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Effective Ward Manager Yvonne Blucher Deputy Chief Nurse Barts Health NHS Trust BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust.

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1 Effective Ward Manager Yvonne Blucher Deputy Chief Nurse Barts Health NHS Trust BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust

2 Barts Health - a Background Largest NHS Trust in the UK Serve a diverse population of 2.5 million across the East London area Formed from the merger of 3 legacy Trusts in April Hospital Sites – 3 Emergency Departments – 3 Maternity Departments – Community Services BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust

3 Total of 117 Wards plus other Clinical Departments Over 5,500 Nursing Staff from a total of over 15,000 staff Different models of care across the various sites, with a wide variation in standard of physical locations. Some/many areas with good practice - BUT; CQC warning notices one year ago, significant safeguarding concerns, Leadership variations Need to ensure respond to potential issues following Francis Inquiry February 2013 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust

4 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust Barts Health Approach ‘Care Campaign – Because we care’ Harm free care Leadership Quality & standards Shape Culture Engage across boundaries

5 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust Band 7 Leadership Care development programme established – All Band 7 to go through ‘initial leading care modules 1 and 2’ Module 1 - Needs review - Leadership overview Module 2- Harm Free Care - Leading improvement Older People Improvement Programme 14 Wards Shadow Team

6 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust Empowering Improvement - how would you define it? “ You must be the change you wish to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

7 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust Improvement principles Simple Ideas that are meaningful to all Everybody matters Little things that count Visible & supportive leaders

8 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust Clinical leadership 9 Dimensions of Leadership Behaviour Inspiring shared purpose Leading with care Evaluating information Connecting our service Sharing the vision Engaging the team Holding others to account Developing capability Influencing for results NHS Leadership Academy ‘Healthcare leadership model 2013’

9 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust All of us? So what do we expect? What inspires us? What drives us? What do we value? What are our principles? How do we fit together?

10 Charisma OR Inspiration Charismatic Uses the power of self Idealised Focus on the individual leader “me, me, me” Obedience of will Have “The” answer Emotional attachment “Fall in love” One way relationship Inspirational Team focus Sustainable energy Resilience Hearts and minds “engage the spirit” Exploratory : “what if we...” Mature relationship Two-way/multi-way gains BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust

11 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust 6 elements of Inspirational Leadership Stokes & Jolly, (2010) Said Business School University of Oxford Being the exemplar Articulating a future Sensing the situation Affirmation Having the difficult conversations Being Authentic

12 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust Prerequisites for a supportive culture A shared vision and goal Leadership from the top Enabling and involving staff at all levels of the organisation, especially clinical staff Investing sufficient time, resources, education in staff development Empowering people, especially those close to the delivery of care Fostering positive relationships A focus on patient experience Patterson et al, 2011

13 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust High standards and Performance

14 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust Getting to Gold

15 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust Listening to our patients Imagine it was your Mum there Listen to Family and Friends Feedback See who I am – Maintaining identity Involve me – Sharing decision-making Connect with me – Creating community

16 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust To lead you need Supporters not Followers So what’s in the relationship?


18 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust Relationship-centred care Tresolini et al, 1994 Security – to feel safe Belonging – to feel part of things Continuity – to experience links and connections Purpose – to have a goals to aspire to Achievement – to make progress towards these goals Significance – to feel that you matter as a person Positive relationships between patients, relatives and staff Nolan et al, 2006

19 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust The Way Forward Creating your own leadership qualities What’s at the core and heart of us – What shapes us – What shakes us Recognise it within yourselves Ensure regular 1 to 1 Coaching PRDP’s – goal setting with support

20 BARTS HEALTH NHS Trust Covey says; Leadership is communicating people’s worth and potential so clearly that they are inspired to see it in themselves. It all begins within oneself


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