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1.Family. Family and society Family and society Comparing families Members of the family Family life Your future family Traditions and customs Social.

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1 1.Family

2 Family and society Family and society Comparing families Members of the family Family life Your future family Traditions and customs Social problems in a family Social problems in a family Role play CV – how to write CV, Sample CV – how to write CVSample Content

3 Family and society Explain these expressions and Family Kinship Marriage Household Co-habitation family structures: Extended family The nuclear family Single-parent family Step-family/ reconstructed family

4 Look at the pictures. Compare and contrast them. Which family is your family like? Give details. 1. 2. 3.

5 Characterize the members of your family Outlook: age, height, figure, hair, face, nose, complexion, walk, gestures, special features, general appearance Inner qualities: temperament, attitude to people/ morals/ work/ oneself, Talents, abilities Interests and hobbies

6 Family life What family means to you? How highly do you value family life? Which family values are important for you? Are family connections becoming stronger or weaker over time? Give examples to explain your answers. What are the rules and duties of parents in a family?

7 Your future family Do you plan to raise your family or you let it evolve by itself? How about your future partner? What do you think is the most important for happy relationship: fidelity/faithfulness, love, communication, sex, commitment, trust, romance, respect, or tolerance. Try to order these words according to your preference. Try to explain and give your opinion.

8 Which traditions and customs do you stick to in your family? Namedays, birthdays Easter Christmas New Year` s Eve Christening Wedding Green ribbon party How do you celebrate?

9 Wedding in Slovakia Religious ceremony in a church, registry office in the Town Hall Bride: long white dress, a veil/flowers in her hair, carries a bouquet of flowers Groom: suit, tuxedo, tie, bow-tie Other important people: bridesmaids, groomsmen, the maid of honor, the best man, witnesses The day before the ceremony: stag party, hen party Before the ceremony the groom and bride ask their parents for forgiveness of their wrong-doings The bride and groom walk slowly up the aisle to the altar and the priest begins the wedding service. They exchange the vows and the wedding rings. Finally they (as well as witnesses) sign the Register- the official record of their marriage Wedding reception – breaking the plate, dancing, eating (a lot of courses), cutting the wedding cake, kidnapping the bride, redowa Honeymoon

10 Social problems Divorce – Why is divorce percentage rising nowadays? Is divorce OK or not? At what circumstances do you think it could be OK, it could be acceptable? Single parent – What do you think of a single-parent family? Short of money - How society helps families in need? Should problems in a family be discussed with other people or kept within the family?

11 Role play Student A You are the elder sibling (19-year-old) of a five-year-old sister / brother. You are doing your best to help your parents to bring up your sister. You are quite strict because your parents used to give you a Spartan education. The big problem is your dad/ mum who is always spoiling your sister / brother. You want to persuade them that it is not right. Choose some examples of the behaviour that upsets you. Student B You are mum/dad of a grown-up child and a five-year old child. You have been really enjoying being a parent of such a cute boy/girl. You feel that it is more fun to have a little child at your age and you try to experience all of the pleasures of parenthood. Since your first son / daughter was born you have changed your philosophy of child-rearing.

12 How to write CV Identification: name, address, telephone number, nationality, date of birth, (marital status) Education/Qualifications: begin with the most recent one, state the college or university, the degree, the major area of studies, dates, you may include scholarships, awards, honours, courses, professional certificates or licences Employment to date/ Professional experience: begin with the current position, include full-time, part-time, paid, summer jobs – state job title, name and address, date of employment (month and year 5/02, etc.) additional information (research projects or other special, work related activities) Skills: Languages, computer knowledges, driving licence, hobbies, characteristics References Date, signature

13 Curriculum Vitae Name:Ľuboslava Vašková Address:Križovany 102, 082 33 Prešov Telephone:051-7 957 131 Mobile:00421 910 944 651 Date of birth: 20th September 1977 Nationality: Slovak Marital status: married Education: 1997 – 2002 Faculty of Humanities and Natural Sciences in Prešov, Master in English language and literature 1991 – 1995Grammar school of Ján Adam Rayman, Prešov A levels in English (A), Geography (A), Slovak Language (A), Civics (A) Work experience: 9/2003 – presentGymnázium of Ján Adam Rayman, teacher to all levels and ages 9/2004 – 6/2006State language school, teacher to students, mostly under the age of fifteen 12/2001 – 6/2003Primary School Važecká, Prešov, 9/2001 – 11/2001Primary School Bernoláková Prešov, 12/1998 – 1/2000Le Pain Du Jour, London, Westbank 11, Assistant food manager, supervised meal planning and preparation 7/1996 – 6/1997Au-pair to a 1 year-old girl, and a 3 year-old boy, UK Language skills: Advanced English, Intermediate German, Pre-intermediate Italian, Beginner French Driving licence:B PC skills: MS office products, Certificate gained through ŠCI, Corel, AutoCAD Interests: Travelling, literature, interested in the current affairs, music, hiking, photography Personal characteristics: Self-reliant, reliable, talkative, flexible Date: June 28th 2003 Signature : Vašková

14 Thank you for your attention Mgr. Ľ. Vašková

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