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Workshop Objective To develop a persuasive presentation that incorporates your knowledge and the Pharmanex ® promotional materials.

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1 Workshop Objective To develop a persuasive presentation that incorporates your knowledge and the Pharmanex ® promotional materials

2 Workshop Flow Model presentation Techniques for getting past the gatekeeper Developing an effective presentation Approaches for overcoming common obstacles

3 Office Calls Expect small time allotment at start 6 calls to change a habit Long-term relationship Gain volume, not just a signature Continual contact

4 Office Calls (cont.) Telephone ahead to determine office protocol ALL people in the office are important nurses, nurse assistants, and receptionists Patients see nurse practitioners and PAs for routine care in many states

5 Getting Past the Gatekeeper Differentiate yourself from pharmaceutical representatives Ensure that another Pharmanex ® representative has not called on the office Give a reason to see the doctor Make the gatekeeper feel important

6 Gatekeeper Profile (10 minutes) Open and read your gatekeeper profile Develop an effective opening to get past the gatekeeper to see the physician Elect a group spokesperson to role-play the opening

7 Presentation Elements Opening Questioning Features/benefits Closing

8 Effective Presentations The aim is to generate support and gain volume, not just the physician’s signature Use the Pharmanex ® display case to introduce the Pharmanex ® products Organize your materials before you call Ask the physician for his/her card

9 Effective Presentations (cont.) Complete the paperwork (PMD form and UCLA third-party form) Ask for “approval to send the document” versus their signature Use product brochure when describing patient ordering Display brochures effectively

10 Closing Points Complete the PMD and UCLA forms Specify pocket reference or binder Demonstrate how brochures are designed and used with patients Ask for a specific action patient trial option

11 Closing Points (cont.) Set up the next appointment Ask for referrals Ask the gatekeeper if you can return to: check supplies learn about customers’ experiences

12 Medical Literature Important! Keep abreast of current literature Referencing literature adds credibility Articles can be found on the Pharmanex ® web site

13 After the Call Note office likes, dislikes and issues Note needed information, literature, questions, issues, and follow-up actions Set up call objectives for next time With physicians, preparation, notes and accuracy are key!

14 Customer Profile (10 minutes) Open and read your customer profile Develop an effective presentation for this customer Elect a spokesperson to role-play your presentation

15 Progressive Call Role-Play (15 minutes) One participant plays the “physician” The “physician” chooses one representative to open the call After the participant opens the call, the “physician” chooses another representative to continue the call

16 Progressive Call (cont.) When the 2nd participant has completed a portion of the call, they switch roles (last participant becomes the “physician”) Process continues until each participant has played the role of the representative

17 Obstacle Handling View video obstacle Group discussion of obstacle response View “what good looks like”

18 Obstacle #1 The lawsuit was decided in favor of Pharmanex ® All of the active ingredients in Cholestin are natural Because Cholestin is considered a supplement and not a drug, FDA approval is not required

19 Obstacle #1 (cont.) Consumers who take Cholestin can enjoy health benefits similar to those achieved with statin drugs without the side effects Cholestin is more cost effective than the statins

20 Obstacle #2 Option #1 Confirm the physician’s interest in having more information regarding dietary supplements Remind the physician of all the educational materials/services Pharmanex ® can offer him/her:

21 Obstacle #2 (cont.) Option #1(cont.) Natural Dietary Supplements Desk Reference clinical data on Pharmanex ® products CME programs access to experts from UCLA Nutrition Center to answer questions individualized brochures to use with their patients.

22 Obstacle #2 (cont.) Option #2 To realize a financial benefit requires the physician’s full involvement The Pharmanex ® representative will no longer service the physician The physician will need to keep track of and order his/her own supply of brochures

23 Obstacle #2 (cont.) Option #2 (cont.) Brochures cost approximately $10.00 for a package of 100 Based on the volume of product his/her patients use, he/she can earn a rebate of 20%–30%

24 Obstacle #3 Pharmanex ® representative are compensated through commissions on the volume of product patients order Pharmanex ® representative efforts to educate physicians on products and result in physicians feeling confident recommending Pharmanex ® products

25 Obstacle #3 (cont.) The Pharmanex ® representatives believe in these products so completely that they are willing to pay for the educational materials and services out-of-pocket

26 Obstacle #4 The materials are not free The Pharmanex ® representative has made an investment in the materials and needs to ensure that they are distributed only to health care professionals who are committed to participating in the Pharmanex ® program

27 Obstacle #4 (cont.) Resources should be maintained and provided only to those health care professionals whose patients will benefit from the information

28 Obstacle #5 Acknowledge the constraints on his/her time Tell the physician, “I will work with you to increase your knowledge of Pharmanex ® products and your confidence in recommending these products to your patients.”

29 Obstacle #5 (cont.) Remind the physician of # patients identified who may benefit from Cholestin Recommend that the physician start broadening knowledge of Pharmanex ® products one at a time Gain agreement to send and return to discuss the Cholestin studies from UCLA

30 Obstacle #6 Compare the price per month of Cholestin ($40.00) with the price per month of a statin ($120.00–$300.00) The price per daily dosage that must be taken to achieve the proper effect, is less than that for competing brands This makes Pharmanex ® products more cost effective for your patients

31 Obstacle #7 Question the physician to find out whether his/her concern is related to a specific product This is one of many reasons the physician should be involved in the patient’s decision to use dietary supplements

32 Obstacle #7 (cont.) The Pharmanex program provides the physician with the Nutritional Supplements Reference, which includes all the information currently available regarding drug interactions Show coenzyme Q 10 as an example

33 Obstacle #8 Acknowledge the physician’s concern Assure the physician that all the products that Pharmanex manufactures are food products derived from natural sources Extensive clinical research and a large safety window support each of the products

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