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MUM 2623c Old Time Rock & Roll MIDI sequencing assignment Professor Calle.

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1 MUM 2623c Old Time Rock & Roll MIDI sequencing assignment Professor Calle

2 Downloads file you just downloaded should contain: –This PowerPoint document. –The OTTR.pts file. (Pro Tools) –The OTRR.mid file. (MIDI) –An OTRR.rns file. (Reason) –A OTRR PDF sheet chord chart. (Music)

3 Assignment Step 1: –Launch Pro Tools. –From the Pro Tools File menu, open the OTRR.pts file. –From the Pro Tools File menu, choose “save as” [your initials OTRR] in your student folder. –If you have not created a student folder or are working on a different station, create a new student folder with your name now. –Save

4 Assignment continued Step 2: –Create a stereo aux input track. Call it Reason aux. Create an insert for Reason. Please use the full version of Reason. –Create a stereo audio track. Call it Organ audio. –Create a MIDI track. Call it Organ midi. –Save

5 Assignment continued Step 3: –From the File menu choose import MIDI to track. –Import the Old Time Rock and Roll MIDI file. –If asked, choose discard previous existing MIDI data. –Save

6 Assignment continued Step 4: –Open the OTRR.rns file from the Reason application. –Assign a MIDI track to the corresponding instruments in Reason. –Save

7 Assignment continued Step 5: –Create a stereo audio track for each instrument or MIDI track. –Using the bus sends in Pro Tools, assign MIDI channels and bus sends carefully and record each MIDI track to a corresponding audio track. –You may do this one track at a time or choose different bus sends for each track and record simultaneously. –If you have questions, ask your professor. –Save

8 Assignment continued Step 6: –Review the chord chart. –Name the notes and find their corresponding positions on your MIDI keyboard. –Note that the Pro Tools pre-roll is set to 4 measures for your convenience. (Apple 1 if you don’t see the transport) –Arm the MIDI track. (Press R) –Save

9 Assignment continued Step 7: –Make sure that quickpunch is selected in the Operations menu. –To record, simply press 3 on the number pad. –If you make a mistake, you will need to Apple- Z or undo your previous recording before recording the next pass. –Save every time you get something you want to keep. –The important part is the process - not the performance.

10 Assignment continued Step 8: –Have fun recording. –Don’t worry if you get it right, it’s just good to practice recording the MIDI data over and over. –Save the file. –When you are finished, save the Reason file and Pro Tools file. –Shut down, clean up, power down and have a nice weekend.

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