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Welcome to Sales Training Day. Agenda 10am - 11am Workshop - The Basics of Selling Pre-call planning ‘The Script’ 11am – 12pm Testimonials – Tips & Advice.

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1 Welcome to Sales Training Day

2 Agenda 10am - 11am Workshop - The Basics of Selling Pre-call planning ‘The Script’ 11am – 12pm Testimonials – Tips & Advice from re:charge store owners 12pm – 1pm Prospecting and Business Development followed by Q&A 1am – 2pm Lunch 2pm – 3pm Designing your sales process followed by Q&A 3pm – 4pm Workshop – The Sales Cycle Managing your prospect list Establishing customer needs Answering customer objections 4pm – 5pm Workshop – Motivation, Target setting and Staff incentives

3 Objectives Share best-practice Simple, easily incorporated sales techniques Learn from our colleagues Leave feeling more confident in our sales abilities The end prize – more sales!

4 What NOT to expect…

5 Bio – Muriel Molloy Family of shopkeepers Training courses for Microsoft, Education for Peace, Nostra Systems, New Horizons… AIB – Background in Telesales Sales and Marketing Development manager in Typetec Responsibility for the sales targets of a team of 4 telesales staff and 3 field sales Small business owner – leads generation

6 Introductions Name Job title Name of Store What you would like to achieve from today?

7 The Basics of Selling A State of Mind Listening Good first impression Elevator pitch Organisational skills

8 And finally… Confidence! But how? Educate yourself about the products Practice your script/pitch Don’t be afraid to say ‘I don’t know – but I’ll get back to you.’

9 Pre-call planning The importance of cross-selling What is my territory? What is the best use of my time? What does success look like?

10 The Script Put the script in your own wordsthe script Make it your own Generally 2 scripts – one for fact finding and one for sales.

11 Getting past ‘The Gatekeeper’ All hail the gatekeeper! (Respect) Don’t sell PAST the gatekeeper, sell TO the gatekeeper Again - confidence

12 Right before the call… Preferred outcome – face-to-face meeting/email address/sale Script (the crutch!) It’s OK to fail, stumble, panic Assume – I’ll make 10 calls before I get familiar with my script Think in stats, not quality of individual calls, eg. 5% leads generation = success

13 Prospecting Databases Compass/Yellow Pages/Google Warming up “cold calls” Sales Call Planning Setting sales call objectives Questions to ask Objections to anticipate

14 Networking BNI (Business Network International) Chambers of Commerce Ireland County Enterprise Boards Women in Business Through Sports Associations/Boards/Community involvement Start your own network? Facebook/LinkedIn

15 The Sales Funnel

16 Designing your sales process Customer Relationship Management Excel/Act/Sage/Business Contact Manager(MS Outlook)/Business Contact manager Leads sheet

17 Exercise Have you tried advertising, distributing flyers, direct mail, sponsorship, PR or another means to market your store? Split into small groups and share what worked and why.

18 Managing your Prospect list In Excel But remember – these are only tools Timely and consistent follow-up Example of a simple plan for sales callssimple plan

19 Exercise Looking at your current database or your 3 hot prospects, try putting together a simple, realistic contact plan for over the next week. State some goals which would move these prospects further along the sales funnel.

20 Establishing customer needs Use your current database/information What do you know about their business What are the customers pains? What are the pains of the customers industry/sector?

21 ABC – Always Be Closing No magic wand (unfortunately!) BANT criteria ASK for the business! Follow-up with great service Make a date – in 3 months, ask for a referral

22 Sales meetings Importance of consistence and accountability Agree targets Agree timelines BANT criteria – Budget, Authority, Need, Timing Recognise and reward hard work and perseverance

23 Exercise Take 5 minutes to discuss what are challenging but realistic targets for your business. By month How many meetings or phone calls would you need to make to reach these targets?

24 Exercise Customer objections Write down one objection you have received in the past when trying to sell Discuss with the person next to you, how you could possibly overcome that objection in the future

25 Motivation What does success look like? Lines in the sand Rewards

26 Target setting Challenging but realistic Group targets/Individual targets How much is a lead worth?

27 Staff Incentives What will work for your team? Where incentives can fall down Pros & Cons of incentivising staff

28 Jfhdkfhdkj Fsdfhdjkh Thanks for your time today. Please help us improve by filling out the feedback form. Many thanks, re:charge man

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