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Can you answer the questions and turn the pages?.

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1 Can you answer the questions and turn the pages?

2 Sam and Sue go Shopping Sam and Sue lived in a quiet street near Smithdown School, in Edge Hill. One day their Mum said that they had to go shopping. Sam and Sue didn’t want to go shopping but Mum promised them a treat.

3 They walked down the street to the shops. “Let’s play a game,” said Mum “What do we have to do?” asked Sam and Sue. “I want you to work out how much we spend,” said Mum. WILL YOU HELP SAM AND SUE?

4 HOW MUCH WAS THAT? 1p each They went to the baker’s shop. “We need some bread from this shop,” said Mum. “Two bread rolls, please,” said Mum.

5 “Can we get some cakes, please?” asked Sue. “What sort of cakes would you like?” asked Mum. “The Red Nose ones, please,” said the children. 2p each HOW MUCH IS THAT?

6 “Two gingerbread men, please,” said Sam. “Is there anything else you would like, Sam?” said Mum. “Can we have a gingerbread man each, please?” 3p each “You must ask for them,” said Mum. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH?

7 They also needed some crisps, so they got a packet each. “Why do we need all these things?” said Sam. “I don’t know,” said Sue. 4p each HOW MUCH DID THEY SPEND?

8 At the next shop they bought two eggs. 5p each “Why do we need eggs?” asked Sam. “Wait and see,”said Mum. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THEY SPENT?

9 They went to the butcher’s shop to buy some ham. The children still didn’t know why they were buying all these things. 1p a slice They got 3 slices. HOW MUCH DID THEY SPEND?

10 In the next shop they got some drinks. “A can of Cola each,,” said Mum. “Thank you,” said Sam and Sue. 4p each HOW MUCH CHANGE WOULD THEY GET FROM 10p? “That’s 8p,” said Sue.

11 “We’ll buy three bars of chocolate,” said Mum. “This is getting more and more mysterious,” said Sue. HOW MUCH CHANGE DID THEY GET FROM 10p? “That’s 3p, isn’t it?” said Sam. 1p each

12 5p each HOW MUCH CHANGE FROM 10p? Then they went to the fruit shop. “What are we going to buy here?” asked Sam. “We are going to buy two pears,” said mum. “I know how much that will be,” said Sue. “It’s 10p.”

13 “We need three bananas,” said Mum. “How much are bananas?” asked Sue. “They are 2p a each,” said Mum. “That will be 6p,” said Sam. HOW MUCH CHANGE FROM 10p? 2p each

14 Now let’s see how we did the sums. CONGRATULATIONS!

15 When we want to find out how much they spent, we must add the numbers together.

16 1p + 1p = 2p + 2p = 3p + 3p = 2p 4p 6p

17 4p + 4p = 5p + 5p = 8p 10p 1p + 1p + 1p = 3p

18 When we want to find the change from 10p, we must count on.

19 Count on from 8p to 10p...that’s 2p change p

20 Count on from 3p to 10p...that’s 7p change p

21 Count on from 4p to 10p...that’s 6p change p

22 Count on from 10p to 10p That’s the right money, so you don’t get any change.











33 Why do you think the children were buying all the different things? Well, they were going on a trip to Camelot with Uncle Jack and they needed all the food for the picnic.


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