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GUMS status Gabriele Carcassi PPDG Common Project 12/9/2004.

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1 GUMS status Gabriele Carcassi PPDG Common Project 12/9/2004

2 Outline GUMS description Status Issues encountered during development and other open issues

3 What is GUMS? GUMS allows a site to centrally manage the mapping between Grid Identity to local identity according to a site wide policy BNL GUMS /DC=org/DC=doegrids/OU=People/CN=Gabriele Carcassi carcassi Grid resource On * allow: Members of Grid3 VO mapped with accounts taked from a pool Members of a special list from a database mapped to ‘special’ …

4 Features planned for OSG-0 Account pooling Service implementation Role based authorization

5 Account Pooling A generic grid user will be assigned a generic grid account (no recycling) from a pool of pre-created accounts -> This affects applications and accounting Will allow BNL cybersecurity to perform auditing To go in production we need: 1.Assign the group id after the assignment 2.Make sure it doesn’t disrupt accounting and applications … grid0009 grid0010 grid0011 grid0012 grid0013 grid0014 grid0015 grid0016 grid0017 … /DC=org/DC=doegrids/OU=People/CN=Gabriele Carcassi /DC=org/DC=doegrids/OU=People/CN=Dantong Yu /DC=org/DC=doegrids/OU=People/CN=Razvan Popescu /DC=org/DC=doegrids/OU=People/CN=Dantong Yu

6 GUMS service Use gatekeeper call-out to contact GUMS directly ATLAS VO STAR VO PHENIX VO … VO GUMS server Grid resource Grid resource Grid resource GUMS DB A client on the gatekeeper can contact GUMS to retrieve the grid-mapfile or other maps. No role-based authentication in that case.

7 Role based authorization Use of callout and of VOMS extended proxy BNL GUMS /DC=org/DC=doegrids/OU=People/CN=Gabriele Carcassi carcassi Grid resource BNL GUMS /DC=org/DC=doegrids/OU=People/CN=Gabriele Carcassi usatlasprod Grid resource /VO=ATLAS/Group=USATLAS/Role=production-leader

8 Components Gatekeeper call-out implementation (C client) – Markus Lorch, Privilege Project GUMS GT3 service that implements callout protocol – Java implementation over GT3 GUMS service (WebService and UI interface for admin commands) – Separate Java web application, no GT3 GUMS Admin – Command line client for WebService door (Java) GUMS Host client – Command line client to retrieve host maps (Java)

9 Components GUMS Server GUMS Service GUMS GT3 GUMS Admin GRID Resource GK Callout Map this user Contact VO server and refresh user lists Web Browser GUMS client Retrieve map for this host

10 Status GUMS components are essentially complete. Just needs consolidation. Account pooling: at BNL we have a grid3dev gatekeeper implementing account pools managed by GUMS (through grid- mapfile) since the end of August. It’s suitable to test accounting and applications. No tests have been yet performed so far. Role based authentication working on the testbed. –User retrieves VOMS extended proxy –Submits job to gatekeeper –Gatekeeper call-out contacts GUMS –GUMS returns local user (according to policy) Problems in using GT3 security within the C client (gatekeeper call- out) – not a major issue as we can always use plain web services Implementation for storage callout hasn’t started yet

11 Security We performed a set of tests to compare GT3 message level security and EGEE (glite) transport level security (plain WS) –req/sec was 17 times better with transport level security For the GUMS Admin Web Services interface, we are using plain SOAP (Axis) with glite transport level security. The Web UI also uses glite transport level security (web interfaces can’t be used with message level security). The interface for the call-out is still targeted to GT3 with message level security, but: problems in C client. What are other people doing?

12 Logs Not using GT3 logging: not flexible enough –Hides the Log4j implementation, and doesn’t allow to use Syslogd or Mail appenders to forward logs by mail or to syslogd –Not usable for Web UI, which doesn’t use GT3 Different logs for different audience –Developer log: used for debugging, logs internals of the code. –GUMS admin log: logs activity at the functionality level. Complete log is saved to a file, error level entries are sent through mail to the admin. –CyberSecurity log: logs access (read at different level than writes), uses syslogd to integrate with facility logging. For example, if ATLAS VOMS returns no members for a group set in GUMS configuration, no problem at the developer level, but very likely a problem at the admin level.

13 Experience with GT3 Performance problems in message level security Had to eliminate logging implementation Difficult to integrate: –Configuration files are bundled in libraries, multiple axis libraries when accessing web services Build-process from the tutorial is suitable only for the tutorial (no other examples) Spreads files in various tomcat directories (probable legacy from httpg)

14 Clustering We are investigating clustering to provide high availability with GUMS. –Tomcat 5 includes a load balancer. –We are also investigating fail-over mechanisms. Still in investigation phase.

15 Other issues Packaging for OSG –How should the service be packaged? Which type of package, PACMAN? Interaction with accounting service

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