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Achieving the Dream Initiative FAQ’s Revision 6-23-11.

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1 Achieving the Dream Initiative FAQ’s Revision 6-23-11

2 By which criteria were the cohort groups selected? In order to be selected into an AtD cohort group the student must: -- have designated the institution as his/her home campus for the first time (styp code is M, F, N, or T), -- be enrolled (for the first time) at the home institution in at least one credit course at the time of the census, -- be in a degree-seeking program (degree code is not 'ND','000000', 'SC','SPE', 'SPND', and 'UCERT'), -- not be unclassified (major is not 'UNCL'), early admit (major is not SPEA/SPCC/SPEH/SPOT), or running start, -- not MAN, WOA or HIL home-institution students; CC students only. -- have never attended classes at that institution in previous terms (e.g., exclude previous early admit students and other students who took classes at the institution)

3 By which criteria are the 15 additional gatekeeper courses selected? Gatekeeper courses are those courses where one half of one percent of your fall headcount ( total fall 04, fall 05, and fall 06 headcount) registered for the course (as measured at the end of the semester -- includes all registrations), and, where the success rate (grades of A, B, C, pass, CR, or equivalent grade that allows a student to enroll in the next course in a sequence) is less than 70%. Gatekeeper course criteria set by UHCC Chief Academic Officers and capped at HawCC at 15. See next slide for breakdown

4 The 15 courses with the highest enrollments were selected as the “additional" gatekeeper courses for HawCC SUBJCRSNOPASSRATEPCNTENRcount ENG2161101 ENG225582 HIST1516183 MATH226354 HIST1526545 ENG20W5246 MATH24X5647 HWST1246738 MATH506139 MATH2663310 MATH10062311 PHIL11061312 MATH1B68213 MATH1C68214 MATH1D65215

5 HawCC additional gatekeeper courses English 21Developmental Reading English 22Intro to Expository Writing History 151 World Civilization I Math 22Pre-Algebra Mathematics History 152World Civilization II English 20WCollege Writing & Grammar Math 24XElementary Algebra I Hawaiian Studies 124Hawaiian Myths & Legends Math 50Technical Mathematics Math 26Elementary Algebra Math 100Survey of Mathematics Philosophy 110Intro to Logic Math 1BBasic Mathematics B Math 1C Basic Mathematics C Math 1D Basic Mathematics D

6 Why are the 15 gatekeeper courses “additional”…in addition to what? The AtD term records are grouped into a series of course levels. The highest level is college level Math and college level English. These college level Math and English course(s) are defined by AtD as, “The gatekeeper Math/English variable as defined by your institution.” In addition to these 2 college level courses we have 15 additional gatekeeper courses that we will want to track, based upon the criteria set by our Chief Academic Officers.

7 What is the difference between our additional gatekeeper courses and a remedial/developmental course? Additional Gatekeeper courses are those courses that are both high enrolled and that have success rates of less than 70%. They are a combination of our remedial/developmental courses and our college level courses. Remedial/Developmental courses are not college level courses (degree/certificate applicable) and usually have a course number less than 100. There may be exceptions to this rule like Math 27, which is treated as a college level course at Hawaii Community College.

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