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United Response Shonagh Methven Senior Business Partner, H&S Risk Management

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1 United Response Shonagh Methven Senior Business Partner, H&S Risk Management

2 United Response A Person Centred Approach to everything we do RISK MANAGEMENT Policy Training Culture of accountability Support for staff

3 United Response A real life means taking risks to achieve, to get the things that we want and to develop skills.

4 United Response So what does this mean in reality Tom Dick Harry

5 Tom’s Story Tom began to work with Laura a year ago when he started his job at a local pub Laura is Tom’s Job Coach and attended work with Tom full time in the early stages Initially Laura would pick Tom up in her car and they would drive to work together Tom fit in immediately at the pub and became a great asset

6 Tom and Laura Tom needed a little instruction from Laura from time to time, but his relationships with colleagues grew quickly from strength to strength, which meant Laura was able to begin fading out at the work place Once Tom was settled into work it was time to start travel training which was the final step to him becoming an independent worker

7 Tom’s Story Laura would meet Tom at his house and they would travel to work together on the bus, they would do the same with the return journey Tom had some concerns at first and was not very confident with the idea that eventually Laura wouldn’t be travelling with him; his mum also had some concerns Tom decided he would give it a go and see how he felt

8 Tom’s Story Laura travelled to work with Tom for five weeks and every week you could see his confidence grow Laura was there as a companion for Tom; Tom led Laura at all times After five weeks Tom told Laura that he didn’t need her to come with him anymore he would like to try it by himself So he did and Laura met him at work

9 Tom’s Story Tom had no problems travelling independently and wondered to himself why he was afraid in the first place He overcame isr fear by giving it a go Tom says, “I am happy going to work and wearing my uniform. I am very happy and confident about going to work on the bus by myself”. Tom’s Mum says, “Tom is so happy, he loves being included in all the social activities like the Christmas party, he is one of the gang. He has got to know the bus driver Tony and chats with him on the way to work”.

10 Roebuck Pub Treating his mum and himself to a meal in the Pub. Going to the pub to look around and meet staff Starting work in uniform Doing all aspects of the job, chatting with staff and customers Getting the bus to work. Building friendships with colleagues Tom

11 Dicks story Dick began to plan what he wanted to do in life about 10 years ago. One of his goals was to find a job His first supported employment was as a volunteer in a hospital Then he found a job working in the laundry department 4 hours a week at a local hotel Dick received travel training and became an independent traveller to work. Sadly that job came to an end when the hotel was demolished and it took a while for Dick to find another job ……..

12 Dicks story which he has now working at the local Premiership Football Club shop. But Dicks life isn’t all work. He has abseiled down buildings for charity, sailed in a training ship a job he loves, and is now travels completely independently.

13 Dicks story He attends college where he is working towards an NVQ in Horticulture and enjoys studying science and learning Spanish as well as playing football. Sally, one of the people who supports Dick says, “Dick is a man who I admire greatly ”

14 United Response Last summer Harry, some of his friends and supporters decided to climb Snowdon.

15 United Response They arrived in sunny Wales on a lovely summers day They had fun the night before the climb They ate a hearty meal Some folk decided to go to the summit by train Others started the climb on foot – it started to rain as they began the climb. However, everyone was in good spirits As they got higher the wind got stronger and people got a bit fed up It was the worst weather in June for 4o years so we decided to come back down. We had a phone to call for help if needed and luckily we met some climbers coming down the mountain who helped us.

16 United Response Did we learn from the experience YES Would we plan another trip YES

17 United Response Is there a tension in balancing person centred working with a commissioners expectations. We all want to live a full and healthy life on our own terms. Balance duty of care with support for the life that people want to live Balancing things Important TO and Important FOR people

18 United Response Our approach Competent and confident staff Talking to people, finding out what matters TO them Working with others to make that happen Blame culture v culture of Accountability

19 United Response Commissioners, Inspectors and Providers must recognise that people in receipt of services have the right, and importantly, must be supported, to take risks in their lives, in full recognition and expectation that they will suffer the same setbacks and heartaches that we all do.

20 United Response Care Quality Commission “The approach that United Response is taking in relation to risk management is in line with the current Commission approach to person centered outcomes and a proportional approach to life skills and independence.”

21 United Response What happens when something goes wrong? Report Investigate Learn Change Try

22 United Response Social care providers must make explicit their encouragement of staff to explore what’s important to the people they are paid to support, and to take managed risks to make progress. Make it clear in risk management policies that staff engaged in reasonable risk taking are acting under their employer’s instructions Provide sincere, swift and whole hearted support for staff when managed risk taking results in injury or harm. ….because staff working in an atmosphere of fear or a blame culture will never be emboldened to act in such a way

23 United Response This isn’t carte blanche.

24 United Response Our Commitment to Staff “As part of our commitment to enabling people we support to take planned risks United Response, as an employer will always support staff who have used sound judgement and taken sensible precautions, even if these have not been sufficient to avert an accident or incident.”

25 United Response Questions?

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