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Rochford Local Delivery Group 27 schools 4 secondary 23 primary phase.

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1 Rochford Local Delivery Group 27 schools 4 secondary 23 primary phase

2 What we do for our schools Advice & Guidance for Schools Head Teacher Support SMT / Staff Support Clinical Supervision Training 1:1 LSA Support Multi Agency Cluster Meetings (MACs) Facilitation of meetings Consultation Sessions Problem solving Reviewing Training Bereavement Attendance Officer Talk Boost Business Managers Support Group 1:1 Support for Children & Families Accessing multi-agency Support TACs Transition Work New intake meetings Supporting move between schools Improving Attendance Advice on systems & Procedures Problem solving Toolkit Crisis Intervention Bereavement Support Support with ECC999 Information gathering First Day Calling Group Work in Partnership Rainbows Post Adoption Support All About Teens All About Boys Family & Attendance Support Team EP

3 Shaping the CP & R Pilot Involved from the start! Thinking with partners about what was needed Taking the best from what we already had Design of Assessment Tool Commissioned to deliver intensive support to 10 families with complex, multi-generational needs

4 Criteria More than one generation with need Two or more family members agreeing to engage in the process of change Two or more family members with identified needs within two or more domains Using the triangle with the three overarching domains, please identify two or more family needs for example; Mum Parenting Capacity, ensuring safety Family & Environmental Factors, community resources Child A Childs Development Needs, education Child B Childs Development Needs, self care skills

5 Case Study Overview of some of the work undertaken as part of the Castle Point & Rochford Pilot

6 Independently Evaluated by Consultants from Essex County Council What the families said about the pilot! You can ring [FSW] when you need help or to talk or to tell her something. I can call [FSW] at weekends to just talk. We make a date too when I need to. [FSW] has met with [son] and my mum and my friend on a 1-2-1”. “She is the first person who has come into my life who listened to me, made me think and helped me make up my own mind in the end”. “She has helped me to sit back and look at a situation and change my behaviour. Before I was so stressed and I would just shout now I think ‘what would [FSW] say/do’ I analyse everything”. “She guided us to make our own decisions”. “[FSW] helps me make decisions. We went to McDonalds to talk about my behaviour”. [Young person]

7 Consolidation & Continuation

8 “I can’t thank you enough for your help and support. When you have your next supervision and have to give rationale for using your time to clear out some ones bedroom, I can give you plenty! I do think your practical support made the difference in keeping me out of hospital at Christmas and has been worth far more than any counselling.”

9 The Future…

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