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2 WHY GO TO UNIVERSITY? Less unemployment among graduates Better job opportunities / career prospects On average higher salaries for graduates Career directed vocational qualifications A unique opportunity to continue studying a subject you are interested in Part of maturing process Expanding social experience Developing interests Networking Put off decision making

3 FINANCIAL SUPPORT / COSTS TUTITION FEES:Maximum annual fee contribution £3070 Most students are eligible for support from the LEA towards these fees depending on family income. LOANS:For living costs – application through LEA London-£4735 - £7670 Elsewhere-£3385 - £5905 Living at home-£2620 - £3915

4 REPAYMENTS LINKED TO INCOME IncomeMonthly repayment Weekly repayment Up to£15,000£0 £20,000£37.50£8.65 £25,000£75.00£17.31 Interest on loans linked to inflation (RPI) Bursaries / Scholarships / sponsorship

5 OTHER SOURCES OF INCOME Loans Paid employment Text messages: Dear mum n dad u no hw much iv always lvd n respectd u – can u plz plz plz “lend” me sum muny

6 CHOICES 1.Do my A-Levels allow for a particular degree course to be studied? a)Are particular A-Levels required for certain degrees? b)Competition for places eg. medicine requires higher grades than most other degrees (Research = University entrance guide Heap websites)

7 2.Aptitude for the subject? Seek teachers’ views / advice 3.Interest in the subjects? 3-4 years Self awareness 4.Vocational or subject specific? Reference books Different subjects – not necessarily those studied at school Modular / combined courses

8 WHICH COURSE? 1.How long? Most are 3 years Some are 4 years (eg. Modern Languages) 2.Full time or sandwich? 3.What is the content of the course? Degree courses with the same title do not necessarily have the same content H.E. Prospectuses (look on-line)

9 4.How flexible is the course structure? Broad or narrow: modular 5.What teaching methods are used? 6.What forms of assessment are used? Continuous assessment / final examination 7.Is there a safety net? Degree course and HND run side by side 8.Entry requirements? see guides – be realistic

10 9.CRITERIA FOR SELECTING STUDENTS: Performance at interview Work experience undertaken (MOTIVATION) Extra curricular activities PREDICTED GRADES The confidential reference Existing grades – GCSE / AS Level Consistency in the choices of course PERSONAL STATEMENT Suitability of A-Level subjects for the course Other tests eg. BMAT; UKCAT; LNAT

11 WHERE TO APPLY? 1.How far away? Travel costs 2.Size? Many thousands or a smaller community 3.Environment? City centre; rural campus 4.Ancient or Modern

12 5.Does the area give scope to interests? 6.Does the area have particular advantages for the study of your subject? Strong links with local industry 7.How good are the facilities? Libraries, social, sporting facilities 8.Accommodation and catering arrangements Hall of residence facilities: Cost of self-catering? Single rooms? Close to college?

13 RESEARCH Pastoral / Careers Staff Head of Careers – Mr Williamson Head of Sixth Form – Mr Moody Asst Head of Sixth Form – Mr Lowis Careers Advisor: Connexions: Form Tutors Subject StaffIncluding asking/negotiating about PREDICTED GRADES Employers Internet Books Open Days The Stamford Test / Times / Guardian / Telegraph websites Degree course guides (MJM’s office) See posters / lists and phone for a visit

14 RESEARCH ProspectusesCareers Library On-line Alternative prospectuses (Unofficial) – written by students!

15 WHAT NOW? Completion of UCAS Form NOW!! THOUGHTS→ RESEARCH Internet Careers Library Prospectuses Books →

16 Completion of UCAS Form - 2 HOLIDAYS FILTERING Including: Which course Where Visits →Draft personal statement →

17 Completion of UCAS Form -3 September Register on www.ucas/apply www.ucas/apply Redraft personal statement →School UCAS No. 11338 Buzzword: Ramsgate Sept/Oct UCAS forms completed→UCAS forms SENT 15 th Oct Oxbridge/Medicine/Law Deadlines School deadline October half-term

18 Three websites which Year 12s and 13s should be using as part of their careers/higher education planning : 1.For opportunities for bursaries and scholarships in higher education see: 2.For general university and course searches see: 3.To discover appropriates course/career possibilities based on your interests and strengths see: (can also be accessed from ucas site directly)


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