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The Lost Treasure An exciting quest story by Blue Class Read it if you dare ! Warning - contains scary bits!

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1 The Lost Treasure An exciting quest story by Blue Class Read it if you dare ! Warning - contains scary bits!

2 A Treasure Map! Barbara and Sam were enjoying a game of hide and seek on the sandy beach. Meanwhile, their parents and the rest of the pirate crew polished the ship. Just then Barbara stumbled over a sharp rock and fell down into a pitch black hole! At the bottom of the deep dark hole she discovered an old, dusty bottle and inside the glass bottle was a crumbly piece of interesting paper. Sam helped Barbara clamber out of the scary hole and noticed that she had brought out a little bottle. The children struggled to pull the tattered paper out of the bottle, but it was really stuck! They smashed the bottle on the rough rocks and carefully picked up the mysterious paper. It was extremely old. They gently unfolded the precious object and recognised that it was a scruffy map, showing a far away, lost and dangerous treasure island! Set off?

3 Off to treasure Island! That had been two weeks ago. Now they stood on the deck of the Jolly Dolphin as the sturdy little ship bounced across the waves, sails billowing in the wind and heading towards the treasure island. Studying the map, Captain Sharp, the children's dad, grumbled that there was no X to mark the spot where the treasure was buried. "We'll have to search the whole island,“ he told the crew. "It could take a long time!" "Land ahoy!" shouted Pirate Bob from high up in the rigging. "This is it” shouted Sam, checking the map. “Where should we land dad?“ The Cove The Beach

4 Dolphin Bay Barbara and Sam arrived at Dolphin bay. Sam had an idea, “We should dive into the freezing sea,” he said. So they did, they swam into the deep, dark ocean. They hit a black, wooden box. Barbara and Sam opened the chest, but before they could look at the treasure, jelly fish attacked! They went sting, sting, sting. A shark came and it chased the jellyfish away. The shark swam away, so they opened the chest. There was rubies, gems and diamonds! Home

5 Hollow Mountain Barbara and Sam were so exhausted. They had bumps and bruises everywhere! Suddenly, they saw a strange hollow mountain, covered with leaves and some acorn trees. They climbed up the mountain and laid down on the ground for a rest. Suddenly, out of the corner of Sam’s eye he saw a box in the distance! “Barbara, can you see the old brown box over there?” “Yes, I can,” said Barbara and they went to see what was in it. Barbara realised there was no key. Sam saw something floating down from the sky. It was an old piece of paper, and it said that the key was under the box. They lifted the heavy, huge box and under the box was a sparkling golden key. They pulled the key from under the box and opened the lid, and there was …. Glittering, golden jewels with beautiful pearl necklaces and gold coins that shimmered in the sun! Home

6 Volcano The hot, steamy volcano was going to erupt so they ran and ran. Barbara and Sam climbed up a tall, green palm tree. The volcano stopped erupting. Barbara and Sam found a long sword in the volcano. Barbara and Sam got out of the boiling volcano. They gave the sword to their mummy and daddy. Which way now Sam? Waterfall Marsh

7 Valley of the Snakes When Barbara and Sam got there, there were lots and lots of snakes. But they were friendly snakes, so they took them to the treasure. But there were five keys. “If you want the treasure, you will have to choose the correct key,” said the snakes. So Barbara and Sam chose the correct key and inside the treasure box there were diamonds, emeralds, red gems, green gems and orange gems. When they got home they told their mum and dad about their amazing adventure! Home

8 The Wrecked Ship. Barbara and Sam landed in a cracked ,black,wrecked ship. They rushed into the captain’s cabin. Then they got their sharp swords out and ran up the stairs and found a scary skeleton. Suddenly Sam charged up the stairs and started to fight, “come on” said Sam. The swords went clash and clatter! Just then Barbara pulled the skeletons head off! Suddenly Barbara and Sam said “Yes we did it” “We killed the skeleton”. They went out of the captains' cabin and climbed up the rigging's and shouted “WE DID IT.” Where now Sam? Cave Forest

9 The Tree House Barbara and Sam came to a leafy tree house. They climbed up on a crumbly old ladder when suddenly a noise echoed above the tree tops. They listened very carefully and they heard a red robin. The Robin hopped down and they fed it with some nutty bird seeds from their pockets. But just then, the bird started to talk to them. It said “Go to the Valley of the Snakes”. “Did the bird just talk to me?” said Barbara. “ Yes I heard” said Sam. Which way? Hollow Mountain Valley of Snakes

10 The Dark, Tunnel, Cave Barbra and Sam discovered a dark, spooky, tunnel in a damp forest. They decided to creep inside to see if they could find the sparkling golden treasure. But unfortunately the treasure was not there. Suddenly they got trapped into a sticky , enormous spider’s web . A huge spider came and he wanted to eat the children. The children said “EEK EEK”. Suddenly Sam pulled his pen knife out of his pocket and cut the web. Sam and Barbara quickly hurried outside to tell their family about their amazing adventure. Which way now Sam? The Wrecked Ship The Spooky Den

11 The Cove The pirates rushed to the beautiful lovely cove. They dug right next to it suddenly they hit something hard! Barbara and Sam thought they had hit the treasure box, but then something sharp and orange struck Sam’s head. Quickly Sam turned around and he saw an enormous, giant crab.” Yikes” shouted Sam “ Aagh” screamed Barbara. Barbara threw her sword at the giant crab but unfortunately it caught it with his extremely sharp pincers. Then the giant crab accidentally chopped his eye off. Sam and Barbara shouted “Yes” because they thought that they had killed the giant crab, but it was still alive with one eye. Sam sneaked behind the giant crab while Barbara was fighting him. Sam pulled out his sharp dagger and chopped the crab’s leg off. The crab fell over and Barbara stabbed the crab in the heart. Finally he was dead!”Yes” shouted Barbara and Sam, and gave each other a huge high five. Which way Barbara? Cave Wrecked ship

12 The Beach Barbara and Sam have just arrived and are hunting for glorious treasure at the sandy, smooth, beach. They searched in the rocky pool but there was nothing. They were searching in the sea for the treasure when Barbara said “Look there’s a pretty, pink, sparkly shell.’’ They carried on hunting in the green wavy, sticky seaweed but nothing was to be seen. Suddenly the tide came in and they found a sparkly magic wand floating on the waves and they kept the wand in case they saw any beasts on the way. Where shall we look next Barbara? The Waterfall The Volcano

13 The amazing water fall Barbara and Sam rushed to the sparkly brilliant water fall .They were excited but suddenly a huge gust of wind came and took the treasure map and whirled it into the middle of some rocks below. Sam and Barbara slid down the water fall and they swam down and a crocodile bit their boots off their feet and it ate the boots .They got their treasure map back , which was under a mossy rock . Barbara and Sam climbed out off the water but they noticed that they had dropped the treasure map in the water. Suddenly there was a crashing wave coming towards them . They thought they wouldn’t get out but they did get out. The map got ripped. Where next Barbara? River Volcano

14 The Forest... The children arrived in a dark terrifying forest. Sam and Barbara saw a pitch black hole. Barbara said “Do you want me to stick my hand in the tree?” “All right’’ said Sam‘’ “It’s a bit scary,’ Replied Barbara. When Barbara put her hand in the gigantic tree she felt something was scratching her hand. Suddenly... blood sucking vampires bats came chasing after them. When The horrible bats were chasing them, one of the strongest bats picked up Barbara and took her in a big circle in the air. Next the bat dropped her and she landed next to her brother Sam. While Barbara had been flying in the air, Sam had found a magical crystal which could get them back out of the freaky forest. And it worked! Which way now? Tree House Waterfall

15 Swishy River Which way now? Haunted House Forest
Barbara and Sam went on the dusty bridge and it started to creak and crack. Suddenly Barbara screamed “Help” as the bridge broke. “I will save you, I will cut the bridge” said Sam. He cut the creaky, dangerous, bridge and he rescued Barbara. Next they went back to their pirate ship. After a while they told their mum and dad about the adventure they had . Barbara said thank you to Sam. Which way now? Haunted House Forest

16 Spooky Den Barbara and Sam were in a scary, spooky, den. There were lots of black bats and gigantic spiders. Their mum and dad were outside guarding the ship. Suddenly a white ghost appeared, It nearly sucked Sam’s blood but he ran and ran until the ghost ran out of the mysterious den. Sam then jumped on top of the scary den to hide. The ghost ran out of the slimy, smelly den. Barbara got chased by a skeleton, while Sam was trying to save her. Suddenly Sam thought of an idea “Why don’t we make a trap and make the skeleton fall into it?” “Brilliant idea” replied Barbara. They decided to make the skeleton chase them, then at the last moment they dived to one side and the skeleton fell into one of the spiders large webs. Where to now Barbara? Volcano Crumbly Castle e

17 Crumbly Old Castle Barbara and Sam climbed into the spooky old castle. Ghosts attacked them! But they had swords so they fought the ghosts back. Then the castle started to fall down on to them so they struggled to get out of the building. Finally they got out of the castle. Dolphin Bay Hollow Mountain


19 Spooky village Finally Barbara and Sam the pirates children, arrived at the spooky ,dark, damp, village. Then they decided to explore a cracked, green, house. A scary skeleton chased them around the village, then Barbara had a brilliant idea. She saw a sword that could kill skeletons, so she chased the skeleton away to never be seen again. When Barbara chased the skeleton away, they decided to look for the treasure . They looked high and low, and side to side but they, couldn't find the treasure. “We are never going to find the treasure” said Barbara sadly. Where next? Hollow Mountian Dolphin Bay

20 Marsh Barbara and Sam arrived at the stinky marsh. Then the pirates decided the bravest pirate should dive into the sticky marsh first, so they could get the treasure which might be at the bottom. There was a slimy , gooey monster and it snatched one pirate’s wooden peg leg. The man struggled to get free. Where next? Lake Village

21 THE HAUNTED HOUSE Valley of the Snakes Hollow Mountain
Sam and Barbara saw a dark, spooky, haunted house and it had been struck by lightning. Sam saw ten ghosts searching the rooms because a bottle smashed and had made such a noise that the ghosts were awakened. The ghosts thought it was the children. Sam and Barbara started to run and run until the ghost was gone. They hid behind some armour, when Barbara sat on something hard “ouch” said Barbara “what’s that?” Sam looked closely at the hard object on the floor, when they realised that it was a piece of paper which told them the next clue. Where to next? Valley of the Snakes Hollow Mountain

22 The Lake Barbara and Sam sailed to the wet soggy island. Then they saw a freezing lake. Suddenly they saw a beautiful mermaid with a shiny pearl necklace. Then they said “Will you go down into the deep dark lake and look for the treasure?” and she said “Yes I will”. She went down and then she saw that there was no treasure to be found. Where to now Barbara? Valley of the Snakes Dolphin Bay

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