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Supporting and Guiding Student Growth, Safety, and Well-Being Faculty Development August, 2012.

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1 Supporting and Guiding Student Growth, Safety, and Well-Being Faculty Development August, 2012

2 Overview Welcome and Introduction Addressing Student Issues Attendance and Punctuality Mental Health Drug Use Other Practices Harassment and Assault LGBT Student Feedback Additional Points Looking Ahead

3 Promoting a Respectful Environment What to do in Case of Sexual Harassment and Assault

4 MUM Core Value #7: Honoring Diversity–The World is My Family We honor cultural diversity, as well as diverse backgrounds and viewpoints. We welcome everyone’s contributions.

5 MUM’s Policy Maharishi University of Management believes that all educational and employment decisions should be based on an individual’s performance and qualification and not on irrelevant factors such as personal characteristics or happenstance of birth unrelated to academic or job performance. The University considers irrelevant factors regarding sex, age, race, religion, color, national or ethnic origin, disability, veteran‘s status, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

6 M.U.M. does not tolerate harassment in any form

7 Sex discrimination includes Sexual harassment Sexual violence Applies to conduct on and off campus if the conduct affects school experience or overall school environment

8 What is sexual harassment? Unwelcome sexual conduct (verbal, visual, physical or cyber) Includes sexual violence

9 May occur between Student and student Student and faculty Student and administrator Student and 3 rd party Friends, former lovers, or strangers People of same or other gender

10 What is sexual violence? Attempted or actual sexual contact Without active, verbal consent

11 What is effective consent? Definition: Words or actions that show a knowing and voluntary agreement to engage in mutually agreed-upon sexual activity Cannot be gained by by force by ignoring or acting in spite of the objections of another by taking advantage of the Incapacitation of another, where the accused student knows or reasonably should have known of such Incapacitation (e.g., intoxication or intellectual or emotional disability) Effective Consent is also absent when the activity in question exceeds the scope of Effective Consent previously given Questionable when one party has power over another

12 Important Statistics About 1 in 5 women (20%) are victims of completed or attempted sexual assault while in college Approximately 6.1 percent of males were victims of completed or attempted sexual assault during college U.S. Department of Education DCL April 4, 2011

13 What should you do about harassment, sexual or otherwise (other than sexual violence)? Report to Deans of Student Life or any member of the Department, M.U.M.’s Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Coordinator, Campus Security, other University personnel, police The Department of Student Life will investigate promptly and follow up Follow same procedure for any other type of harassment

14 What should you do about reported sexual assault? Encourage and help student to seek medical care as soon as possible Encourage and assist student to file a report with police, Security, and Sandra, Prochaska, Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Coordinator Encourage and assist student in seeking counseling and other support Don’t suggest the parties work it out themselves Notify Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Coordinator Respect confidentiality

15 Confidentiality Complete confidentiality assured if report is made to campus counselor, clergy, certain health professionals, or off-campus rape crisis employees (unless immediate risk to self or others) Other than above, university employees (including faculty and staff) must report to Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Coordinator, even if the reporter asks you not to or tells you as a friend off campus and outside of normal work hours Information will be shared on “need to know” basis only While the University will make every effort to safeguard the identities of students who seek help or report, as a requirement of Title IX the college must investigate and take action once it becomes aware of a sexual assault allegation whether or not the student chooses to pursue a complaint.

16 If a complainant wishes to remain anonymous? We try to abide by complainant’s wishes Complainant cannot be forced to pursue a complaint or participate in an investigation In terms of pursuing an investigation, we would not disclose the name of the accuser unless we are given permission, but we have to explain to the complainant that pursuing an investigation anonymously may limit our success

17 If you receive the information, what do you have to disclose? You must report the incident to the Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Coordinator. Whether you must reveal the name of a complainant who wishes to remain anonymous will be decided on a case by case basis Depends on the gravity of the accusation and the potential for future danger.

18 Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Coordinator Sandra Prochaska 641-472-1151 Room 105 Dreier

19 Points to Keep in Mind Using alcohol and drugs never makes the victim at fault for sexual assault Treat people involved the way we’d want our son or daughter, or ourselves, to be treated Wait to hear the case before you decide it Help students become responsible adults, understanding personal responsibility, and realizing careless conduct can have future consequences Treat complainant and accused impartially Even if a victim doesn’t want a claim pursued, the University still has to investigate Follow the policies and procedures Encourage students to report sexual assaults

20 Emergency Contacts Police, Fire, Ambulance – 911 Campus Security – 641-472-1115 or ext 1115 James Bedinger, Director of Campus Security – 641-919-7992 Dr. Jonathan Shapiro (mental health) – 641-233-8105 or ext 1241 Deidre Lentz, RN (physical health) – ext. 3411 or 641-919- Jan Sickler, Associate Dean of Students – 641-919-7327 or ext 1384 Elaine Pomfrey, Associate Dean of Students – 641-919-9552 or ext 1327 Sandra Prochaska, Sexual Assault Response and Prevention Coordinator – 641-472-1151

21 Thank you to our dear faculty for all you do every day to educate and enlighten our students!

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