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The Rush Man By Johnny Yu 5A CCC But San Primary School.

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1 The Rush Man By Johnny Yu 5A CCC But San Primary School

2 Last Sunday, Dad, Mum, my younger brother and I went to Tsim Sha Tsui for fun. We took the MTR to Ming Kok.

3 There were a lot of people at the MTR station. We held our Octopus cards and we used them to pass the entrance machines.

4 After that, we went down the escalator. It was long, steep, narrow and fast. People filled up every step of the escalator.

5 It was hard to move on it and we could only stand still. We thought it was dangerous for my younger brother to take it on his own.

6 Mum stood beside him and put her one hand on his shoulder. Mum held him tight. Dad and I just stood behind them.

7 A man wearing a business suit and carrying a suitcase rushed downstairs. “Excuse me,” he said. He wanted to go through between my mum and my brother.

8 He couldn’t bear to wait for any response. Mum quickly took away her hand that was on my brother’s shoulder. Mum let him go through.

9 His suitcase bumped into Mum’s leg. “Oh!” moaned Mum. But the ‘rush man’ rushed downstairs as fast as he could, as if nothing had happened.

10 The man quickly disappeared into the distance. “Be careful!” shouted Dad. “I’m okay!” said Mum. Mum was furious. “How rude he is!” Mum murmured to herself.

11 Very soon we arrived at the platform. The train had not come yet. We saw the ‘rush man’ standing not far away from us. We all looked at him with anger.

12 “I wonder why he was in such a hurry,” I said, “It would not take him much time to take the escalator. Right, Dad?”

13 “Yes! Rushing downstairs is very dangerous. It would hurt someone very badly if there was an accident,” said Dad, “Stand still and hold the hand rail, children. Remember!”

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