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Agroalimentaria Dominican Republic: The food, tobacco and beverages international fair will strengthen its leadership in 2009, as the most complete exhibition.

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2 Agroalimentaria Dominican Republic: The food, tobacco and beverages international fair will strengthen its leadership in 2009, as the most complete exhibition of farming and agro-industrial goods and other connected sectors. The next edition will be celebrated in the Dominican Fiesta Hotel and Convention Center from the 5th to the 7 th of March, 2009. The incorporation of important companies as exhibitors, sectorial round tables, matchmaking sessions, higher level technical-scientific conferences and varied and innovating promotional initiatives, make this event, the most important business encounter of the area. This event centers the attention on professionals of the sectors and international buyers from each continent; hence we are confident that we will surpass expectations and reunite again suppliers, clients, and consumers in a dynamic surrounding with many opportunities.

3 The results without doubt, are clear on the matter. The successful experience of year 2007 is considered one of the major events of its kind, joining thousands of visitors, hundreds of participants and specialists of these areas. The event managed to positively approach clients and suppliers; 600 matchmaking were performed, with the presence of more than 150 buyers from Europe, EE.UU., Canada and the Caribbean; approximately 100 exhibitors’ companies, generating businesses valued in 100 million dollars. Previous Successful Experience

4 Connected activities of high added value One of the differentiable values of Agroalimentaria is the ample program of activities that complement the expositive supply. Organic & Fair Trade Pavilion: Intended to unfold this Premium supply, by which Dominican Republic is world- wide recognized, ranking no. 1 position in export of headings, such as, Bananas, cacao, coffee and others. The space denominated, Tobacco Hall, destined upon presentment and enjoyment of the plentiful variety of brands and flavors of Dominican cigars. Dominican Gastronomic Festival, seeking to present prestigious Dominican gastronomy and promote our excellent products and cooking creations.

5 Business Opportunities Among the expected visitors for Agroalimentaria 2009 one must emphasize the presence of worldwide buyers from various cities of the U.S.A.: New York, Chicago, Miami, California; as well as, other countries like England, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Canada, Ecuador, Panama, Puerto Rico, Caribbean Islands; loyal to their Dominican Republic appointment. Agroalimentaria offers immense business opportunities to strengthen actual bonds, generate new contacts, assemble strategic alliances and expand commercial horizons with Importers, Exporters, Distributors, Wholesalers, Representatives, Consulters, Processors, Producers, among others. Within the context Rounds of Sectorial Encounters between ACP and European countries will be organized with the support of the European Comission, trough PROINVEST.

6 Agropecuaria/ Crops (13.0) Agricultura/ Farming (1.2%) Ganadería y pesca/ Cattle and Fishery (3.8%) Hotelería, Bares y Restaurantes/ Hotels, Bars and Restaurants (3.7%) Sector Comercio/ Commerce Sector (13.9%) Turismo/ Tourism (1.7%) No. de Visitantes/No. of visitors: 3.1% Minería/ Mining (30%) Sector Financiero/ Finance Sector (21.3%) Comunicación/ Communication (14.9%) Dominican Republic Glimpse Main Industries (2007 Growth percentage) Source: DR Central Bank

7 Dominican Republic is the 5th economy of Latin America and displays the most sundry-quality supply and demonstrates major potential growth in the area. These facts added with the prestige of the event, the diversity and visitors, make Agroalimentaria Dominican Republic, a strategic venue point for the different business activities of the area. Información General / General Info: Capital /City : Santo Domingo Territorio/Territory : 48,730 Km.2 Población/ Population : 8.9 Millions inhabitants Idiomas/ Languages : Español (Oficial)/Inglés (Ampliamente hablado)/ Spanish (official) English (widely spoken) Moneda/ Currency : Peso Dominicano (RD$)/ Dominican Peso Clima/ Weather : 28-32 C0 (Tropical) Dominican Republic Glimpse

8 Economic and Commercial Profile (% Percentage - 2007) Exports: 20% Imports: 18% General Economy: 11.6% PIB/ GDP: 8.5%

9 Main Exports: ferrous nickel, cigars, underwear and clothes, electric components, disposable sheets, footwear, jewelry, beer, rum, sugar cane, surgery equipments, cocoa, steel bars, tobacco, organic grains, fruits and vegetables. Main Organic Exports: Bananas, cocoa, coffee, tropical fruits (lemons, mangoes, melons, pineapples, oranges, coconut); vegetables, cosmetics and others (ginger, honey, aloe, cassava, among others). Main Commercial Partners: Export: U.S.A., Netherlands, South Korea, Puerto Rico, Haiti, UK, Canada, Belgium, Germany and Japan. Import: U.S.A., Puerto Rico, México, Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Panama and Germany

10 For more information and booth reservation: Junta Agroempresarial Dominicana (JAD) Tel. (809) 563-6178 Ext. 225 Fax: (809) 563-7722 E-mail: For international buyers and visitor registration: Dominican Republic Export and Investment Center (CEI-RD) Tel. (809) 530-5505 Ext. 239/ 240 Fax: (809) 530-5612 E-Mail: /

11  Importadores  Distribuidores  Compradores Programa Internacional de Incentivos para:


13 Dominican Fiesta Hotel & Casino Ave. Anacaona Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Phone:(809) 562 8222 Fax:(809) 482 8959

14 Tour Colonial City Of Santo Domingo


16 Dominican Republic Europe USA South America Central America Canada

17 Dominican Republic Europe USA South America Central America Canada

18 Open Economy Since beginnings of the Nineties a new tendency began to liberalize the markets and today we count on an open economy of US$14,000 Billions. Exports: 5,750 MM (2005) Imports: 8,250 MM (2005) Growth % for the1st. Semester of 2006 – Exports: 25% – Imports: 14% Tourism Sector absorbs +/- 25% of Farming/Agricultural Production

19 1 st. Exporter to Europe of Organic Bananas and Cocoa 1 st. Worldwide Exporter of Cigars 2nd. Worldwide Exporter of Organic Coffee 3rd. Country Ranking in Telecommunications Development in Latin America. 4th. Worldwide Exporter of Avocados 4th. Worldwide Exporter of Gold 5th. Worldwide Exporter of Iron-Nickel 5 th. Commercial Partner of U.S.A. in Latin America. 8 th. Worldwide Exporter of Footwear. 11 th. Exporter of Textiles and Manufacture to the U.S.A. Commitment Excellence to

20 BASC Certification for Containers Security Dominican Republic is the first nation of the region of the Caribbean and the nations members of the DR-CAFTA, with exception of Honduras, in obtaining the certification of container security; guaranteeing to the exporters to introduce their merchandise to the market of the U.S.A. in a faster way, with no need to transfer nor long rows. BASC Certification (Business Anti-Smuggling Coalition)

21 Our people… Our people…The Easy Smile, committed, our values The place… The place…Biodiversity and integration, the Joy of living in harmony, Our Heritage… Our Heritage…Rich culture and powerful history of being at the heart of it! The Spirit of the Country

22 The Opportunities Biodiversity and Happy People Quality products and world class suppliers Trust, Transparency and commitment TourismTradeInvestment

23 Nearshore location Stable Economic and Political Environment Sound Legal framework for foreign Investment Preferential Market Access to the United States, Europe, Central America and the Caribbean Abundance of competitive, experienced and qualified labor force Modern transportation infrastructure (Airports, Ports, Highways) Advanced and reliable telecommunication infrastructure Supporting Industries & services (Bank, Airlines, Maritime services, Universities, Real Estate) Competitive costs for doing business Quality Life Standards DR? Why

24 US is usually 48 hours to 2 weeks for freight alone DR has a proximity that has clear advantage to the US market Lead Time Analysis Transit time is 24 hours by courier and 3 days to 1 week by ocean. China is 48 hours to 8 weeks for freight alone Location Nearshore

25 11 seaports with distribution to Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, including US$300 Million Caucedo Megaport, with the most advanced infrastructure of the Caribbean, whose maritime terminal and logistics center operate under Free Zone Regime Excellent highway system connecting all major cities 8 International Airports: 2 in Santo Domingo, Santiago, Samana, La Romana, Puerto Plata, Punta Cana, Barahona More than 30 daily flights to United States and Europe Transportation

26 CARICOM: Caribbean 30M DR-CAFTA, CBTPA: North America 296M 816 Million Consumers Worldwide Cotonou Agreement: European Union 450M CAFTA Central America 40M Preferential Market Access

27 Quality LifeStyle Standards

28 Visionary Innovative Committed Creative Powerful Leadership Focused Team-Spirit Our Latest Thinking is We are Global Thinkers

29 Our Value Proposition Global Leadership

30 Thank You! See you in March

31 THE DOMINICAN REPUBLIC WE’VE CREATED A COUNTRY LIKE NO OTHER Envision the Possibilities Thank You! Dr. Leonel Fernández Reyna President of the Dominican Republic

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