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Family Anglický jazyk 2. ročník.

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1 Family Anglický jazyk 2. ročník

2 Family tree

mother, father, sister, brother, baby and dog.

4 Mother, mum, mummy, mom Mother is a woman, who has given birth to the child. She is the most important person in your live. You are her son or daughter.


6 Father, dad, daddy Father is a man, who takes care about his family. He is your the best friend. You are his son or daughter.

7 Parents Mum and Dad

8 Sister and brother are siblings
Siblings have got the common parents. They help each other.

9 Grandmother, grandma Your mother´s or your father´s mum.
You are her grandson or granddaughter.

10 Grandfather, grandpa Your mother´s or your father´s dad.
You are his grandson or granddaughter.

11 Grandparents

12 Your family tree Fill in the gaps names of members your family.

13 Describe the picture.

14 Sing the song and dance We are family I got all my sisters with me We are family (we are family) Get up everybody and sing

15 Ďakujem za pozornosť. Mgr. Katarína Cvečková

16 zdroje Family obrázky mum dad parents grandparents grandma grandpa song siblings

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