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Powering Maryland Forward USM's 2020 Plan for More Degrees, a Stronger Innovation Economy, and a Higher Quality of Life USM Strategic Plan Presentation.

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1 Powering Maryland Forward USM's 2020 Plan for More Degrees, a Stronger Innovation Economy, and a Higher Quality of Life USM Strategic Plan Presentation Maryland Technology Development Corporation William E. Kirwan, USM Chancellor Thursday, March17, 2011

2 A Sense of Crisis The Education Gap U.S. is losing its status as a world leader in education –23 rd in high school completion rates –10 th in postsecondary completion rates Only 39 percent of 25-to-34 year-olds have a postsecondary degree –U.S. #1 in both metrics 30 years ago –The U.S. has the highest college dropout rate of any industrialized nation How can the U.S. be a leader in things that matter if it isn’t a leader in educating its citizens?

3 Only four of the top ten companies receiving U.S. patents last year were U.S. companies The world’s fastest super computer is in China; the world’s fastest linear accelerator is in Europe The World Economic Forum ranks the U.S. 48th in quality of mathematics and science education The U.S. ranks 27 th in the proportion of college students receiving undergraduate degrees in STEM A Sense of Crisis The Innovation Gap

4 USM in 2020 Five Strategic Themes Emerging Issues: –Achieving the Maryland Goal of 55 Percent College Completion –Advancing Maryland’s Competitiveness in the New Economy –Redesigning the Instructional Paradigm and Learning Outcomes Enduring Issues: –Exemplary Stewardship of Resources –Commitment to Quality & National Eminence

5 College Completion The 55 Percent Goal Is in alignment with national and state goals –President Obama: U.S. having the highest proportion of college graduates in the world by 2020 –Maryland’s goal: 55 percent completion by 2025 –Also stated goal of College Board, Lumina Foundation, Gates Foundation, National Governors Association and others Meets the international standard for competitiveness Acknowledges economic analysis of needs for a vibrant knowledge-based economy

6 College Completion The Challenge Currently Maryland has 44 percent degree attainment –Maryland’s 2-year and 4-year institutions need to produce 20,000 to 23,000 more degrees –USM’s share is 10,000 to 12,000 Getting to 55 percent completion: –Align K-12 and higher education –Significantly increase graduation rates –Reduce achievement gap –Maximize use of community colleges –Increase use of online education –Expand capacity at regional centers

7 Advancing Maryland’s Competitiveness Research & Development -- Strengths 55 percent college attainment is necessary for success, but will not guarantee success –Must generate the right mix of degrees—undergraduate, graduate, professional—matching workforce needs STEM Health professions Cyber security R&D is a vital Maryland industry –Maryland ranks #1 in R&D per capita –USM institutions attracted more than $1.2 BILLION in extramural research last year

8 Advancing Maryland’s Competitiveness Research & Development -- Challenges Shortage of research space (2.5 million square feet by 2020) –#1 issue facing the USM –Must increase and upgrade facilities to meet transformational demand of research –Must preserve our competitive advantage Technology transfer and commercialization –Create entrepreneurial culture within faculty –Collaborate with business community to commercialize university discoveries to penetrate economy –Support seed funding, proof-of-concept funding, intellectual property & patent development, commercialization

9 Transforming the Academic Model Addressing how the 21 st century student learns: –Active learning –Social networks –Technology advances USM efforts draw upon advances in cognitive science to build technology enhanced active learning environments : –Focus on so-called lower division “gatekeeper” courses in STEM areas –Collaborative learning a key –Strategies include regular mentoring, online tutorials, immediate feedback for students

10 Transforming the Academic Model Course Redesign Pilot projects across the USM have been successful –Improved learning, better retention, lower costs –Several project leaders have gained national recognition Using private funds, effort underway for system wide, systemic implementation –Carnegie Foundation / Lumina Foundation / USMF Goal is to redesign 40 “gatekeeper” courses over next 4 years

11 Exemplary Stewardship & Commitment to Quality USM: a national leader with Effectiveness and Efficiency –More than $200 million in direct cost savings –USM: tuition flat for four consecutive years Every USM university has achieved national ranking (Kiplinger’s, Princeton Review, Diverse, U.S. News & World Report, etc.) Four USM institutions in Kiplinger's Top 100 "Best Values in Public Colleges”

12 Macro Benchmarks for 2020 Increase degrees awarded by 10,000 Increase STEM grads by 40% Triple number of K-12 STEM teachers produced Double volume of R&D funding Start 325 successful companies

13 Must secure the necessary funding: –General funds and tuition –Philanthropy –Patents and licenses and R&D –Reestablish HEIF in support of operating budget –Video Lottery Terminals in support of capital budge Must invest in: –Building capacity for 55 percent attainment goal –Building top-ranked research /workforce programs –Adding research and classroom space –Investing in course redesign –Maintaining competitive salaries USM in 2020 Next Steps

14 Final Thoughts This is the right plan for USM –Leverages and focuses the USM’s assets –Features focused implementation strategies & accountability This is the right plan for Maryland –Addresses Maryland’s vulnerabilities –Fuels Maryland’s opportunities The Governor and the President have said it best: “I see higher education not as an expense to be cut, but I see it as an investment that will pay dividends.” (Martin O’Malley) “We need to out-innovate, out-educate and out-build the rest of the world,” (Barack Obama)

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