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Installation of Peripherals. I. Backup Battery.

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1 Installation of Peripherals

2 I. Backup Battery




6 II. Ballot Box Mounting





11 III. Changing the Thermal Paper

12 Changing the thermal paper 1 Flip open the small plastic flap that secures the PCOS. Slightly pull the PCOS to release the portion of the printer cover that is being locked by the ballot box. Lift the printer cover door. 2 Press the blue button. The printer roller component will pop out of its position. Note: PCOS Technician should verify with BEI before unlocking / locking the printer cover door.

13 Changing the thermal paper 3 Pick the printer roller component and remove the old paper roll. 4 Insert the new paper roll into the rear section of the printer compartment. Note: Ensure that the paper roll feeds from the bottom of the roll.

14 5 Changing the thermal paper 6 Pull the end of the paper roll forward so that the paper lies between the two Printer roller pivots. Position the printer roller on top of the two printer roller pivots and the paper below it.

15 7 Changing the thermal paper Feed the end of the paper through the slot of the printer cover door. Close the printer cover door. Tear off excess paper. Push the PCOS until it locks into place. Flip the small plastic flop to secure the PCOS in place. The thermal printer is ready to resume printing.

16 IV. Installing the PCOS Modem via GPRS connection (Globe/Smart/SUN)

17 Screw the antenna into the right side of the PCOS modem. For best performance, align the antenna to point straight up. Installing the PCOS modem

18 Insert the provided SIM card to the SIM card slot of the PCOS modem. When inserting the SIM card, the logo should be on top and the cut -off corner should come in first.

19 Connect the PCOS modem cable to the PCOS modem transmission port.. Installing the PCOS modem Open the cover of the PCOS transmission port. Connect the other end of the modem cable to the PCOS transmission port.

20 V. Installing the BGAN device

21 1. Unpack the BGAN and other accessories From the box. Connect the 2 -pin power cord to the AC /DC power Adaptor Installing the BGAN: 2. Connect the 2 -pin cord to an AC wall Outlet.

22 3. Connect the other end of the AC /DC power Adaptor to t he BGAN power Socket 4. Connect the other end of the network cable (UTP cable ) to t he BGAN Ether net port.

23 5. Connect the other end of the network cable (UTP cable ) to the PCOS Modem Ethernet port. 6. Connect the PCOS modem cable to the PCOS modem Data port. 7. Connect the other end of the PCOS modem cable to the PCOS machine Ether net port. 8. Place the BGAN an outdoor location Facing the sky 9. Press and hold the On/Off switch for about 3 seconds

24 10. The “wideye ” logo will display on the LCD 11. The following message displays in the screen. Use the UP /DOWN buttons to select NO. Use the Enter button located at the right of the UP button to confirm selection. 12. BGAN performs GPS acquisition automatically. 13. “New GPS fix” in the LCD displays for 2 seconds after GPS acquisition.

25 14. LCD displays new estimated azimuth direction and elevation angle t hat t he BGAN should point. A -GPS -indicator displays to indicate that a New GP S coordinate is in use. 15. Press Enter button and the LCD will show the signal strength bar.

26 16. BGAN is now in “Antenna Pointing state”. Point the antenna on the given direction and elevation by using the compass. Example : Direction 1 2 1 ° ESE Elevation: 6 0 ° By using the compass, face yourself to North then turn clockwise to 1 2 1 ° going to East Southeast (ESE). Point the antenna on that direction and elevate (tilt) at 6 0 °. For an accept able signal to start, mini mum signal strength of 4 5 dBHz is required. 17. Press the Enter key when the maximum signal strength is obtained.

27 18. BGAN will start registration with the network.19. When registration is successful, the service provider name will be displayed.

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