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Today we are going to: Learn about story writing Write our own short stories to enter into ‘Let’s Get Writing’.

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1 Today we are going to: Learn about story writing Write our own short stories to enter into ‘Let’s Get Writing’.

2 Example Story “Cinderella” Plot summary: Good triumphs over evil. Setting: Stepmother’s house and garden. The prince’s palace. Characters: Cinderella, Stepmother, Stepsisters, Fairy Godmother, Prince. Beginning (Exposition): Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters treat her like a slave. She is very unhappy. Middle (Climax): The fairy godmother sends Cinderella to the ball, but she must be back before midnight as the magic runs out then. End (Conclusion): The glass slipper fits Cinderella and she marries the Prince. They live happily ever after.

3 Setting Ideas & Description

4 Character Ideas

5 Beginning (Exposition) Dialogue: “Land Ahoy Captain!” One-eyed Bill cried. “There be men with arrows on the island, ready to fire at us!” “Blistering barnacles Bill... ready the cannons me scurvy crew, none of us will be seeing Davy Jones’ Locker this day,” Captain Blackbeard yelled. Description: After days at sea, the island was finally in sight. There was a good wind blowing and the ship cut through the waves easily, the shoreline getting closer and closer. The crew could see specks on the beach and as they neared, the specks became clearer, they were hostile natives. The arrowheads glinted in the sun, likely dipped in poison. Action: Arrows whistled through the air, instantly drowned out by the boom of the cannon. The pirates ran here and there, loading cannons, tying off ropes, helping the injured. Ear-splitting battle cries could be heard from the pirates as they surged, united as one, to defend their ship from the whooping men at the shoreline as they lit their next round of arrows. Example Story – Summary of Beginning: Cinderella lives with her mean stepmother and stepsisters. She is treated like a slave and is very unhappy.

6 Event Ideas (Rising Action) Example Story: An invite arrives from the palace asking all young ladies to a ball where the prince will find a wife. Cinderella is excited.

7 Conflict Example Story: In ‘Cinderella’, Cinderella wants to go to the ball, but her stepmother stops her from going by giving her more chores than she can do in the time given to complete them.

8 Middle (Climax) What Happens Next …? What are the characters doing? Where are the characters now? How do the characters feel? Remember, this is the peak of the story all — the action/excitement/danger should be here! Example Story: The fairy godmother arrives and Cinderella goes to the ball, but she must be back by midnight, before the magic runs out. Cinderella hurriedly leaves and loses a glass slipper.

9 Falling Action How will the conflict/dilemma be resolved? What effects did the middle (climax) of your story have on the characters? Example Story: The prince says he will marry the woman who the glass slipper fits. The glass slipper fits Cinderella.

10 The conflict/dilemma needs to be resolved. All loose ends are tied up. Will you use ‘Action’, ‘Dialogue’ or ‘Description’ to end your story? Ending Examples: They all lived happily ever after. It was all a dream. They were never seen again. Things will never be the same. End (Conclusion) Example Story: The prince and Cinderella get married and live happily ever after.

11 Let’s Get Writing Now use your ideas to write your own short story. Our Example Story: Once upon a time a young alien flew to Earth in a spaceship. Now, he wasn't supposed to come to Earth on his own, but he really wanted to see humans for himself! Earth is a long way from Jupiter and the alien forgot to bring extra fuel for the journey home... The spaceship had landed in a meadow and with a flip of a switch it was invisible — and so was the alien. He had a very interesting day wandering around the town, catching a bus to the city and watching what the humans did — taking in all the sights and sounds. As it got dark the alien transported himself back to his spaceship. Disaster! He had no fuel — how would he get home? Knowing he'd get in trouble and feeling scared, he called his mum on the screen in the spaceship. "You're where?!!" his mum exclaimed. After a couple of minutes she'd calmed down and said dandelions would power the spaceship home. The alien collected lots of dandelions and put them in his fuel tank... vrroooom... whhhoooosssshh, off he flew back home, where he knew his mum would tell him off, but he'd learnt his lesson and wouldn't be going on any space trips alone again.

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