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This book is about me! My name is Please read! This book will help you to get to know me and how I communicate.

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1 This book is about me! My name is Please read! This book will help you to get to know me and how I communicate.

2 CALL Centre page 1 All About Me! I was born in 1998 My birthday is in June I live with my Mum and Dad I go to George Hastwell School

3 CALL Centre page 2 You need to know... 1. I do not have any speech (but I am vocal!) 2. I cannot walk without my walking frame and I use a wheelchair. I have a standing frame too 3.I have learning difficulties so I might not understand things like other children do, but you still need to talk to me and tell me things 4.I like ‘happy’ people, if you don’t smile I won’t be happy 5. I do not function well if I am not well or I am tired

4 CALL Centre page 3 My family is –Mum Dad Nanna Grandad Bethany – my cousin Auntie Christine Uncle Darren I love my Family I like to talk about them so you need to know who everybody is

5 CALL Centre page 4 My Friends My best friend in my cousin Bethany, when she visits me it makes me very happy. Sometimes she stays overnight My friends at school are Robbie, Adam, Darren and Bradley. Robbie plays games with me and makes me laugh

6 CALL Centre page 5 My Mum makes me chuckle, she sings and dances around the house. We cuddle a lot and play with my toys. We like to watch videos together. Mum calls me her Big, beautiful girl Dad plays Peek-a-boo with me. He hides behind his hands or a cushion Nanna is funny, she dances and sings like Mum. Nanna brings me goodies like chocolate and raisins which I love. Nanna always visits me if I have to stay in hospital Special People Special Things

7 CALL Centre page 5 Grandad always tickles me. If he has not had a shave for a few days he always gives me a ‘whisker rub’ on my hands. This makes me chuckle!! My teacher and the other classroom staff encourage and support me Special People Special Things

8 CALL Centre page 6 I don’t talk but I like you to talk with me about –Balamory –Tweenies –The Wiggles –Dora the Explorer These are my favourite programmes I like action rhymes, especially tickly ones or ones where I can anticipate what comes next. I like number rhymes and songs Things I like to talk about

9 I love books – I am very good at turning pages on my own and I can concentrate for quite a long time – so you could talk to me about the book I am looking at If I could talk I would tell Mum and Dad what I was doing at school (I might not tell them if I had been up to too much mischief!)

10 CALL Centre page 7 How I Communicate (1) When I am happy I smile like a Cheshire cat or chuckle When I am not happy I cry or whine When I want something I reach over for it or eye point If I don’t want something I push it way with my hands If I am not well or in pain I cry At home if I want a cuddle I grab hold of Mum’s arm and hug her

11 CALL Centre page 8 How I Communicate (2) I don’t usually need to tell you I am hungry as I have regular meals When I am thirsty I grab for a drink if there is one within reach or sight When I smile I am telling you I am happy and content At school I have symbols to help me choose

12 CALL Centre page 9 You can help me to communicate Please DO Use my name when you talk to me Shake my hand (how do you do?) Wave ‘hello’ Stroke my hands Smile Tell me what is happening and where we are going Please DON’T Forget to talk to me Talk using too many words or words that are too long Suddenly take me somewhere or touch me without telling me what is happening first

13 CALL Centre 10 Fun Things! I like Watching videos Going for a walk in my wheelchair Playing with my toys Drawing and making pictures (some people say it is scribbling!) Listening to music and playing my tambourine Looking at picture cards and books Splashing in the bath and playing with toys At school standing up at the sink to wash up

14 CALL Centre 10 Fun Things! I like Watching people dance, especially Mum when we are being silly! Going in the car for a drive (I like to find an ice cream van while we are out!) Getting messy hands with paint or felt tips, I don’t mind. Me and Mum make lovely bits of art Water play in a bowl with toys Working with the parachute with my group Playing pat a cake and see saw margery daw I am learning to clap

15 CALL Centre 11 I like going to.. The beach – I like to feel the sand and eat ice cream The zoo – I enjoy being pushed in my chair but I have to be careful where my hands go The sensory room at school Shopping with Mum – if we haven’t got the car we go on the bus – I like moving and watching all the people Hydrotherapy

16 CALL Centre 12 I can’t stand it! Sudden loud noises People talking too loud If Mum talks to someone for too long and I am in my chair. I get fed up! If I am left in a room on my own for too long So don’t say you haven’t been warned….

17 CALL Centre 13 I’m working on this…. Getting people to talk to me by smiling and making noises Copying sounds Learning to understand a few words at a time Reaching for something I am asked for having looked at the same thing first. Making choices with symbols – I can already choose with objects

18 CALL Centre 13 I’m working on this too…. Looking at what I am meant to be doing not what everyone else is doing Not reaching for things someone else is using Looking at things closely to help my eyes Pulling myself up to standing Recognising numbers and shapes

19 CALL Centre 14 I need help to do a lot of things but if you know I can do something myself please let me do it. I need to be reminded not to take things just because I can reach them – and you will be surprised just how far I can reach! I need to be encouraged to help myself out of my chair Help me please!

20 The Physical Stuff I need to stand everyday for about an hour. I can help get myself in and out of my stander. I need to be held tight against the frame around my hips but the strap around my upper back may be loose to encourage me to hold myself up.

21 The Physical Stuff I can move on my own in my walker and should use it for at least half an hour every day. I can help put myself in my walker I need to be quite upright but need to take my weight through my feet rather than sitting on the saddle

22 CALL Centre 15 I can give myself food with my hands. I might need reminding when it is best not to use my hands I need to be given my main meals with a spoon although Mum helps me hold the spoon and I can grab it I drink from a beaker with help- I know how to hold it but I forget to keep hold of it. I understand the names of a few foods and drink, dinner and dinner time and the signs for them Eating and Drinking

23 CALL Centre 16 My eyesight is good, but I have a ‘slight turn’ in my right eye which you can see when I get tired This has improved with me looking at books and other ‘close up’ work The optician does not think I will need glasses What’s my sight like?

24 Medical Stuff You could mention things like Allergies Epilepsy/fitting Gastrostomy tube Toileting Sleeping Bite reflex Medical Stuff I have asthma. I have a ventolin inhaler with a spacer. I use this at dinner time at school and if I need it because I am very wheezy I sometimes get very hot and dehydrated and this can make me have a seizure so please make sure I have plenty to drink and make sure I do not get too hot. Mum bathes me in a special bath oil and cream,

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