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Mass Communication Potentially, the most influential form of human communication.

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1 Mass Communication Potentially, the most influential form of human communication

2 Types of communication Intrapersonal –When we talk to ourselves Interpersonal –When we talk to another Group –When we give a speech to a group Mass communication--an unseen audience

3 Q. How do mass communicators differ from other types of communicators? They cannot see their audience.

4 Components of mass communication The five m’s of mass communication: Mass communicators Mass messages Mass media Mass communication Mass audiences



7 Mass communication? Or mass communications? 1. Communication refers to the process 2. There is a double encoding and double decoding. 3. Mass communications refers to a thing.

8 Communication models Shannon and Weaver 1. Decision to communicate 2. Encoding 3. Transmission through Medium (channel) double encoding/decoding 4. Reception 5. Decoding 6. Internalization

9 Cue for test: Remember that the recipient internalizes the message.

10 Narrative model Harold Lasswell: Who says what? In which channel? To whom? With what effect?

11 Concentric circle model audiences effects gatekeepers codes communicators regulators filters Mass media codes communicators gatekeepers

12 Concentric circle model Effects Audiences Filters Regulators Mass media Gatekeepers Codes Communicators Misses many complexities

13 Q. What is the message in a communication model? A. The representation of the thought.

14 Mysterious process Millions spent in advertising and promotions Need to know all there is about the process

15 Fundamentals in the process Stimulation –source Encoding –Put thoughts into symbols Transmission –The channel, media Decoding –Receiver/transmitter Internalization –Understanding the message

16 Players in the process Gatekeepers –News producers Regulators –FCC, PMRC Hybrids –“gatekeeper- regulator hybrids” –NAB, SPJ

17 Impediments to communication Noise –Semantic--sloppy messages –Channel--static –Environmental--noise at reception site

18 Q. What is the mass communicator’s best antidote against noise? A. Repetition

19 Filters Informational filters –Audience doesn’t understand us Physical filters –Receiver’s mind is clouded; Psychological filters –Receiver’s bias; selective perception

20 Results of mass communication Feedback Q. How do mass communicators get it? A. Indirectly. Effects Q. Greatest influence of mass media? A. When it moves people to action.

21 Q. When mass communicators choose to communicate about something, that “thing” has…. A.?????

22 Q. Why would you want Boomer Esiason to campaign for your cause? A. ?????????

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