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Horizons for young people in Solomon Islands.

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1 Horizons for young people in Solomon Islands










11  Maria’s Dad is the chairman of the local water committee. He is involved in collecting money from all the families who use the water system and helps to make decisions about maintaining it.  Maria’s Mum works mainly around home caring for the family. She also helps in the vegetable patch.  Maria’s main tasks around home are washing the clothes and washing her brothers...



14 Share with someone near you some of the differences between Maria’s lifestyle and yours.  What can you learn from how Maria lives?  What are some things that would be difficult about Maria’s life?


16 The water used to come out of the pipe in a small trickle. It used to take 20 minutes to fill a bucket. In December 2012, money from Caritas Aotearoa NZ paid for the rehabilitation of the water system. We will support more work in 2014. Now the water comes out in a steady flow and it takes Maria a lot less time to wash the clothes. She has more time to do school-work or help out in the garden, or spend time with her friends.

17  Maria’s school has very few resources and facilities.  Sometimes she and her friends miss school because the teacher doesn’t come.

18 After young people in rural areas finish secondary school they can apply to go to a Rural Training Centre (RTC) such as this one. Students can learn skills such as carpentry, mechanics, agriculture and animal rearing.

19 At the RTCs girls traditionally learn home economics (sewing and cooking). It is unusual for girls to train for a career although a few girls will go on to become teachers, and nurses.

20  However, Maria’s family can’t afford to pay the fees for her to attend the RTC or go to college or university.  If she gets very high grades or shows great leadership skills she might be sponsored by the diocese to attend an RTC.

21 Caritas is supporting the Rural Training Centres through giving money for equipment and facilities.



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