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22 nd September to 2 nd October By Anika Rahm. We got to the Auckland Airport at about 8:00am we waited for everyone but guess who was late Mr Ellery.

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1 22 nd September to 2 nd October By Anika Rahm

2 We got to the Auckland Airport at about 8:00am we waited for everyone but guess who was late Mr Ellery and Mrs. Franke!! After everybody got to the Airport we had to Check in I was rated a Child while everybody else in my group was an Adult be cause they were over 11. This is all of the people traveling to Japan at the Auckland Airport.

3 Sam and Keshini Cate, Becky, Georgia and Hannah Catching up on there reading. Mrs. Franke, Anita and a few of the guys in the departure lounge Renee and me

4 For Singapore we were told to take 50 NZ dollars which was also 50 Singa Dollars. In Singapore we got to stay in the Plaza Premium lounge, which was really nice because they had internet access, free food and an awesome games room which had Guitar hero, and heaps of other games. The entrance to the Plaza Lounge Keshini by the games room Inside the Lounge

5 The Singapore airport gardensCate and Keshini under the flowers Keshini and a big Chupa-ChupOne of the many chocolate shops

6 Hannah on the busFukuoka out of the bus window A Fukuoka Hotel or Apartment BlockThe Fukuoka dome When we arrived in Fukuoka we had to go throw all the customs after we had finished going throw customs we met Chizuko, who was going to be our tour guide for the next 10 days. We then hopped on the bus and made our way throw Fukuoka to the Fukuoka Tower.

7 The Beach A Stone House, this stone house I saw in the middle of the city. Which is quite weird. The Harbour The Fukuoka tower from far

8 The Fukuoka TowerThe Thousand Mirrors View from the fifth floorThe Fukuoka Harbor When we got to the Fukuoka Tower we were told that the Fukuoka Tower was 234 meters high which isn’t as tall as the sky tower but was still pretty tall. We went up to the 5 th floor which is 123 meters above the ground.

9 We had to extinguish a fire.Chizuko translating for us The FireAn olden day Fire Engine After the Fukuoka Tower we went to the Disaster Prevention centre which is where they have drills for Natural Disasters, such as fire, earthquake and typhoon drills we did all the drills. The earthquake was the best because we had 3 seconds before the ‘earthquake’ struck we had to hide under the table with cushions over our heads.

10 One of the Dolphins A Seal doing tricks at the show One of the Dolphins After the Disaster Prevention center we went to Marine World. When we were at Marine World we got to see the Dolphin and Seal show. At the Dolphin and Seal show we sat near the front but the people from Somerville that sat on the other side of the arena were quite sorry that they sat there, because when the Dolphins jumped up they can crashing down on the water which made the people sitting in the front all wet.


12 Takamiya School My little fans The school ‘field’The class I stayed in When we got to Takamiya School we were sweating and boiling, because we had to carry our bags from the Hotel all the way to the school, and the temperature must have been about 38 degrees. We were then put in our classes, I was in a class with Hayley the first and second period was we had to stand in front of the class while the children asked us questions and the teacher tried to translate them.

13 My home stay family with their daughter and granddaughter from Hiroshima Hayley doing sparklers and Japanese fireworks Hayley and her fan and Elmo Saya

14 While I was at my home stay’s house we did heaps of stuff. On the first night there we gave each other the presents we got for them. On the second night we went to Hakata station to pick up their daughter and grand-daughter that came from Hiroshima just to see us. When we got to their house we went straight to the Karate lesson that was taking place at the school. When we got there already a heap of people were there such as Courtney, Georgia, Kale, Ryan and of course the people doing Karate. The karate lesson started and Kale, Ryan and me started to copy what they were doing. My Home stay asked me if I wanted to join in because apparently I was doing all the moves right, but I said no. Then the teacher of the Karate lesson asked all us if we wanted to join the lesson. Courtney, Georgia and Hayley said yes and ran out to join in, but Kale and Ryan said no because they had done it the night before, and I said no because I didn’t want to be humiliated while I was in a dress.


16 After the Karate lesson there was a Kendo lesson which is a type of stick fighting. It was only then that I joined in. In the Kendo lesson we had to hit the person on the Head, Hand, Stomach and we had to stab them in the Throat. After we (Ryan, Jeffery, Meheer, Kale and me.) had done all that a few times, it was our turn so we put on the protective gear (Helmet-which must have weighed about 10 kilos-, Body armour, gloves and stick) and waited to be shown what to do. Kale and Meheer went first, because Kale had done this before and Meheer had to fight him. After Kale and Meheer went it was my turn I couldn’t really see who I was fighting because of the masks that you had on your helmet, But after the first round (in which I lost) I noticed I was fighting Ryan. In the second round I think I won because I hit him on the arm, but then after he hit me in the leg. I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed Kendo and I would do it again if I had the chance.


18 Saya and her friend Saya, her mum and gran with Hayley

19 More homestay pictures


21 Learning to do flower arrangements Our home stay family near their house

22 The Shrine’s garden’sThe Buddhist Cate, Keshini and Sam eating LunchSome Flowers for the dead. While we where in Japan we visited many Shrines. Such as a Shrine dedicated to Business and another one dedicated to Education.

23 Amy bowingA Stone Hannah and Hayley at the ShrineA Japanese Couple

24 My friends and meThe gate to the Shrine The bridge to the GardensThe river in the gardensThe Shrine in the Gardens

25 The Suzenji Gardens Suzenji Gardens A Statue The Temple in the Gardens The orange gate

26 When you go and visit a Shrine in Japan the first thing you must do is re freshen your soul or in other words wash your hands. As shown in the picture here In the Suizenji Gardens there is as well as the Gardens there is a small Shrine.

27 Amy and Sam with an Samurai Warrior The Moat The Castle The Building of the Castle


29 Hannah Chizuko Renee and SophiaMitchell and RowanHannah and Me At the Hakata Station we didn’t have much time because the train leaves at the second and if your not there you miss the train. So anyway we got to Hakata Station and immediately rushed to the place where you get the tickets, we had a bit of a rest then because it took awhile, but when they got the tickets we immediately rushed off in search of the train. Fortunately we got there early and we had a few moments to look at the trains coming past.


31 A certificate to show he was a survivor of the bomb A Statue The Graveyard A tombstone A water fountain

32 The Graveyard before the BombThe Graveyard after the Bomb A Statement made by Pope John Paul the 2nd If you looked through your window just after the bomb that’s what you would have seen

33 An Atomic BombHow high the bomb was from the city After the Bomb struck What it looked like after the bomb hit

34 A Deer on Miyajima IslandAll the Parents A Lion Guard at the ShrineThe Shrine On Miyajima Island there are tame deer that walk around. We visited one of the Shrines. There were a lot of crabs at the Shrine because the Tide was out.

35 A SkeletonA T-rex A SharkA T-Rex Skeleton In the Museum of Natural History they had an amazing room where they had dinosaurs that moved!!! It showed a Volcano erupting and there was a T-rex, and brontosaurus, a pterodactyl mother and a few others.

36 Butterflies A Tiger SharksA Stegosaurus

37 The Ferris-Wheel The rocket-ship Roller coaster


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