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Creating value through partnerships: Ms Jo Marley - Bryson Care Chair - Voluntary Community Sector NEET Strategy Forum.

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2 Creating value through partnerships: Ms Jo Marley - Bryson Care Chair - Voluntary Community Sector NEET Strategy Forum

3 Scale of the Problem Families – There are over 64K people - claiming benefits. – The monthly claimant count for NI - the second highest among the 12 UK regions ( November 2012 NI Labour Force Survey) Young People- 20.5% of all young people between 16yrs & 24yrs are not in education employment or training (46K) - an increase of 17k from year 2000 Between 2007 and 2011, there was an increase of 155% in the number of 18 to 24 year olds out of work in Northern Ireland. Reflecting the pattern in many other parts of the world, the youth unemployment rate at 17% (December 2011 Pathways to Success DEL)


5 What Positive Destination’s Young People Say Multiple Messages Helping Agencies Schools Family Script I’m no good at anything I’m not smart enough to do exams I'd never be able to do that My da thinks I’m useless. He calls me a waste of space My mum thinks I’m lazy and stupid Relational Patterns I’ve been kicked out of the house again I want to see more of my dad but he never answers the phone I’m really worried about my mum Limits on Personal Capacity Continued

6 What Positive Destination’s Young People Say Being Classified I want to make my own decisions My life is not my own What about my rights People don’t know me Fear Factors I don’t want to go there I don't know anybody I don’t want to leave school I don’t like travelling by myself cos I’ve been beaten up Lack of knowledge How do I get money to go to Tech What are my choices I don’t know what to do Structural Barriers

7 Take into account the complexity and multiplicity of problems faced by individuals Offer timely intervention at school before disengagement and disaffection set in Have developed strong relationships between family, community and school/training placement Provides coordinated and sustained support from a range of agencies. Gives young people a role in making decisions about their choices is effective in engaging young people who are likely to become NEET Includes young people in planning service delivery which enhances personal development, improves confidence, and gives a sense of achievement and self worth

8 Collaboration and the Young Peoples Voice

9 ). The NEET Strategy Forum convened in June 2010 Aim To enable those working in the voluntary and community sector to engage with and influence the development and implementation of the Executive’s strategy for young people who are not in education, employment and training. Purpose  To provide an opportunity for those organisations working with NEET young people to develop a strategic overview and approach to reducing the numbers of young people who are not in education, training and employment;  To provide a mechanism for the sector to engage and to influence the inter- departmental group tasked with developing a NEET strategy;  To provide a mechanism for the sector to identify and support representation to the inter-departmental group and its sub-groups.

10  Strength in the membership which is consistent and committed with  Good- leadership and secretariat.  The inclusive approach - both in terms of members working well together and also with DEL  Success  Influencing and shaping of the NEET consultation.  It had gained the respect of statutory partners most notably DEL  A high profile in the promotion of the consultation helped produce a sizable response and direct communication with young people. Instrumental in keeping the Forum together & moving forward

11 Voluntary Community NEET Strategy Forum - 44 members  Building a strong vision for the sectors response and contribution to the implementation Pathways to Success  Ensure the voice of young people at the centre  To map out how it can influence the development and shape of future services in collaboration with other Stakeholders.  Working cross departmentally and cross sectorally - Tracking - Accessing - Supporting - IT solutions Stake- holders Youth Groups C&YP ORGS Community groups Training Providers Business In the Community IT specialists

12  Creating the conditions for the voice of young people to be central throughout the life of the Strategy in any re- shaping and Implementation  Identifying appropriate innovative options to tackle NEET to be considered and adopted by the Forum as best practice  Determine the nature of collaborative arrangements necessary to support innovation and best practice in the longer term  Develop universal assessment tool/Develop evidenced joint planning processes  Develop a sustained best practice approach to pathways for young people moving through NEET reduction services and provision Collaborative Forum building a strong vision

13 Criterion One Increased collaboration within and between the Voluntary & Community Sector and Government- Collaboration with and between CIF providers- Forum meetings- inter-sectoral meetings – E briefings Criterion Two Mapping of Services; Models of best practice identified and proof of concept confirmed to address NEET issues Tracking – universal assessment and pathways Criterion Three Centrality young peoples informed and resourced participation Increased life skills of young people participating the NEET Youth Forum- emerging a NEET Youth Forum (NYF)

14 Interdepartmental Advisory Group Vol & Com Sector NEET Forum DEL  Hold five seats Inter- Departmental Advisory Group

15 Contacts for NEET Forum Ms Jo Marley, Bryson Care t 028 9032 5835 e Ms Mary Anne Webb, Barnardo’s Northern Ireland t 028 9067 2366 e

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