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3 What is the name of the singer? Provide the name of the song

4 How many eggs do the women need? A dozen.

5 Name the two languages Mauricio is studying. English and French

6 Listen to the conversation and write the prices you hear. $6 $28.50 $2.82 $5.95 $15000 £160

7 Listen carefully to the audio. What can you infer about Mrs. Snell? Give specific details from the listening to support your answer.

8 Brief explanation of the image.

9 Tell us about your worst experience with ALL of the details.

10 “I would like to introduce you to my friend........... whose nickname is...........” NameHobbies NicknameOther interests Birth DateJob experience Place of birthSports Family membersPrizes/Awards EducationTravel experience Skills What makes this person unique?

11 You are an associate of a call center. One day you receive a call from a woman you don’t know. She tells you that she is about to commit suicide and gives you all her reasons for doing it. Before she hangs up asks you: “Give me one reason for not killing myself right now” What would you tell her? P.S. The future of her life depends on you, be careful.

12 Read the following tongue twister AS FAST AS POSSIBLE!

13 Read the sentences

14 He fell in love with her flowers and not with her roots, during the fall he didn't know what to do. What do you understand from the following quote?



17 THE VALENTINE SURPRISE! Today is Valentine’s Day. Suzy is making a heart. She colors the heart red. She puts a star sticker in the center. She writes, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” above the heart. Suzy can’t wait to surprise someone. Who will she surprise? Will she give the heart to her mother? No. Will she give the heart to her father? No. Will she give the heart to her brother? No. Who will she give the heart? Suzy’s picture is for her teacher! ANSWER THE QUESTIONS: 1.What is today? 3. What is she putting in it? 2. What is Suzy making? 4. Who is this surprise for?

18 Describe 2 people physically in a written way.


20 Your friend made an invisibility potion. You and your friend are going to drink it tomorrow. Write about what you are going to do.

21 Write down a poem and read it in front of the class.



24 AskedCarried ShowedLiked WantedBelieved WalkedUsed StartedStopped TriedPlanned Listen and repeat the pronunciation of the following verbs.

25 On Under Next to Near On

26 1. Sarah made dinner for the whole family. 2. Tyler played tag with Miguel and Ramon. 3. Mr. Cane went to the movies with Mrs. Cane. 4. The house needs a fresh coat of paint. She made dinner for the whole family. Tyler played tag with them. Mr. Cane went to the movies with her. It needs a fresh coat of paint.

27 I recently read my grandfather’s diaries, and I (discovered) ____________ a lot of interesting things about his life. Apparently, he (spent his childhood) __________ in San Francisco. He and his parents didn’t (like being together) ________ at all, and when he was 18 he decided to see America. He (started on his journey) ________ with very little money and travelled east. He (continued) _____________ until he reached New York, where he got a job washing up in a restaurant. He fell in love with one of the waitresses, and one day he (appeared) __________ at her flat with a bunch of roses and asked her to marry him. Surprisingly, she agreed, and he (went to live) _______________ with her in New York, where they had 3 children. Carried on - Found out - Get on - Grew up - Turn up - Settle down - Set off found out grew up get on carried on settled down set off turn up


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