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JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL Process for Meeting Immediate Warfighter Needs Applying The Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction on Rapid Validation and.

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1 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL Process for Meeting Immediate Warfighter Needs Applying The Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction on Rapid Validation and Resourcing of Joint Urgent Operational Needs July 2005

2 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 2 Agenda Provide overview of JRAC process Review the steps outlined in the recently released Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction (CJCSI) 3470.01 –Rapid Validation and Resourcing of Joint Urgent Operational Needs (JUONS) in the Year of Execution –Dated 15 July 2005 –Purpose –Roles –Process

3 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 3 JRAC – Process Flow OIF / OEF / GWOT Originates JUONJUON COCOM Certifies & Prioritizes JUON Joint Staff Validates and Recommends JRAC Designates as IWN IWN solution presented to leadership COCOM / Services Execute Solution JRAC tracks and facilitates solution <120days COCOM declines JUON Joint Staff Declines IWNIWN Direction to execute feed- back

4 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 4 CJCSI 3470.01 Purpose a.Establishes policy and procedures to facilitate assessment, validation, sourcing, resourcing (in accordance with DOD 7000.14-R, “DOD Financial Management Regulations (FMRs)”) and fielding of operationally driven urgent, execution-year combatant commander needs. Generally, these needs can be considered as life- or combat-mission-threatening needs, based on unforeseen military requirements that must be resolved in days, weeks or months. This process is not intended to replace the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) process but rather to accelerate the process of fielding readily available systems to satisfy joint urgent wartime needs.DOD 7000.14-R, “DOD Financial Management Regulations b.Delegates shared oversight responsibility of the process to validate and resource combatant commander urgent needs in the year of execution to the Director for Force Structure, Resources and Assessment, Joint Staff/J-8; Deputy Comptroller (Program/Budget) Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Comptroller); and the Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell (JRAC), Office of the Secretary of Defense for Acquisition, Technology and Logistics (OSD(AT&L)). c.Provides policies and procedures for initiation, review, evaluation, approval and followup of combatant commander urgent operational needs requests.

5 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 5 CJCSI 3470.01 Policy Rapidly validate and resource deployed and/or employed combatant commander’s JUONs Quickly address in order to prevent combat-related loss of life and/or mission failure Considered as joint in nature (e.g., theater-wide combatant commander need spanning multiple Services) and outside of the scope of existing DOD 5000 series and Service processes Not intended to compete with any of the current Service processes but rather to complement them Not intended to replace any other Joint Staff process; e.g., the combating terrorism, rapid initiative fund (Cbt, RIF), combatant commander initiative fund (CCIF) or the command and control initiative program (C2IP) but rather potentially leverage off these processes and focus them when necessary in support of combatant commander JUONs Prescribe roles within the process

6 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 6 Roles for CJCSI 3470.01 Combatant Commander (COCOM)Combatant Commander Services Joint Staff Functional Capability Board Joint Capabilities Board Budget Office Director’s (BOD) Board Linkages

7 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 7 CJCSI 3470.01 Enclosure A* *Enclosure A *Describes Joint Staff Rapid Validation and Resourcing Process *Figure, at right, depicts process flow *Complex diagram – some details remain to be clearly defined *Presentation uses a simplified approach – click Joint Staff Rapid Validation and Resourcing Process

8 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 8 CJCSI 3470.01 Enclosure A Gives background for understanding JUON process –Reviews The Services’ methods for shortening acquisition timelines –States the shortfall as the need to address theater-wide, multi- Service COCOM needs –Identifies the scope to rapidly validate, resource, and field solutions that fall beyond established Service processes, and that will prevent combat loss of life and/or mission failure Generally, would not include new technology development Could accelerate or adapt technology, or modify existing capability to meet the JUON Examine spectrum of DOTMLPF Process begins with COCOM submittal of JUON –Recommended format –Use SIPRNET for submittal and tracking

9 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 9 2 days14 days5 days CJCSI 3470.01 * COCOM 1.VDJ8 GatekeeperVDJ8 Gatekeeper 2.FCBFCB 3a.FCB WGFCB WG JRAC 3b.DS / ADS / A *CJCSI 3470.01, 15 July 2005, Rapid Validation and Resourcing of Joint Urgent Operational Needs (JUONS) in the Year of Execution, Enclosure A 5.JCBJCB 6.Budget Office DirectorsBudget Office Directors 7.DS / ADS / A 5 days 5 days 10 days 4 3 2 1 4.FCBFCB JCB/ JROC

10 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 10 CJCSI 3470.01 Process The Joint Urgent Operational Need (JUON) process begins when a Combatant Commander (COCOM) submits a JUON –Use the format per CJCSI 3470.01, JUON/IWN Request FormJUON/IWN Request Form The JUON will be submitted to the Joint Staff J8 via SIPRNET COCOM sets relative priority for JUON requests prior to submission –Submit simultaneously to the JRAC via the SIPRNET IWN website URL: Copies will be furnished to other Joint Staff directorates, as appropriate.

11 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 11 CJCSI 3470.01 Step 1 J8 Vice Director (VDJ8), as the Gatekeeper, receives the JUON from COCOM –Forwards to the appropriate Functional Capabilities Board (FCB), –Recommend Lead Service responsibility –Notify OSD(C)

12 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 12 CJCSI 3470.01 Step 2 FCB triages JUON request –Clear understanding of the COCOM’s shortfall concerns and associated urgency for the JUON, the operational context of those shortfalls, the options available to answer those concerns, and a recommended approach by the Gatekeeper- designated lead Service/Agency. –Conducted within 48 hours of receipt Charters FCB Working Group (WG) –Typical FCB WG

13 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 13 CJCSI 3470.01 Step 3 The Designated Service and/or Agency (DS/A) develops an implementation and funding strategy recommendation

14 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 14 Typical FCB WG Working Group membership usually includes: –Requesting COCOM –Services -- both operations, technical, budget and programming experts –Joint Staff -- J-3, J-8, and other J-Codes, as necessary –OSD Comptroller –OSD Program Analysis and Evaluation –Applicable Combatant COCOMs -- particularly JFCOM –ASD NII as required –JRAC Lead as required

15 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 15 Service & Support Agency FCB WG Representatives Each Service and Combat Support Agency should identify FCB WG representatives, based on areas of expertise, who would act as FCB WG members as required. –This information should include name, organization, phone and fax numbers, and E- mail address and should be updated as necessary

16 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 16 CJCSI 3470.01 Step 4 FCB reviews validation, implementation and funding recommendations from WG and DS/A Determines priority within portfolio, in the case of multiple JUONs

17 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 17 CJCSI 3470.01 Step 5 The JCB reviews validation and option recommendations, and determines priority across FCB portfolios and COCOMs

18 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 18 CJCSI 3470.01 Step 6 Decision board, co-chaired by the Deputy Comptroller OSD(C) and J-8 (DDRA), and comprised of the Senior Budget and Financial Officers of the Services, OSD(PA&E), and JRAC Director, as lead in the case of an IWN, receives JCB recommendations –Budget Office Directors (BOD) Board –Possibly one of four possible actions: 1)Approve the JCB recommendations given there is quorum support 2)Provide additional guidance to the responsible FCB to reevaluate the recommendations 3)Request formal review/concurrence of the FCB-proposed options and recommendations by those organizations impacted by the possible decisions (particularly if impacted organizations are not part of the four Services) 4)Direct the responsible FCB to take the issues and recommendations back JCB and/or the JROC for programmatic recommendations (essentially deferring the decision for Service Program Objective Memorandum consideration)

19 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 19 CJCSI 3470.01 Step 7 BOD approves recommendations Funding allocated/reallocated Service initiates procurement or provides service ― OR ― Assets shifted/diverted from another COCOM

20 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 20 Joint Urgent Operational Need Immediate Warfighter Need Format referenced in CJCSI 3470.01, 15 Jul 2005, for use by COCOM in stating Joint Urgent Operational Need (JUON) Available on SIPRNET at Information required in JUON / IWN submittal –Title–Submitted by –Date Certified/Prioritized by COCOM –Relative Priority –General Description –Mission & Threat Analysis –Non-Materiel Alternatives –Potential Materiel Alternatives –Potential Resource Tradeoffs –Constraints –Points of Contact –Release Authority

21 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 21 JRAC Responsibilities Resolve COCOM IWNs within the Department Provide a single point of contact and accountability on the OSD staff for tracking the timeliness of actions –IWNs are specific hi-visibility JUONs that require resolution and capability fielding within 120 days or less –The JRAC Core group USD(AT&L)  USD(Comptroller) OGC  JCS J-8 –JRAC Advisory group USD(I)  USD(P) ASD(NII)  Services COCOMs  DOT&E USD(P&R)  Others –Functions in a manner similar to an overarching integrated product team –Apply the advice, assistance and validation by the Joint Staff in the designation and resolution of IWNs, their relative priorities and recommendations on operational risk Provide regular status reports to the Deputy Secretary

22 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 22 Glossary: Joint Urgent Operational Need An urgent operation need identified by a combatant commander involved in an ongoing named operation. A JUON’s main purpose is to identify and subsequently gain Joint Staff validation and resourcing of a solution, usually within days or weeks, to meet a specific high-priority combatant commander need. The scope of a combatant commander JUON will be limited to addressing urgent operational needs that: (1) fall outside of the established Service processes; and (2) most importantly, if not addressed immediately, will seriously endanger personnel or pose a major threat to ongoing operations. They should not involve the development of a new technology or capability; however, the acceleration of an Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration or minor modification of an existing system to adapt to a new or similar mission is within the scope of the JUON validation and resourcing process.

23 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 23 Glossary: Immediate Warfighter Need A subset of JUONs, so designated as IWNs by the Joint Rapid Acquisition Cell, and have a materiel or logistics solution that must be resolved within 120 days or less. This special category will confirm an added emphasis on the timely resolution of this urgent operation need and enhanced visibility to OSD and the Deputy Secretary of Defense.

24 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 24 Additional Glossary Terms CJCSI 3470.01 Budget Office Director’s (BOD) Board – A newly formed board established to adjudicate execution-year resourcing issues in support of fulfilling JUONs. A Deputy OUSD(Comptroller)/J-8, Deputy for Resources and Acquisition (DDRA) co-chaired group, comprised of Service HQs’ G/FO-level comptrollers. The BODs are responsible for reviewing and approving the Joint Capabilities Board recommendations to satisfy and resource a combatant commander JUON. Through this board, direction to reprogram funding within existing Service/Agency budgets will also occur. Designated Service/Agency (DS/A) - The Service or agency identified to develop an initial course of action(s) and approved to be responsible for the overall management and execution of a JUON. Functional Capabilities Board (FCB) – A G/FO-chaired, permanently established body that is responsible for the organization, analysis and prioritization of joint warfighting capabilities within an assigned functional area. Tasked to review recommendations of the FCB working group and provide recommendations on the priority of the JUON within their designated portfolio.

25 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 25 Additional Glossary Terms CJCSI 3470.01, continued Functional Capabilities Board (FCB) Joint Urgent Operational Need (JUON) Working Group (WG) - An action officer-level group tasked to review a specific JUON request, develop technical and resourcing options and provide recommendations on validation and options. Membership on the WG will include representation from the requesting combatant commander and will usually include operation, technical and financial representation from the following organizations, but may be tailored by the Director, J-8, or his or her representative to meet time and security sensitivities: Services, Joint Staff, OUSD(C), OSD(PA &E), applicable combatant commanders (particularly USJFCOM) and ASD(NII). Joint Capabilities Board (JCB) – The JCB functions to assist the Joint Requirements Oversight Council in carrying out its duties and responsibilities. The JCB reviews and validates the recommendations prior to submission to the BOD Board for JUON action. The Joint Staff/J-8 chairs the JCB, which is comprised of flag officer/general officer representatives of the Services.

26 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 26 COCOM Identify, validate and prioritize JUONs Forward “urgent and compelling” JUONs to the Joint Staff and, simultaneously, to the JRAC Assist in the sourcing and resourcing of the need Direct urgent operational needs more appropriately satisfied through a Service process to the already existing Service process

27 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 27 Services Recommend solutions and funding strategies as requested by the gatekeeper (the Vice Director/J-8 (VDJ-8)) or directed by the Senior Comptroller Financial and Budget Officer Director’s (BOD) Board or JRAC Designated Services / Agency (DS/A)

28 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 28 Joint Staff Provide primary, direct communications with COCOMs for receipt of JUONs, via the SIPRNET VDJ-8, as the gatekeeper, will follow the procedures outlined in Enclosure A, CJCSI 3470.01 Provide subject matter expertise, to include intelligence, operational, etc., within the Functional Capabilities Board (FCB) Working Group (WG), as required

29 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 29 Functional Capability Board Provide a JUON validation recommendation to the JCB and/or JRAC Advise on the funding strategy the designated Service/agency (DS/A) proposes to the JCB

30 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 30 Joint Capability Board Validate the JUON recommendation in support of a decision by the OSD- Comptroller-chaired Budget Officer Directors (BOD) Board

31 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 31 Budget Office Directors Board Determine the appropriate fiscal resources for resolving a JUON, or for implementing a solution Established to adjudicate execution-year resourcing issues in support of fulfilling JUONs A Deputy OUSD(Comptroller)/J-8, Deputy for Resources and Acquisition (DDRA) co-chaired group, comprised of Service HQs’ G/FO-level comptrollers The BODs are responsible for reviewing and approving the Joint Capabilities Board recommendations to satisfy and resource a combatant commander JUON Through this board, direction to reprogram funding within existing Service/Agency budgets will also occur

32 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 32 Linkage of Roles The JUON process acts as the incubator for the identification of combat capability that later informs the USJFCOM Lessons Learned Program, Joint Quarterly Readiness Review (JQRR) and the combatant commander integrated priority list process. As critical gaps are identified via a JUON, they should be captured as lessons learned for subsequent, similar future or ongoing conflicts and identified as shortfalls in readiness for deploying and/or employed units. The gaps should be categorized into longer-term integrated priority lists if the JUON solution is temporary and a broader, more complete capability must be fielded though the standard acquisition process.

33 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 33 Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Establishes and publishes polices and procedures governing the combatant commander operational needs validation and resourcing process

34 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL 34 JUON / IWN Resolution Meeting the war fighters’ needs –Closing the loop from the statement of urgent need to the implementation of materiel, logistics, or other solution –Insuring feedback to COCOM Direct JRAC feedback, when applicable JCB/JROC address within IPL and planning/budgeting process, as needed –Providing lessons learned, when appropriate Contact the JRAC Core, or Staff Support, for more information

35 JOINT RAPID ACTION CELL NameOffice/RoleWork PhoneNIPR EmailSIPR Email Dr Robert BuhrkuhlJRAC Mr Roberto RodriguezUSD(C)/JRAC Dep Mr Dan NielsenUSD(AT&L) Mr George DesiderioJRAC Mr Ben RileyUSD(AT&L)/ Ms Jenness SimlerUSD(AT&L)/DDRE Mr Doug LarsenOSD RADM Terry BlakeJCS J-8 Lt Col Fred GregoryJCS J-8 Mr David ClagettJRAC Staff Mr Tim CouringtonJRAC Staff Support Ms Mary PerryJRAC Staff Support mary.perry.ctr@osd.smil.milrobert.buhrkuhl@osd.milrobert.buhrkuhl@osd.smil.milroberto.rodriguez@osd.milroberto.rodriguez@osd.smil.mildaniel.nielsen@osd.milgeorge.desiderio@osd.milgeorge.desiderio@osd.smil.milben.riley@osd.milben.riley@osd.smil.miljenness.simler@osd.miljenness.simler@osd.smil.millarsend@dodgc.osd..milterry.blake@js.pentag Core Points of Contact

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