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Fizzlebert Stump and the Bearded Boy A F Harrold.

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2 Fizzlebert Stump and the Bearded Boy A F Harrold

3 IT BEGAN WITH A PAIR OF FALSE TEETH. OR RATHER, IT BEGAN WITHOUT A PAIR OF FALSE TEETH. A story of friendship, fiendish schemes, emergency tuna and the importance of proper beard care.

4 Fizzlebert Stump Fizzlebert is a boy. (A boy is like a girl but not as clean.) Fizzlebert is a silly name, I know, but his mum’s a clown and his dad’s a strongman, so, frankly, he’s lucky he didn’t end up with an even sillier one. He spends his life travelling with the circus, and since most of his friends are circus acts with all manner of weird and wonky names and titles, he doesn’t often think about the Fizzlebertness of his name. Fizzlebert has a selection of library cards, a penpal called Kevin, red hair, a dashing old ringmaster’s frockcoat and the ability to hold his breath for just as long as it takes an audience to become impressed by a small boy putting his head in a lion’s mouth.


6 Adam Graham, age 9 This book has one bad feature and that is just simply that it ends! Also it is so amazing because of the hilarious sketches and humorous narration. Freya Hudson, age 10 I have read both the Fizzlebert books. If you like funny, exciting and entertaining books, read about Fizzlebert Stump.The author keeps the reader gripped by the way he ends each chapter, making you want to read on to find out what happens next. Even my mum enjoyed this book and I had to keep telling her what was happening! Lucy Minton, age 9 I liked this book because it described everything very well and I could paint a picture in my head of the events and people being described.

7 Things to do Write your own Fizzlebert poem Advertise for a new circus act. Write a circus inspector’s report. Use cirque de soleil as a stimulus for descriptive writing Pros and cons of the circus – discursive text The circus past and present Puppet Pals Letter of application to apply for a job at the circus as their new act.


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