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Raising funds for deserving causes!

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1 Raising funds for deserving causes!

2 Raise funds for worthy causes Relieve poverty, hardship & distress UK and Overseas Project led Direct benefit to those in need Favour smaller charities without Government funding WHAT DO WE DO?

3 The villagers in Bandolfi, Zimbabwe, no longer have to carry their water for 8 kilometres in containers after the installation of this pump and the drilling of the bore-hole

4 Before and after the operation: this is one of 11 children for whom MIMN funded operations to correct facial disfigurements at a mission set up by Project Harar Ethiopia. Total cost to change the lives of these 11 children was just £3000.

5 MIMN funded the installation of a kitchen so that 100 children at Masekheni Fox Educare (Gloria’s creche) at Khayelitsha Township, Cape Town, can receive hot food during winter while their parents work.

6 Meeting Needs has supported Simanjiro Rural Health Centre and Huruma Hospital with two consignments of medicine each in 2011, including three parcels of medicines, a clinical box with dressings, small surgical equipment and a children’s clothes box. InterCare’s General Manager, Diane Hardy says: “We are very grateful that the trustees of Meeting Needs have been able to support our work since 2006 in sending medical aid to sub-Saharan Africa."

7 The Institute of Travel & Meetings raised more than £9,000 for Meetings Industry Meeting Needs (MIMN) and the cash changed the lives of 300 disabled children. Revolutionary new software called StarGaze enables children who can’t use a mouse or a keyboard to play computer games using their eye movements alone to control the games. The software was installed on a new computer and positioned in Helen and Douglas House’s Hospice. They can also use the special software to write emails and communicate in a way previously impossible.

8 Working through the Pall Unnayan Seva Samiti voluntary organisation, which has been helping take children out of prostitution for the past 20 years, MIMN funded the building of a dormitory to provide accommodation, food, clothing and schooling for another 20 children on two-tier bunks. Pall Unnayan Seva Samiti School now takes care of 400 abandoned and destitute youngsters.

9 This little lad is Owen Kew who has cerebral palsy. Meeting Needs funded 100 hours of physiotherapy for Owen and other children with The Footsteps Foundation where revolutionary mobility aids and treatment are working wonders. Footsteps’ Emma Kentish said: “ We have also seen an improvement in Owen’s concentration levels and his teachers and NHS physiotherapists have all noticed a difference. The treatment Owen has received has had a big effect on the family as Owen is now able to interact more with his brothers, his mum says; ‘the only downside is that he can now fight back with them!’

10 During the construction of Fiwila school and the boys dormitory in Zambia, hand-operated micro-cement roof tile machinery was funded by MIMN and used for production of the roof tiles. This resulted in buildings being much cooler than they would have been had the traditional imported corrugated metal sheeting been used.

11 Six schools and 12 classroom units were built using this machinery in Zambia by charity BuildIt International, using locally trained local people

12 Meetings Industry Meeting Needs funded the shipping of a container of aid to Kenya. Working with Konnect9 Worldwide, a charity that specialises in providing aid to those in poverty, Meeting Needs provided a grant of £2500 to pay for the shipping costs of a container of medical goods, refurbished computers, text books, paper, recycled bicycles and sewing machines with a total value of £80,000-plus to the Little Sisters of Nairobi who have established 14 schools, clinics and refugees centres in East Africa.

13 Not all our funding goes to exotic places – installing this wheelchair hoist for her car gave Marilyn the freedom she needed to visit friends and do the things the able-bodied take for granted

14 £1400 to British Wireless for the Blind Fund to provide 10 radio and audio sets to partially-sighted/blind people in UK £2500 to Project Harar Ethiopia for a surgical mission for operations on another 10 children born with facial disfigurements 15 portable entertainment devices for terminally ill patients at St Raphael’s Hospice in Surrey and purchased 10 special sensory toy packs for babies suffering with spinal muscular atrophy. £1500 to Aldis Trust to organise a training event for disabled people demonstrating how computers can be made accessible £5000 for days out for children that have profound and multiple disabilities, life-limiting conditions or have been abused IN THE PAST FEW MONTHS WE HAVE FUNDED:

15 WHAT CAN YOU DO? Become a Charity Partner for £500

16 Recruit another company to join Persuade your company to raise funds Persuade your clients to raise funds Persuade your suppliers to raise funds Persuade your trade association to adopt Meeting Needs WHAT ELSE CAN YOU DO?

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