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The Anglo-Saxons by Siria, Martina Andrea, Dennis, Arian class 3 - Albiano.

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1 The Anglo-Saxons by Siria, Martina Andrea, Dennis, Arian class 3 - Albiano

2 Thomas Anderson Name: Thomas (Tom) Surname: Anderson Hobbies: Travelling in the past Friends: David Lane, Darlene Gwyneth ( celtic girl) CONVERSATION: TOM: Hi Darlene, my fantastic girl. How are you? DARLENE: Hi Tom! I’m fine thank you, I love you. TOM: Come with me for a walk… DARLENE: Okay…. Tonight there is a party in our village.. Can you go with me? TOM: Yes, it will be fun!!!!

3 David Lane Name: David Surname: Lane Hobby: Archaeology Student Friend: Tom CONVERSATION: DAVID: Hi Tom, how are you? TOM: Hi Dave, I’m fine. And you? DAVID: I’m fine thank you. TOM: What are you doing? DAVID: I’m working at Sutton Hoo. In a grave you can find jewels, clothes and old objects. I also found a spear and a metal object. What is this metal object? TOM: I don’t know…… but is so beautiful!!!

4 Tiwon Name: Tiwon Surname: Bampi Hobbies: Warrior Friends: other warriors CONVERSATION: TIWON: Hello who are you? TOM: I’m Tom and who are you? TIWON: I am Tiwon the Saxon, LATER…. TIWON: Would you see my ship? TOM: Yes. LATER.. TOM:Wow! It is very big! How many people are on this ship? TIWON: This ship is for 60-80 people. Come and visit it. TOM: Okay.

5 Aelfric Name: Aelfric Surname: Gilbo Hobbies: praying, reading the Bible Family: monks Friends: other monks CONVERSATION: AELFRIC: Hi young brother, please join us in our prayers. TOM: Yes but I’m not a monk! My name is Tom. AELFRIC: Oh….but are you hungry, thirsty? TOM: Yes I am a bit hungry but I’m here to learn about your stories. AELFRIC: Yes come with me in the library. TOM: Okay brother, but I’m very very very hungry!!

6 Darlene Name: Darlene Surname: Bonvicini Friends: people from the village Family: mum, dad and 8 brothers and sisters CONVERSATION: DARLENE: Hi mum, I need a dress for my party tonight. Can you make a dress for me? MUM: Yes, how do you want it? DARLENE: Pink and purple… MUM: Okay, it will be ready for tonight. LATER… DARLENE: It’s very nice!!! Thank you mum. MUM: For my princess I can do everything!

7 The Witan NAME: Witan HOBBY: praying AGE: 80 years old CONVERSATION: WITAN 1: Hi Witan2, we must decide what to do with Tom. WITAN2: Yes, but I don’t know. WITAN3: I propose to cut his head. DARLENE: NOOOOOO, don’t cut his head… he is my love…. WITAN4: okkk, but we can lock him up in prison. TIWON: Leave him in peace. He’s a good guy. WITAN5: okay, but only because you say that he is a good guy


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