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Jennifer Togyer SJAM Co-op Office Manager Favorite Memory: My favourite memory is just working with wonderful people in the office. I was being surrounded.

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1 Jennifer Togyer SJAM Co-op Office Manager Favorite Memory: My favourite memory is just working with wonderful people in the office. I was being surrounded with many kind faces Reasons to take co-op: It helps you choose your future career faster It is an amazing way to get more experience

2 Tonee CRS Automotives Favourite memory Devon and I were working with Frank. Devon was in the car checking lights, I had my collar popped Frank doesn't like it when we have our collars popped for some reason. He went over to help Jon for a bit, and I popped my collar again, and as soon as he was walking back I quickly put it down. Reasons for taking co-op Co-op allows you to have a working experience outside of school, you get to see how things are in the field. It may be different from what you expected it to be. Co-op helps you choose your career, some enjoy what they do the first time they have taken co-op, or some want to jump fields and have a change of heart.

3 Tamara Antone Favourite Memory For "Take Your Kids to Work Day" my supervisor took me out for lunch Reasons for Co-op: To get an experience for the career I want to do in the future Get paid

4 Ma'ather Central Elementary School in the Kindergarten Room Favourite Memory: Is when we took the student's on a trip to the Mum show at Gage Park. Reasons To Take Co-op: See how my future job will be Meet other people

5 Kevin The Reptile Store Favourite Memory: Feeding the Tegus rat pups 2 Reason To Take Co-op: It’s really fun if you’re taking something you like Its’ a good experience for you to learn new things and see how it feels to be part of a business.

6 Josh Giant Tiger Favourite Meomory My favourite memory at giant tiger was when I got to work a full day at my placement from 8:30 to 4:30, I got a break and lunch like all the other employees and since I'm a co-op student and not an employee Mr. Leroux let me combine the break and lunch together, also I got to see how giant tiger runs after my usual time is done. reasons to take co-op To get a better understanding of the career youu want, or to learn about requirements and expectations in the field you want to be in

7 Jason Stolk Industries Favourite Memory My favourite memory: Sending my first piece to the inspection table and finding out the next day it got shipped out

8 Dorie Child and Adolescent Services, Public Health Deptartment, City of Hamilton Favourite memory: My favourite memory at my co-op placement was when I got to attend my first staff meeting. It was exciting to get to meet everyone that works at my placement. Reasons to take Co-op: To get a better understanding of what you would like to do in the future and explore career options. To gain experience and see what it is like to be working.

9 Shenice Public Health Dept. Infectious Disease/ TB Control Favourite Memory: My favourite memory so far is when the teacher came by my placement and was taking pictures of everyone and of the different rooms. Two reasons to take co-op One reason why someone should take co- op in my placement is it gives you a lot of experience and knowledge of the different types of vaccines and how they work. Another reason is you gain a lot of computer skills because some of the work that is done involves data spreadsheets and Word.

10 Steven Cheapies Favourite Memory: Talking to my co-workers Two reasons to take co-op. To find out about the workplace Get good work experience

11 Sahar Najm McMaster University, Engineering Department Favorite memory My favorite memory was Monday November 1st when I presented in front of very important people from Union Gas company, McMaster University, and University of Windsor. Two reasons to take co-op at my placement are: Meet new people and role models. (i.e. profs and engineers) Gain a lot of new skills (i.e. problem solving, and thinking inquiry)

12 Justin Baresa Kitchens. Favourite Memory My best memory would be going to people’s houses and setting up the kitchens. It’s great seeing how nice the cabinets that I have just helped with in the shop look when set up in someone’s house, and knowing that they will be used for many years to come. Two reasons to take co-op: I would suggest co-op to anyone who wants to get out of the class room and get a good feel of what its like working in a kitchen cabinet shop.

13 Stacey Canada Revenue Agency Favourite Memory: My first meeting because felt like I was part of the team. Two Reasons to take Co-op: To decide whether or not I like the field To get paid

14 Tony Royal Bank of Canada: Jackson Square Favourite Memory My favourite memory is basically every time I talk with my colleagues at my placement. One colleague jokes around with me because I'm a so-called "rookie". Another colleague seems like she's my age; therefore, it's easier for the two of us to communicate. For example, there was one time where my trainer was mocking me because of the way I was talking to the client. She said that I should ask "if there's anything else that they would like to do?", rather than "Is that all for today?" She joked around as if I was working in a black market. That made me laugh. Two Reasons to take co-op You can obtain information and experience on a potential career you might be planning to pursue. It gives you valuable experience for the future. Compared to others, you will be more prepared and know what to do in that certain occupation. You can also figure out if you like the career you might be following in the future. It's also an easier way to obtain credits while working and obtaining valuable experience. If you work hard, you might have the potential to get the highest mark in your high school career, and you might be able to obtain a part-time job as well.

15 Alysha Ridgemount Public School: Grade 3 class Favourite Memory: My favourite memory was when we went on the class trip. I got to see how the students are outside of school. I also enjoyed seeing how excited they were, and how something so very simple can make them soo happy! I love seeing the students happy and excited; it's a very good feeling. Two Reasons to take Co-op: Co-op gives you such a great experience. You get to get out of school for half the day, either the morning or the after noon two periods. You get to choose a placement where you feel you would enjoy, and if you don't enjoy it, you can sometimes switch placements. You get to meet new people, and learn new things. You get to go out into the real world, and get to experience life outside of High school. It's great! And you won't regret it !

16 Violeta Idlewyld Manor Favourite Memory My favourite memory is when we had a Victorian Fashion Show and the residents got dressed up because they were real models in the fashion show. Two reasons to take co-op You can better understand why older people act they way they do You can learn so much from them and their life and how their life used to be different when they were young, different to the life we have right now.

17 Chris Summit Direct Favourite Memory Meeting a guy from EHR and chatting with him Two Reasons to take Co-op Less homework It’s fun and you get practical work experience that will help you more than what you would learn in school

18 Jodsley Saint Joseph hospital: Rehab Favourite Memory My favourite memory is when I played soccer and catch with a patient to improve his motor skills

19 Cathy St. Joseph's Pharmacy Favourite Memory: When a man came into the Pharmacy store, my co-worker told me to keep my eye on him, since he likes to snatch Ensures off the shelf. My manager whispered to me that I should go help him. She later told me that I can write down 'prevent shoplifting' on my log sheet. Two reasons to take co-op Get familiar with drug names Learning how a pharmacy works, including sorting drugs

20 Stephanie Café Limoncello Favourite Memory: Two or three of the chefs there graduated from George Brown and they were giving me tips on how to prepare for the school. Also, they gave me websites to help me prepare in advance which included information about cooking terms and how majority of them come from French. I found it really interesting to know what the course offers and that it’s the best school in Ontario. Two reason why you should take co-op are: You gain different experiences depending on the co-op placement you choose to do, find out what you can or can’t do, and whether this is the career for you. Co-op allows you to see what the workplace is like and how to deal with it. It shows you what different skills you need to learn or should know if this is what you really want to follow through on for your career.If your able to handle the

21 Maria Cathy Weaver and SJAM Music Department Favourite Memory: I helped a flute player with reading her music and I taught her new notes. She needed extra help so I suggested that she should practice at home and she took my advice. When I saw her the next day she was very excited to tell me that she learned a new song. Two reasons to take co-op It's a good job experience It helps with future decisions

22 Bahja Hamilton General Hospitial Favourite Memory I have alot of favourite memories it's hard to chose one... however my favourit memory would be "HELPING THE PATIENTS" because patients matter the most to me and helping them makes me feel alive Two reasons to take co-op would be FIRST.... to feel comfortable about the career she or he choiced... Second will be to get to know your self better... such as do you communicate with adults well... are you a patient person. Also co-op placement is a place where you will know your self and at the same time have a wonderful feelings about the career you choice. Me as myself.. my co-op placement helped me alot... I love it so much that I can't even COMPLAIN about it.

23 Carrie Dr. Davey ESL program 2 reasons to take Co-op: Find out information about yourself and what you think your purpose in life is. Acquire first hand experience in the field of work that you would be working in.

24 Carol-Ann SJAM Co-op Office Favourite Memory My favorite memory from my coop placement is when I accidently pulled the phone off the table Mrs. Lewis had it on while I was talking to a guy from the City of Hamilton. When I told Mrs. Lewis she told me she has done it before too. It was really funny even the guy on the other end was laughing. Reasons to Take Co-op: Co-op is good for finding out what you want to do once you leave high school... I took coop in a grade 3 class because I thought I wanted to be a child & youth worker but ended up liking the paper work better then working with the children Co-op is also good for getting work experience you need for future employment.. without taking away from your personal lifestyle. I have a child so going to school and having a job would be nearly impossible for me so coop gave me the chance to get work experience without taking time away from my daughter.

25 Brianne HECFI Favorite Memory: Was being told that i get to go work for Great Big Sea and Jeff Dunham Two Reasons to take co-op: To gain the work experiance for your resume Is to get out of school for half a day to do a job you enjoy

26 Amena Queen Victoria Elementary School Grade 8 Class Favourite memory: My favourite memory was when I stayed at my placement for a full day on the 29th of October. We had a Halloween party in the morning followed by a dance in the afternoon. I helped supervise during the dance while selling products such as pop, chips, and baked goods. Reasons to take co-op: If you already have a career in mind you can gain experience in the particular field which will either confirm your choice or give you an opportunity to consider other options. Co-op gives you the opportunity to gain two school credits without being in an actual classroom. If you like your placement, it will not even seem like school!

27 Trent Hamilton Place:Studio Theater. Favourite Memory: The memory that stook out in my head the most from my placement was when I had met Steve Earle. He was a really famous guitarist and I had got his autograph AND he even thanked me for all the work I did to help him and his friend! Reasons to take co-op: The Co-op Program at SJAM gives real world experiance instead of going to school every day! It also gives you a chance to find the job that you love to do and that you want to pursue.

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