar rf/2004, rev1.00

5 Applications in Enterprise Networks
Global Enterprise Communications Cut WAN costs in office to office communication Long distance and international toll bypass Telephony integration of Home Offices Telephony integration of remote branches PSTN SmartNode IP Network Internet SmartNode Ethernet LAN Log distances between offices offer a compelling argument for VoIP. But also nearby offices can add up to a well working business case. The toll bypass market depends on several factors mostly country dependent: Regulation: some countries forbid VoIP (origination and/or termination) PSTN Infrastructure: number of conventional PSTN lines available and cost for these lines Call rates: how does the business case for the VoIP installation work out. Depending on these factors a VoIP installation can pay for itself within a few month or never. Use the ROI calculation sheet to calculate the business case. Branch Office Main Office PBX Extensions SmartNode (tm) ToIP Seminar rf/2004, rev1.00

6 PBX Networking Installation (1)
Site A Site B 2 x BRI 2 x BRI PBX PSTN TVA 4 x BRI 4 x BRI X.21 X.21 100bTX leased line Equipment SmartNode 2300 with 2 x IC-4BRV SmartNode is used as Gateway, Router and Switch 100bT LAN Serial WAN SmartNode (tm) ToIP Seminar rf/2004, rev1.00

7 PBX Networking Installation (2)
SN4528 SN4114 IP/WAN/VPN WWW 8-lines 4-lines SN4526 6-lines Customer Benefits Interoffice Toll Bypass based on legacy PBX installation Telephony, Internet Access and VPN with a single device SmartNode (tm) ToIP Seminar rf/2004, rev1.00

8 PLAR – Private Line / Hot line
IP/WAN/VPN WWW SN4114 SN4114 Customer Benefits Toll free hotline service over existing Data network Infrastructure Connectivity on any IP network SmartNode (tm) ToIP Seminar rf/2004, rev1.00

9 Enterprise Home Office PBX Extension
Main Office PSTN 5 xBRI BRI PBX Home Office 2 xBRI SN1200 Public Gateway SN1400 Gatekeeper BRI LAN Router NAT Firewall Modem Internet Modem SmartNode (tm) ToIP Seminar rf/2004, rev1.00

10 Enterprise Opportunity Analysis
Check if it is a SmartNode Opportunity? Condition Multiple PBXs at different sites Remote Offices without PBX Home Office Access to central PBX Requirement The sites are already connected to the Internet with sufficient bandwidth (50 to 100k per voice connection), or a connection can be established easily. (e.g. Leased Lines, DSL, Cable Modem, Laserlink, WiFi etc.) Environment The PBXs are not networked. Calls between sites go through the PSTN The PBXs are already networked using QSIG Solution SmartNode Solution: toll bypass over IP. Save on the monthly telefone bill. SmartNode Solution: QSIG networking over IP. Save the cost of dedicated leased lines. SmartNode Solution : remote sites are served as IP extensions of the central PBX. SmartNode (tm) ToIP Seminar rf/2004, rev1.00

11 The Patton-Inalp VoIP Intranet
Inalp Switzerland Patton USA PSTN Internet LAN Ascotel Altigen T1 Router Firewall Modem 1544Kb 1024Kb NAT Gatekeeper SN1400 2 x BRI 5 x BRI DMZ Home Office ISDN Phone Cable or ADSL Modem >=128Kb SN1200 BRI Regional Sales Office >=128Kb Access Router NAPT SmartNode (tm) ToIP Seminar rf/2004, rev1.00

12 Lacasa: Spain and Latin America
Who is Lacasa – Largest Spanish chocolate + sweets manufactuer Multiple production sites Used to do voice over Frame relay over a dedicated private lines. Now they use IP/MPLS transport and lower cost. SmartNode (tm) ToIP Seminar rf/2004, rev1.00

13 BerliKomm City Carrier Germany
Central Office BerliKomm Intranet eth SN 2300 Class 5 Switch E1/PRI Ethernet Switch & E1 NTs / Bridges 21xE1 BerliKomm Backbone SDH SDH 21 Backbone Sites . . . E1 NT/ Bridge SN 1400 eth E1 The Solution Das BerliKomm SDH Backbone consists of 22 POP-Sites connected through 5 rings. At each site a SmartNode™ is installed to provide a number of ISDN and IP based Services. The SmartNode™ network supports: Access control (ISDN) Room surveillance and movement detection (ISDN) Fire detection (ISDN) Alarms (ISDN) Intranet Access (IP-Ethernet) Telephony (ISDN) PC on Intranet ISDN Phones eth S0- Bus for Facility Supervision SmartNode (tm) ToIP Seminar rf/2004, rev1.00

14 KWZ: Hydro Power Plant Switzerland
Public ISDN Zentrale u. Ausgleichsbecken Zervreila Zentrale Safien Zentrale Rothenbrunnen Ericsson Business Phone 250 Ericsson Business Phone 250 Ericsson Business Phone 250 4 x S0 8 x S0 4 x S0 SmartNode 2300 IC-4BRV SmartNode 2300 2 x IC-4BRV SmartNode 2300 IC-4BRV FDDI Giga Ethernet 100bTX Ethernet 100bTX Ethernet Have own fiber and running gigE IP/FDDI About 20 miles between locations. Lower communication costs using already installed infrastructure No recurring provider costs One location (zervreila - couldn’t be serviced by provider anyway) SmartNode (tm) ToIP Seminar rf/2004, rev1.00

15 Parex Bank: Baltic States
Branch in Lettland Main Office hiCom 150 Meridian M1 PSTN n x PRI 1 x BRI 4 x BRI SN1200 IP WAN LAN Russia Largest independent bank in the Baltic countries – Lithuania, Estonia, etc… Litauen Foreign Branches SmartNode (tm) ToIP Seminar rf/2004, rev1.00

16 ETIC: School for Communication Portugal
Main School Design Building HiCom Terminals hiCom HiCom Terminals hiCom SN 1400 PUBLIC ISDN SN 1400 2 Mbps SDSL SDSL Bridge SDSL Bridge LAN SN 1400 Administration WLAN Bridge WLAN Bridge SN 1400 Internet Firewall 11 Mbps Wireless LAN ISDN Feature Phones SmartNode (tm) ToIP Seminar rf/2004, rev1.00


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