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1 CQC into the future Malcom Bower-Brown Deputy Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care.

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1 1 CQC into the future Malcom Bower-Brown Deputy Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care

2 2 Overview Purpose Structure 5 Key Questions Regulatory Model Ratings Timetable Measuring Success

3 3 Our purpose and role Our purpose We make sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care and we encourage care services to improve Our role We monitor, inspect and regulate services to make sure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety and we publish what we find, including performance ratings to help people choose care

4 4 Our principles 1.We are always on the side of people who use services. 2.We promote equality, diversity and human rights. 3.We are independent, rigorous, fair and consistent. 4.We have an open and accessible culture. 5.We work in partnership across the health and social care system. 6.We are committed to being a high performing organisation and apply the same standards of continuous improvement to ourselves that we expect of others.

5 5 Our new structure Moved from generic to specialist approach Three Chief Inspectors: Deputy Chief Inspectors leading specialist teams in each region One CQC

6 66 5 Key Questions We ask these questions of all services: Is it safe? Is it effective? Is it responsive? Is it caring? Is it well-led? CREWS

7 7 The Mum Test Is it good enough for my Mum? Safe? Effective? Well led? Responsive? Caring?

8 8 New Regulatory Model Surveillance

9 9 Four point scale High level characteristics of each rating level Innovative, creative, constantly striving to improve, open and transparent Consistent level of service people have a right to expect, robust arrangements in place for when things do go wrong May have elements of good practice but inconsistent, potential or actual risk, inconsistent responses when things go wrong Severe harm has or is likely to occur, shortfalls in practice, ineffective or no action taken to put things right or improve

10 10 How do we decide a rating?

11 11 Timetable – Adult Social Care Co-production and development to shape consultation proposals Oct 2013 – March 2014 Consultation on regulatory approach, ratings and guidance April 2014 Wave 1 pilot inspectionsApril – May 2014 Evaluation; guidance and standards refined July – Sept 2014 Wave 2 pilot inspections June 2014 Oct 2014 New approach fully implemented March 2016 Every adult social care service rated

12 12 Making a difference? For people using services and the public: You believe CQC is on your side and acts in your best interests – public common sense test We engage compassionately with you and listen carefully to what you tell us We act quickly and decisively in response to poor care and abuse You have increasing confidence in us and trust our independence, expertise and judgement We provide you with clear and authoritative reports

13 13 Making a difference? For local authorities and other commissioners: We respond collaboratively to safeguarding issues You can rely upon the judgements we make to reduce duplication We share information information between ourselves to inform the timing and focus of inspections Our whole system overview supports integration between health and social care We provide annual State of Care reports at national and local level.

14 14 Making a difference? For organisations providing care and support: You respect CQC as being open, professional, expert and independent Our service provides value for money We are proportionate, consistent and use fair processes We share your commitment to improving services and our ratings help to drive improvement

15 Malcolm Bower-Brown Deputy Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care 15 Thank you

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