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Room 16 would like to share with you their own treasure or treasures that are important to their families.

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1 Room 16 would like to share with you their own treasure or treasures that are important to their families.

2 My brother is funny, he is 4 years old. His favourite thing is McQueen and Transformers. He has brown hair and eyes. He is my treasure because I love him.

3 My family treasure is an old watch about 100 years old belonging to my great, great grandad. When I grow up it will be my turn to look after it. There is a key at the back and if you turn the key the watch will start ticking. My family treasure is special to my Mum.

4 Once my dad went to the computer shop and I found a black laptop. It was $70 and we bought it. I was playing on it for weeks and wekks. During 2012 I did not play the computer for a long time.

5 My great grandfather was a soldier for New Zealand in World War 1. He had 5 medals and they got presented by the New Zealand government in 1971. He was very young when he went to war. So when he died I was not alive. His medals are gold and silver.

6 My treasures are special to me because people like Santa and mummy and grandma gave them to me. My treasures are my special gold rock and special necklace and my kitten. My necklace has a heart and the key bit. My grandma gave the gold to me.

7 I have a small helicopter. I got it from the warehouse because it was my birthday. My mum bought this for me. It is dark green and black and it is very very old. My helicopter has on it 2 guns and can’t fly. I take the army people off my helicopter.

8 I found a kiwi in the bush and he ran away from me because it was day time. The kiwi is a treasure because it is only found in New Zealand.

9 My treasure is my rings. My oma lives in South Africa. Oma is my mum’s mum. My oma is nice to me. The ring is golden and shiny and it has a red stone.

10 My treasures are the most special things in my life. I’ve got my family and my Taeha and my great granddad’s badges. Taranaki and Hawera are special places. Some of my family pictures are also my one of my treasures. I like my cousin he’s pretty much the only person I can play with when I’m home. My mum has this jewellery box. This is where she puts all of her jewellery. It was my great grandmothers.

11 My treasure is my monkey! I have a quiet and funny monkey. My mum and dad bought Funny Monkey for me in 2004 in New Zealand. Monkey turns green in the sun and monkey is very furry. His top says mummy’s little treasure and the top is sparkly green he is my favourite toy.

12 My great grandpa earned his shiny and old medals in world war 2!. The medals are gold and silver and are also metal. They are kept in a tidy frame and there is also a picture of him in it.

13 My treasure is a kitten whose name is Cuddles. She is very fluffy. Cuddes is also black and white. I got it from my dad. She loves to eat meat. Cuddes is very young she is only one month old. She sleeps on my bed and she likes me a lot.

14 I have a Nintendo DS It Is a turquoise blue its very special to me because I have had my DS for a long time

15 My treasure is my brother because he is really fun to play with. Dhruv is really cute. He is going to be one on the 9 th of May. Dhurv is smaller than me. We play tag in our house. When he knows the door is open he crawls to the door but I catch him before he runs outside.

16 I have three horses with men on them. The horses are red, black and white. I keep them in a display case with lots of other treasure. Once they are made in England they are sent to New Zealand. My dad got them in the 1980s so they are very rusty. They have very fluffy helmets.

17 The computer is a treasure to me because I play games on it. I like to play games that have guns and sports.

18 My treasure is a Nintendo ds which is a video game. It is black and white and I got it from my brother. I mostly keep it on my desk so I know where it is. The cool thing about it is it has two screens. I think it is a treasure because you can write to your friends and they can write back.

19 Our family treasure is a sapphire jewel. It is a treasure because gemstones are rare. Dad brought it in 1995 at a gemstone market in Phnom Pemh which is in Cambodia. It is kept in a blue steel box.

20 When my mum was a young girl her Nana Banks gave her rosary beads. She kept them for a long time until she was an adult. It was very old then it was about to fall apart. That’s why my mum keeps it in her room in a little box in her cupboard. The rosary beads are silver and have a cross on it. The box is silver with patterns on it.

21 My scooter is my treasure and I think its really fun. It’s fun because I let my brother on it as well. I got my scooter on Christmas day and it was from my mum. It’s a MGP and it is green because green is super fast colour.

22 My treasure is my pink sparkly bike. I like to ride my bike with my family. It is fun to ride at school. The pedals are easy to use and the wheels are noisy.

23 Granddad loved all the cars. My treasure is granddad's old car from America. My dad keeps granddad's car in the garage. My granddad took photographs of cars before he died. The car is shiny black and white.

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