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Elizabeth “Mum Bett” Freeman Matt Nesti Period 6 4/29/10.

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1 Elizabeth “Mum Bett” Freeman Matt Nesti Period 6 4/29/10

2 Background Elizabeth Freeman was born into slavery in Claverack, New York in 1742. (1742-1829) Lived in the house of Colonel John Ashley of Sheffield, purchased at 6 months of age. Mum Bett got continuous beatings from her mistress. Once he stepped in front of her sister Lizzy so she wouldn’t get hit instead Elizabeth did She escaped that house after being abused by Ashley’s wife. She refused to return and got backer up by attorney Theodore Sedgwick.

3 Brom Bett v. Ashley With the help of her attorney she started to case Brom Bett v. Ashley This case happened in 1781 as a Berkshire County court case. Occurred less than a year after the adoption of the Massachusetts Constitution In contrast with other freedom cases, John Ashley didn’t violate any specific laws Mum Bett was set free but stayed as a servant to the Sedgwick family as a thanks for getting her free.

4 What Mum Bett did Mum Bett was a very strong and powerful women She was one of the biggest influences in abolishing slavery. She always wanted for slavery to be ended not only in Massachusetts but in the whole Unites States She was very dedicated to her sister Lizzy and everyone that helped her

5 Late life Mum Bett left the Sedgwick home she bought her own house where she lived her life with her daughter. Kept working as a nurse and a midwife and was in high demand. 2 years before her death her friend Theodore Sedgwick urged to complete Mum Bett’s dream of ending slavery Mum Bett had children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren

6 Bibliography Freeman, Elizabeth (Mum Bett) (1742- 1829) Written by: Alicia Rivera elizabeth-mum-bett-1742-1829 elizabeth-mum-bett-1742-1829 Mum Bett By: Monty Rainey

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