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Fulfilling Our Promise: Eradicate Polio!. Progress Progress1988-2000.

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1 Fulfilling Our Promise: Eradicate Polio!

2 Progress Progress1988-2000

3 No wild virus Low intensity indigenous transmission High intensity indigenous transmission Importation Wild virus of uncertain origin* Wild poliovirus in 2001 (10 endemic countries, as of 05 February 2002) * the response to wild viruses of uncertain origin is as per indigenous wild virus. Note. Low intensity is 20 wild viruses.

4 Challenges 1. Civil war 2. Political commitment 3. Funding gap

5 Donor contributions to polio eradication, 1985-2001 US CDC USAID Other* UK Rotary International Belgium Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Japan World Bank IDA Credit to Govt. of India Australia Denmark UN Foundation Germany Netherlands European Union WHO Regular Budget UNICEF Regular Resources Canada Aventis Pasteur/IFPMA * ‘Other’ includes past contributions from the Agency for Cooperation in International Health, (Japan); American Association for World Health (USA); Austria; Custom Monoclonals International (USA); De Beers; European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO); Finland; Miss Martina Hingis; Ireland; Italy; Japanese Committee for "Vaccines for the World's Children”; Malaysia; Millennium Fund; Norway; Portugal; Republic of Korea (GOK); Rotary of Belgium; Rotary of Switzerland; Smith Kline Biologicals (Belgium); Switzerland; United Arab Emirates; and UNICEF National Committee of Canada. As of Sept 2001 Total received = US$ 1 790 million

6 Funding gap Funds projected Funds pledged *As of Sept 2001 Status of donor financial resource requirements 2002-2005* Total resource requirements:US$ 1 000 million Total pledged/projected: US$ 600 million Total funding gap: US$ 400 million US$ 380m US$ 280m US$ 200m US$ 140m

7 Needs 1. Vaccine 2. NIDs 3. Surveillance

8 Campaign Goal $80 million cash and pledges 1 July 2002 - 30 June 2003

9 Each club to set its own goals…

10 Campaign Structure Trustees International Polio Eradication Fundraising Campaign Committee International Advisors Campaign Office International Coordinators National Committees District Polio Eradication Fundraising Campaign Committee (530) Area Coordinators (2500) District Governor Assistant DGs Rotary Club Polio Eradication Fundraising Campaign Committee (30,000)

11 Ideas and Tools Public service announcements New releases Billboard designs Much more

12 Setting the Goals

13 THE WORLD BANK Symbol of Partnership

14 February:Announcement 2002 International Assembly and PETS worldwide March-May:Global, National, District Training June:Launch at Barcelona Convention July-May:Clubs establish campaign goals Conduct campaigns Community fundraising June 2003:Celebration in Brisbane! Timeline

15 Western Pacific Region Mum Chanty Cambodia 1997 European Region Melik Minas Turkey 1998 Americas Region Luis Fermin Tenorio Peru 1991 Polio: Last Cases

16 Fulfilling Our Promise: Eradicate Polio!

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