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All About New Zealand Primary Three. It was summer and Peter the Panda was feeling really hot ! Oh mum, Hong Kong is so hot in the summer. I need a holiday.

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1 All About New Zealand Primary Three

2 It was summer and Peter the Panda was feeling really hot ! Oh mum, Hong Kong is so hot in the summer. I need a holiday somewhere cool. Where is it winter in July? I know it’s cold in the South in July. Oh yes, but which country?

3 “I know ! ” shouted Peter. “ I’ll go to New Zealand.” Peter pulled out a world map and tried to find New Zealand. “Where is it?” he said. “I know, it is in the South, somewhere near Australia!” said Peter’s mum.

4 “There it is!” Peter opened his book of maps and found the map and flag of New Zealand. He also found three big cities that he could fly to, Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington. Peter decided to fly to the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington.

5 Before Peter paid for his flight he called his friend Ken the Kiwi to ask him if he could meet him in Wellington and show him around. Hi Ken, it’s me Peter! I want to go to New Zealand as it’s too hot in Hong Kong in July. Will you be home ? Hi Peter! I am so happy you are coming. It is cold here so bring warm clothes.

6 Peter packed his suitcase. He was only going for three days but he knew he would be camping most of the time, so he packed 3 pairs of undies, 2 cosy jumpers, 2 pairs of trousers, a pair of gloves, a wooly hat, a raincoat and 3 pairs of socks. He also took a pair of lovely chopsticks as a present for Ken.

7 The next day Peter set off on his journey to New Zealand. The flight was about 10 hours and when he arrived his bum was quite sore!! Ken met Peter at the airport and took him back to his home in the woods. Because kiwis are only about the size of a chicken Peter couldn’t fit in Ken’s home, so Ken set up a panda-sized tent for him.

8 After unpacking, Ken made dinner for Peter. Ken had a big bowl of insects, leaves and berries and Peter had a plate of baked kumara, marmite on toast and a small bowl of hokey pokey ice cream. “Did you like your ‘Kiwi’ food?” asked Ken. “Yummy! It was great, especially the hokey pokey ice cream.” said Peter.

9 It is a kiwi. It is a bird. It is brown. It has a long beak. It has no wings.

10 The next day Ken took Peter to his friend’s farm, Shelley the Sheep. Hi ! I’m Shelley the Sheep. I love eating grass ! I live on this farm.”

11 It is a sheep. It is white and black. It has a fleece coat.

12 Hi! I’m Kelly the Kea. I am very curious and sometimes I take food from people’s cars. I like eating butter, nuts, apples and carrots. I live in the forests.

13 It is a kea. It is a parrot. It is green and orange. It has wings.

14 Hi! I’m Gerry the Giant Weta. I’m an insect. I can grow as big as a hand and like to bite when I’m angry. I like to eat other insects, and leaves. I live in forests and people’s homes.

15 It is a giant weta. It is an insect. It is brown and black. It has a hard mouth. It has two feelers.

16 Shelley invited Peter to sing a famous ‘Kiwi’ song with them – Fish and Chips.Fish and Chips I like green bananas and pink ice cream. I like peanut butter on my bread, Wobbly jelly makes me scream. Maybe marmite and honey instead. Mum’s hamburgers are pretty cool, I like spaghetti and cocoa pops, But I like fish and chips best of all.But fish and chips are the best. Fish and chips. Fish and chips Make me want to lick my lips. Eat them for breakfast, lunch, and tea.Eat them for breakfast, lunch, and teaFish and chips are for me.

17 The next morning, Peter and Ken went to Queenstown. Ken asked Peter, “ What would you like to do, bungy- jumping or white water rafting? ” Queenstown Bungy jumping white water rafting

18 Peter decided to go bungy-jumping, but was so scared he wanted to leave Queenstown. The next stop was Mount Cook. On the way they stopped at a Maori village. The Maori were the first people in New Zealand. After watching a Maori dance Ken’s Maori friend, Tika, taught them some Maori words.

19 Kia oraKia ora – common greeting, like hello. hoahoa - friend kurakura – school kaiakokaiako – teacher tena koe tena koe – thank you Nau mai Nau mai - Welcome! Come!

20 one – tahi two – rua three – toru four – whatahiruatoruwha five – rima six – ono seven – whitu eight – warurimaonowhituwaru nine – iwa ten - tekauiwatekau

21 Ken and Peter said goodbye to Tika and went to their last stop, Mount Cook. At Mount Cook they decided to try hang-gliding. The mountain looked so beautiful from high up in the air. “What a great way to end my trip to New Zealand. Thanks for a lovely trip.” said Peter. Mount Cook hang-gliding

22 The next day Ken took Peter to the airport. They were both sad to part. Peter said “tena koa hoa!”

23 P3 Theme- based Project: All About New Zealand Your task is to make and write a postcard from New Zealand to your parents or a friend. Make sure your postcard includes the following items: 1.A picture on the front of the card related to New Zealand. 2. A heading – (ie. Words from New Zealand) 3. An address to the people you are sending it to. 4. A letter telling your family or friend about your trip and what you have done in New Zealand.

24 Here is an example from Peter to his Mum. Dear Mum, How are you? I am having a wonderful time here in New Zealand and it is nice and cold. When I arrived last Monday, Ken made me dinner. I had baked kumara and hokey pokey ice cream. He invited me to his friend’s house, Shelley the Sheep. I also met Gerry the Giant Weta and Kelly the Kea. We went to Queenstown on Tuesday and I went bungy jumping. It was so scary! Today we are going to Mount Cook to go hang-gliding. I’m really excited. I hope you are enjoying your summer! Love, Peter

25 To Patty the Panda Ocean Park 14 Ocean St., Aberdeen, Hong Kong

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