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3 Before knowing Why should you go to VOTE lets understand WHAT IS VOTE ? VOTE means POWER In DEMOCRACY, VOTE means POWER, A POWER which everyone has to give to someone and make a particular person POWERFUL enough, so that he/she will look in the administrative procedure and will safe guard your interest on your behalf, and not only act, but is your actual representative to whose decision you have to abide later. In other words VOTE is your POWER which willing or unwilling you have to give to some one in DEMOCRACY. And that one person, who have maximum number of vote, proportionately to others representative will still get all that POWER whether you have given that person your MANDATE or have not given your mandate, HE /SHE becomes owner of your POWER even if others representative have ONE VOTE more than your representative. He/She becomes owner of your POWER too. Hence every Vote Counts in Democracy. Also note, If you do not go to vote and think your power does not goes to any one, just because you have not voted, than this is your biggest mistake which you are doing. By non voting you are not only committing a social crime, but also are making good people loose the election to the corrupt and are discouraging good people to stand in election. IF YOU REALLY DO NOT WANT YOUR POWER to go to just anyone & want to restrict your POWER going to ANY ONE than Click NEXT.

4 YES….! There is a RULE in our CONSTITUTION and a LEGAL way which can restrict your POWER going to any one. AND THAT RULE is called as SECTION 49-O. But even to restrict your POWER going to any one you need to GO to VOTE HENCE, Every body please GO TO VOTE. If you have a feeling that there is no suitable candidate, than too go to vote and express your right of disqualifying all and raise a question in Constitutional manner by adopting your right to vote under SECTION 49-O. But do not keep MUM (quite). {By Non Voting you only help Corrupt} We know many of you are aware about this, and are eager to use it even, but do not know how to use this SECTION 49- O. Some of them have fear, that you have to disclose your identity and many other things like.. Filling a FORM etc is required which is dangerous for your self. Believe US this is not TRUE. Voting under this section is very SIMPLE & SAFE. We have worked on this and have found Correct Way to VOTE under this SECTION which we will show with PROOF in coming slide. IF ANY ONE IS NOT aware what is SECTION 49-O than 1 st visit our site for details WWW. JIMMAYDARNAGRIK.ORG

5 SOME BULLET POINT WHY SHOULD YOU GO TO VOTE ? VOTE is not only your RIGHT,but also your RESPONSIBILITY towards your country. ( Aap ki Jimmaydari, Aap Ke Desh ke partee..!) VOTE is not only to give mandate but also a true method to raise your voice against injustice and oppose the corrupt. True Voting only brings transparency in the system & is your POWER given to someone who is capable of making your Future. VOTE is VALUE you give your self by VOTING and make it count by selecting correct candidate or make your self valueless VOTE can make any one POWERFUL and so can make any one POWRELESS. (By opting for SECTION 49-0) HENCE PLEASE GO TO VOTE

6 PROOF OF INDIA’S FIRST REGISTERED VOTE UNDER SECTION 49-O This is the VOTER SLIP which is received as an acknowledgement towards successful vote under Section 49-O in last Parliamentary Election held in April-May 2009 and is registered in Mumbai Request you to please give some time to read everything carefully and please educate everyone too. DO NOT miss even a SINGLE SLIDE and ensure you proceed up to LAST SLIDE if you wish to have complete detail information about it. A orginal copy of VOTER SLIP Which is made for every VOTER When they go to vote FYI… This is your actual No. in Register Of Voter List. (Just FYI..) THIS may be also entered in FORM 17 A against your name This electoral no. is same no. which is entered in FORM 17 A. What is FORM 17 A check in slide coming up. (IMP) The Signature of Polling Officer made on With RED INK and have written “ Refused to VOTE ” (MOST IMP PART IN IT) This is the number of your Constituency/Ward (Just FYI..)

7 REQUEST YOU ALL to please go through this next couple of slide too before we proceed to know HOW one can successfully vote under SECTION 49-O HOW SHOULD YOU MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT ? & Bring Transparency in the system. WHO all should vote for this option and WHY? 1 2

8 HOW SHOULD YOU MAKE YOUR VOTE COUNT ? & Bring Transparency in the system. VOTE to a genuine and true candidate based on the individual how he /she is. ( His/Her image in society and work which they have done) Further VOTE only those Genuine candidate who also belong to Genuine party. (Do not vote person’s even though they are Genuine, IF & JUST Because He/She is from a corrupt party. YES..! We need to do even this, As this is the only the Way we can bring true transparency in the political system. It’s agreed that this will harm good people, but THIS thing only will force these good people either to quit from corrupt party or won’t keep quite (mum) agianst the corrupt and tainted in their party (At least will not give ticket to them to stand in election) Either their voice is adhered or either they leave corrupt party and will become INDEPENDENT candidate and this in turn will bring transparency in the system.(& that’s what we need) MORE Further VOTE for a BEST INDEPENDENT Candidate Who you think is going to win for sure. AND At last do not hesitate to use the SECTION 49-O. Remember.. Please vote for this option only as a last option and be loyal that you go to vote every time even.

9 WHO all should vote for this option 49-O and WHY? This is the correct Solution and not an alternative for removing the corrupt from the political system in INDIA. (If any one has the other solution,kindly give it or accept it..! ) Specially those who wanted to bring Change last time and did vote for independent but did not achieve any thing from it. This is totally Constitutional and is legal and is not at all consider as negative voting too. Its totally based on the principle of MAHATAMA GANDHI, Show your NON Co-operation only by peaceful means. It is correct constitutional method to question the system and demand a solution in return which is our right and need. This is to Bring A HUGE and a required CHANGE in the System and Will also bring True Transparency in the system (This is our belief. & We will prove it even. )

10 Voting under section 49-O is very simple, you just simply have to write “I VOTE NO BODY” in Form-17A Remark Column and SIGN in that column too and equally ask Polling Officer to write “Refused to VOTE” on the Voting Slip made in your name as seen in proof. For your help we have created FIVE SIMPLE STEP for you to follow, just ensure you do this. We request you to follow these BASIC FIVE Steps, because at couple of places in Mumbai our representative were not allowed to vote in last election when they disclosed this well before they were marked present {forget about remote areas and small cities} AS SAID EARLIER

11 STEP 01 First confirm the place which have details of your Electoral Roll no that you belong to this constituency Place Where you have to go and VOTE. If you have voted in last election. Your polling Station will probably be at the same location Please note do not let any one know that you are going to vote for SECTION 49-O before and after voting Yes you can go in BIG BIG group but do not share this information with others. DO go in HUGE group but do not Disclose to any one. We request not to disclose because, if known to any one in Polling Station / Polling Officer, they will not co-operate with you and will not allow you to vote giving various reason that forms are not available, it is not to be done here etc. etc.. This things did happen with our couple of representative in last election. Confirm your Polling Station. Place where you can VOTE

12 STEP 02 Ensure you are marked present for VOTING A person is marked present in voting when his/ her name is duly entered in the FORM 17 A with his/her Electoral roll no FORM 17 A is the register in which your Name/Electoral Roll No. is mentioned by Polling Agent that you have come to vote and makes you sign in the column mentioned for it. They are just some same papers in which usually people’s Name and Electoral Number is entered And on which you are asked to make your SIGNATURE on it when we go to VOTE. Screen Shot of DRAFT of FORM 17 A Abdul NarayanSingh Dcosta Or 585 number is entered 786First Time Signature over here You may also note only Sl.No are entered in name column too Your Sl. No of Register of VOTER, Do not bother for this

13 STEP 03 Ensure Your VOTING SLIP is made Parallelly As soon as your name is entered in FORM 17 A and you make a sign on it. You are marked present. But, Parallelly also keep and eye that one more agent who is making Voting Slip has mentioned your register of Voter No & Serial No of Electoral Roll No. as entered in FORM 17 A on a VOTING SLIP and will be collecting and keeping on a desk at fixed location. After which you get your finger marked with INK and are asked to GO TO VOTE. All the above done means and ensure that you were present for voting and NO one can deny you to VOTE now.

14 STEP 04 Demanding your RIGHT at correct time. ONCE your finger is marked with ink and you are requested to go to the Polling Booth the place where Voting Machine is kept at that time ask who among the people present over there is a Polling Officer and very Politely demand for your RIGHT to “register” I repeat REGISTER your Vote (POWER) for NO ONE under Rule of SECTION 49-O. Please note this is very important to demand at this time. Please do not disclose this until that moment. Here polling officer cannot avoid you and will have to complete the procedure of making your vote register under Section 49-O. Polling Office will now ask you to make remark in the column where you need to mention “ I VOTE NOBODY ” and you have to again sign the same signature as done earlier in signature column and you are done with your job. Also request polling officer to write “ REFUSED TO VOTE ” on VOTING SLIP made for you with your Electoral Roll No. and ask him to make his signature on the voting slip too.

15 Second Time your Signature Over Here & Write “ I VOTE NO BODY ” Abdul NarayanSingh Dcosta786First Time Signature over here You may note only Sl.No are entered in name column too Your Sl. No of Register of VOTER, Do not bother for this I VOTE No BODY / Your Sign Ensure polling officer writes Refused to Vote and His Signature If possible get it marked with RED INK BALL PEN if available there If not available do not bother much too, making remark is important. AND NOW Ask for Confirmation With a Request

16 STEP 05 Confirmation of your Vote. Please request Polling Officer if that SLIP is available for your reference. a) INCASE If Polling officer denies to give you that VOTING SLIP, Please do not FORCE or DEMAND that you need the VOTING SLIP. as there are no rules that VOTING SLIP is to be handed over to the person who votes. YES.. BUT DO CONFIRM with Polling Officer that your VOTE (POWER) has NOT gone to any one and he does write “ Refused to VOTE” on VOTING SLIP and makes his signature on it too. b) CASE where you are handed over your VOTING SLIP. While collecting the VOTING SLIP form Polling Officer Please once again re-ensure from Polling Officer that your vote is going to be registered under SECTION 49-O only and will not be treated as VOID PLEASE NOTE DO NOT DEMAND / FORCE TO HAVE VOTING SLIP

17 STEP 04 continued..! Situation where non cooperation is noted from Polling Officer when you Demand your Right Considering a scenario you are not co-operated and are told to VOTE for some one etc 1)as they are unaware about such procedure and no such rule exits 2)Or say that there are no forms available for this option to vote now etc etc. ( We HOWEVER Do not think this will happen if you follow previous step and demand your Right at correct TIME ) This is for 1 st CASE scenario : where some one lands up in situation where you are told that they are not aware about such procedure: (Just make note of this for your info) Please educate polling officer that you are aware what is the procedure and request Polling Officer to allow you to make remark in same register where you had signed earlier. Where just Mention “ I VOTE NO BODY” and make same signature once again. Also ask Polling Officer to make remark on the VOTING SLIP of “Refused to Vote” Step 04 still continued (INCASE of 2 nd scenario click next ) AND if this request is not accepted by polling officer, Note down your Polling Station No and Electoral Roll No. and if possible Name of Polling Officer and walk away peacefully, BUT do Not Vote. for any one. (Polling officer is in big trouble when you do this, but only when you are denied to do above by Polling Officer himself..) Why ? {check last slide} And If you are asked to wait please humbly wait do not fear at all, Polling Officer will start sweating and will give you the permission at last, or will call his help, but you keep your stand still of not to vote if not permitted by them even.

18 STEP 04 continued..! Situation where non cooperation is noted from Polling Officer when you Demand your Right This is for 2 nd CASE scenario : where some one lands up in situation where you are told that no forms are available etc etc. HERE, Request Polling Officer to arrange for the FORM. He will make some phone calls or will call some senior officer for help or will request you to vote for any one etc... (Please keep note all what is happening, But do not VOTE) And be FIRM to keep your stand still of NOT TO VOTE for ANY ONE. When FROM are not available by them ask them to follow this procedure as mentioned earlier. Make note of this, that particular Polling Officer was not aware regarding the procedure even. Remember You just need to write “I VOTE NO BODY” & Also ask Polling Officer to make remark on the VOTING SLIP of “Refused to Vote” We are sure no FORM’S are available because this what section 49 L & 49 O defines. Section 49 L is the procedure which majorly defines how Voting is to be done. But incase if some FORM’S are made available carry complete detail on it too, and update every one. Please mail us the details and we will be highly obliged to do further research in this, When did this thing erupted from?. (We still say this is not possible, But incase as Saying says “It happens only in INDIA” Taa Nah Naah.. TAA NAH NAAAH…!

19 What is (Rule) Section 49 L Voting is majorly done as per Rules of Section 49-L: and are to be followed before voting which are as below: ** (a) Record the electoral roll number of the elector as entered in the marked copy of the electoral roll in a register of voters in Form 17A. (b) obtain the signature or the thumb impression of the elector on the said register of votes; and (c) mark the name of the elector in the marked copy of the electoral roll to indicate that he has been allowed to vote:

20 WHAT is SECTION 49 – O AS per THE CONDUCT OF ELECTIONS RULES, 1961 SECTION 49-O : Elector deciding not to vote.-If an elector, after his electoral roll number has been duly entered in the register of voters in Form-17A and has put his signature or thumb impression thereon as required under sub-rule (1) of rule 49L, decided not to record his vote, a remark to this effect shall be made against the said entry in Form 17A by the presiding officer and the signature or thumb impression of the elector shall be obtained against such remark.”

21 Draft of Form 17 C in which polling officer has to make at end of day. Read and Understand this you will come to know WHY did we say leave premises if you are denide to register your VOTE under Section 49 –O with out voting How will this tally …?

22 How to implement CHANGE IS IN YOUR HAND NOW. WE know mails are not taken seriously and many of them just delete it But if you really want to do something for your NATION than do send this mail at least (5) five time to same people whom you are going to send (We know you are going to sent to everyone in your list) But sent 5 times..! Write something such that he/she will read it in full and will do the same. THE BEST WAY TO SUPPORT THIS IS CALL EVERY ONE in YOUR OFFICE AND DISCUSS THIS WITH EVERY ONE on projector.. Etc etc.. If YOU ARE A SENIOR OFFICER, TAKE THIS INITIATIVE. IF YOU are A Subordinate make this in note of SENIOR OFFICER Also educate your Neighbor and BRING Awareness Dear Indian, We are also fighting for Respect & Dignity of Our National Flag Self Respect and have got some achievement even but still need good support on it, Hence if you have time do register on our site and vote on MAIN VOTING PAGE (Pre PIL Online Voting Page) @ JAI HIND…! Respected Indian’s

23 VANDE MATARAM…! I know none of US, (We Indian’s) have forgotten these day of last year when India was facing series of Bomb Blast all across and Specially Mumbaikar which got united at Gateway of India on 26/12 after incident at TAJ HOTEL. ON JUST ONE SMS, which was an initiative of a Jimmaydar Nagrik only and was also supported by many of you Jimmaydar Nagrik which made Mumbai united. We wish Mumbaikar together will do this once again too. Even after instances like 26/11. A Terrorism which are caused only due to Height of Total System Failure, for which many great respected people of Army and Police Officer had to give away their life. AND IF we do not protest… it will be shame for us and such instances will repeat for sure, so do not be pessimist even now, enough is enough…! Hence, We say Let us do it ONCE and FOR LAST TIME TILL WE GET SOLUTION. We Call our Self (BAAGEE) A Rebellion as same as, How Mahatma Gandhi and Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose were. Not to miss our Hero and IDOL (Shaheed Bhagat Singh) Not just because we want to unstable the system, but to ensure that no mishap happen now. Remove the CORRUPT or FACE THE Consequences. We sincerely respect you for giving your time in reading this and are really thankful that you have reached here. THANKS VERY MUCH & GOD BLESS YOU ALL…! (AAmin…!)


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