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2 TECH.COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION APPLICATION MULTILANGUAGE Discover which face will your baby have. Will he/she look like mum or like dad? All doubts will be dispelled with this application, or you’ll have a surprise. My future Baby is a tool that show how the baby may look like after simply scanning the parents-to-be’s faces. This is a perfect application to have in your mobile phone and share with other friends. You will be able to predict the look of the children you may have in the future or your friend’s. My future Baby There is no need to wait 9 months. MY FUTURE BABY MIND GAMES MOBILE TRAINERAPPLICATION

3 TECH.COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION APPLICATION THE CRYSTAL BALL MULTILANGUAGE THE CRYSTAL BALL is the unique mobile application capable of predicting your future. If you have wondered what fate has in store for you, what favourable or unfavourable situations await you or you simply want to be ahead of the game, THE CRYSTAL BALL will give you the answers you are looking for. Not only can you get prediction about your future or answers to thousands of questions, the BALL will also provide you with lucky lottery numbers. With THE CRYSTAL BALL, you can never look back; you will have all the fact before they occur so you can make the best decisions possible. Your future will forever be in your hands. On top of all that, you can help your family and friends to plan their lives too. THE CRYSTAL BALL, the future is clear

4 TECH.COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION APPLICATION LOVE & HATE LOVE & HATE comes to your mobile phone, the only application that will allow you to know who do you get on with perfectly and who could you come to hate. In this KITMAKER application you will find a series of questions in a questionnaire that will allow you to know to what extent you and your friends are on the same wavelength. Run the application and answer the questions of the questionnaire. Afterwards, let another person to do it and wait for the final verdict. Are you true friends or do you hate each other as much as you can? Discover it with LOVE & HATE. LOVE & HATE, friends forever? MULTILANGUAGE

5 TECH.COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION APPLICATION MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE is a mobile application that helps you prepare tasty Mediterranean dishes. With a simple interface and detailed explanations, this application makes easy the preparation of delicious recipes. The recipes can be accessed alphabetically or through categories on an agile search engine. Each recipe is available together with its complete list of ingredients and a simple step by step guide to preparing it. MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE will help you produce exquisite dishes to entertain your family and friends, or that special someone… compliments and only compliments is what you will receive. With MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE, becoming a master chef was never so easy MEDITERRANEAN CUISINE MULTILANGUAGE

6 TECH.COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION APPLICATION MULTILANGUAGE DEATH PREDICTION Find out when and how you will die with this sinister application. If you are not afraid of knowing about your death, enter the dark realms of DEATH PREDICTION. This application, together with several questions about your life style, calculates exactly how much time you have left, and tells you in detail how you will leave this world. DEATH PREDICTION will enable you to question others and surprise them with their predictions. DEATH PREDICTION is the most disturbing application to date and available for your mobile: do you dare? DEATH PREDICTION, take charge of your own destiny.

7 TECH.COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION APPLICATION KITMAKER presents M-LEARNING ENGLISH COMMUNITY, the revolutionary application for learning and improving your English. This amazing application connects with mobile Internet so the user can enter in the M-LEARNING ENGLISH COMMUNITY social network, where he will be able to update his blog, get answers to his English questions, as well as download new question packages. A real 2.0 experience in the palm of the hand. M-LEARNING ENGLISH COMMUNITY offers a new structure of learning English. Both The application and the WAP portal are flawlessly interconnected to offer the user a unique experience, totally different from all other mobile applications for languages. M-LEARNING ENGLISH COMMUNITY; English and social networking made easy. M-LEARNING ENGLISH COMMUNITY

8 TECH.COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION APPLICATION MULTILANGUAGE Introducing VIBRATING MOBILE MASSAGER, the unique and original pocket masseur: Enjoy massages with techniques personalized for mobiles. With this innovative application, you will be transformed into a masseur as you follow the step by step guided instructions along with the explanatory images, or simply active the vibration to do your own thing. Take out the mobile, activate VIBRATING MOBILE MASSAGER and relax. As you massage the back, the neck and shoulders, the arms and legs or any part of your body, you will feel much better. VIBRATING MASSAGER MOBILE, massages to your liking. VIBRATING MASSAGER MOBILE

9 TECH.COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION APPLICATION Everyone hates mosquito bites! KITMAKER proudly presents ANTIMOSQUITO, the mobile application that emits ultrasounds that is undetectable to the human ear, but irritates the female mosquito, the ones responsible for the bites. It’s very easy, while ANTIMOSQUITO is switched on, no female mosquito will approach the mobile device and the user will be free from mosquito bites. Furthermore, ANTIMOSQUITO displays eye-catching animation and some rather intresting information about these inopportune parasites. ANTIMOSQUITO, say goodbye to those bites! ANTIMOSQUITO MULTILANGUAGE

10 TECH.COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION APPLICATION OUIJA is the mobile application that turns the handset into the mysterious wooden table used for talking with death people. For starting a session, stay in circle around the mobile phone, turn off the lights and get ready for entering into another dimension, where everything can happen. If you contact with an errant soul, be careful… there are answers that maybe you don’t wish to know. OUIJA, do you dare? OUIJA MULTILANGUAGE

11 TECH.COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION APPLICATION ALCOHOL LEVEL TESTER The late party nights have received an additional friend to encourage the nights along. The different tests featured will demonstrate who is better able to handle their drink down to who is as drunk as a skunk. With this innovative application, you and your friends can spend the late nights laughing trying to decide who is the more sober as you each go through the various tests. ALCOHOL LEVEL TESTER, can you handle your drink? MULTILANGUAGE

12 TECH.COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION APPLICATION LIE DETECTOR Introducing LIE DETECTOR: the original mobile application that replicates a real lie detector. Now you will be able to surprise your friends by asking them compromising questions and LIE DETECTOR will determine if they are telling the truth or not. The analyzed and recorded stress levels, pulse, tone of voice, as well as many other parameters are simulated by LIE DETECTOR. The application also has an option that enables the user to pre-establish a series of ten answers with the aim of catching out the unsuspecting friends to achieve startling effect. Don’t be caught out by a lie, take LIE DETECTOR out of your pocket and watch with astonishment how even the most experienced liars get nervous and begin to sweat. LIE DETECTOR, power in your pocket. MULTILANGUAGE

13 TECH.COMPATIBILITY DESCRIPTION APPLICATION Av/ Arcadi Garcia Sanz nº 19 - 1º A 12540 Vila-real (Castellón) SPAIN Mail: Tel: +34 964523331


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