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オーストラリア研究 ( 英語 ) Chris Burgess (1 号館 1308 研究室、内線 164) ・

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1 オーストラリア研究 ( 英語 ) Chris Burgess (1 号館 1308 研究室、内線 164) ・

2 Nation’s whaling program up against the wall The hunting target for the NW Pacific in 2014 has been cut to 210 from 380, and Japan has said it will count the number of whales in the Antarctic visually, without catching them. Consumption of whale meat in Japan dropped to 4,600 tons in 2012, down around 35 percent from a recent peak in 2006 Japan Times, Jun 18, 2014

3 Australia given another year to act on Great Barrier Reef The World Heritage Committee has given Australia another year to prove it's doing enough to protect the Great Barrier Reef or suffer the humiliation of having it enter the list of sites in danger. The same section of coral reef is shown before and after the devastating effects of Cyclone Ita, a category five tropical cyclone, which hit the region in April. June 19, 2014

4 ‘Dear Mum’ War Bride Homework

5 Dear Mum… My husband’s parents and relatives constantly harass him for bringing yellow into the family and tell me that I am a reminder of the war: they do not allow our marriage …neighbours look at me as if I was an enemy… I’m really sorry for you that I married our old enemy…

6 Dear Mum… I know my marriage has brought disgrace on you…but I’m isolated from people and feel lonely…homesick…isolated… I hope that we can recover the ties of family and that I can become a go-between/bridge for Australia and Japan…

7 Dear Mum… Some Australian people still have antipathy to Japan - anti-Japanese feelings…many old people who lost family members in the war hate us….And the government promotes White Australia policy. Everyday I feel small whenever I go out…I feel like an animal in the zoo…

8 Dear Mum… We can’t act Japanese. We’re forced to act as Australian. Assimilation expectations are strong…In addition, we’re discriminated & cheated by white Australians because of our coloured skin. I can’t ride on buses with white people, nor eat in restaurants…also, I am refused service in some shops…

9 Dear Mum… Once when I was walking down the street, I was called a ‘Jap’ & told to “go back to Japan”…another time someone threw something & spat at me, but I couldn’t understand what he said: there are walls of language & discrimination …I cannot stop myself crying

10 Dear Mum… I have to learn and speak English and my children only speak English…I’m not teaching them my side of the culture – I don’t know if it’s best for them but I hope it is; on the contrary, I am worried I may forget Japan…

11 Dear Mum… I can’t communicate with people and it is hard to guess what they are thinking with their blue eyes and white skin…my problem is language – it’s hard to live without words. I can’t even ask for help…

12 Dear Mum… Everyone is very tall, even women…I think it’s because they eat meat a lot…They eat even kangaroos and koala bears…

13 Dear Mum… The thing which bothers me the most is water. It’s so dry here! In Japan, water is everywhere and we can get it whenever we want; however, in Australia it is impossible. I miss taking a bath…

14 Dear Mum… They won’t let me cook any of our favourite dishes. No Japanese food at all! I’ve had to learn to cook all over again. I don’t like any of the flavours of Australian food… I’m sick of eating potatoes & bread everyday – I miss white rice, miso soup, natto, tsukemono, soy-sauce taste…and sleeping on a futon

15 “The food on the boat was Western and I got bored with it quickly. All I could think of was the urge to have pickled cucumber with ochazuke…” Kiku Brown

16 Dear Mum… I am learning to cook Australian food – it’s so exciting! I There is plenty of food and we also grow some in our garden. I love the confectionary in Australia too and want to send some to you.

17 Dear Mum… I don’t know whether my husband lives or not and comes home sometimes or not. I’m very worried about his life and death because I am pregnant. If he dies, I feel pity for the baby...I live like a prisoner

18 Dear Mum… I’m worried about my future. My visa is valid for only 5 years. Though I came to live here permanently with my husband, now I can’t imagine what it’ll be like after 5 years…I’m really afraid to be expelled someday

19 Dear Mum… Though I was naturalised in Australia I cannot be Australian. Because to be a citizen of one country, not only the citizenship but also the acceptance of the local people is needed, I think… I’ve felt like an outsider, a second- class citizen…who am I?

20 Dear Mum… My great sadness is to go to Japan as a foreigner. Even though I was born and grew up in Japan, I’m already not Japanese. Now my nationality is Australian …I still can’t believe I have an English name! But I don’t want to throw away my identity. Because I am Japanese…

21 Clarification Japan does not recognise dual nationality –PLUS until 1986, only Japanese men could pass their nationality to their children. Japanese women, even if they had Japanese nationality, could not pass it on… Australia suffered almost 100 direct attacks by the Japanese during WWII (& treatment of Australian POWs was still fresh in the mind of many)

22 Australian Culture: Art, Literature, Music, Film

23 ‘Sports-obsessed cultural wasteland devoid of cerebral stimulation...’ Jan. ‘04 Some have noted that Australians tend to have an ‘anti-intellectual’ attitude towards thinkers, scientists, artists, writers etc…

24 ‘Cultural Cringe’ “an internalized inferiority complex which causes people in a country to dismiss their own culture as inferior to the cultures of other countries.” wikipedia 「外国の文化、特に英国文化に対する卑屈 な追従。 A.A.Phillips(1900-1985) が文芸誌 「ミアンジン」の文芸批評に使った句。 オーストラリアの精神風士をあらわすのに よく用いられてきた言葉。 Colonial cringe と もいう」

25 Actually… At least 88% of all Australians attend a cultural event or performance every year Film (70%) most popular, followed by pop concerts (26%), art gallery/museum (25%), opera/musical (19%), theatre (18%), dance (11%), classical music concert (9%)

26 5. Australian writers, painters, and architects are… a)World-class b) Non-existent c) Terrible


28 DIDJERIDOO ( ディジュリドゥ ) おもにオーストラリア北部 のアボリジニが使用する 木製の管楽器

29 1945 キン バリ 1980年 代未 1958 バルゴ・ヒ ルズ 日本へ19 70年代未日本へ19 70年代未





34 Aboriginal Art: 5 phases 1)Stone-age, ‘primitive’ e.g. clay/rock art, body painting


36 Aboriginal Art: 5 phases 2)Beginnings of interest bark ( 木の皮 ) paintings collected by anthropologists and missionaries (1920/30’s)

37 Aboriginal Art: 5 phases 3)Art institution purchases (1960’s+) Funding made available to buy art

38 Aboriginal Art: 5 phases 4)Tourist art (1980’s+) Painted on walls, boards, souvenirs

39 Aboriginal Art: 5 phases 5)Contemporary Urban art Western fusion, pop art, photography for social comment and political expression RICHARD BELL





44 Earth’s Creation by Emily Kame Kngwarreye May ’07: Sold for over A$1 million: highest price ever paid for an indigenous work of art


46 Clifford Possum (‘32~’02): ‘Warlugulong’ July ‘07: Bought for A$2.4 million by National Gallery of Australia


48 WRITERS ( 小説家 )

49 1988 2001 ブッカー賞(2回) Peter Carey ( ピーター・ケア リー )




53 OTHER WRITERS DAVID MALOUF ( マルーフ ) – レバノン系で、時代、場所にとら われない自由な舞台の長編を得意 する MURRAY BAIL ( ベイル ) – オーストラリアの短編・長編作家

54 PAINTERS ( 画家 )





59 Sidney Nolan’s “First Class Marksman” sells for A$5.4m March 2010 Art Gallery of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia. First Class Marksman depicts the square black shape of the outlaw Ned Kelly with the distinct eye slit of his helmet standing with rifle at the ready on a dusty road in the bush. It is believed to be the only one of Nolan's 27 paintings of Ned Kelly not in the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) in Canberra.

60 ARCHITECTS ( 建築家 )

61 GLEN MURCUTT ( マーカット ) “The tin shed man”

62 Corrugated ( 波形の ) Iron

63 Small-scale, ordinary materials Influenced by land & climate – motto: ‘touch the earth lightly’

64 2002 Won the Pritzker Prize (the ‘Nobel Prize’ for Architecture) 2009Won American Institute of Architects’ (AIA) Gold Medal – but never built outside Australia!



67 N_____ K____ M__ G______ N____ W_____ G_______ R____G__ P_____ C___ B______

68 Nicole Kidman Mel Gibson Naomi Watts Geoffrey RushGuy Pearce Cate Blanchett

69 Guy Pearce Films 2008 2000 2013 2010 2012

70 NZ born, OZ based Russel Crowe Jane Campion

71 Heath Ledger – Best supporting actor Hugh Jackman – Host Australians at the ’09 Oscars


73 Best Films

74 2007: Romulus, my Father 2009: Samson and Delilah 2008: The Black Balloon DVD-36 87 DVD-3713 DVD-3692

75 Quentin Tarantino listed Animal Kingdom as his third favorite film of 2010, behind Toy Story 3 and The Social Network DVD-4662


77 Film of the Year 2011/2 The film is based on a true story from the novel of the same name DVD-4664


79 Film of the Year 2013 Based on the true story of Australian Aboriginal singers who gained fame as a group and entertained troops in Vietnam



82 Australian-English Quiz arvo blotto drongo milk bar afternoon drunk idiot corner store

83 Australian-English Quiz crook chippies stubbie esky sick french fries beer cool box

84 “No Worries” ( 心配無用 ) means… a)You’re Welcome ( どういたしまして ) b)Sure ( 分りました・任せてください)

85 「この言葉には、アメリカ人の 愛用語である Take it easy! と同 様、くよくよ考えずに、あかる くものごとに積極的に取り組ん でいこうとする陽気なオー ジー・スピリットが感じられる のである。「ノー・ウォリー ズ」にはいつも笑顔がついてい るように思われる」 樋口靖 ( オーストラリア研究紀要第19号、1 993)

86 オーストラリア研究 ( 英語 ) Chris Burgess (1 号館 1308 研究室、内線 164) ・

87 Gabriella Cilmi Sam Sparro The Veronicas





92 r

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