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Flowers New Varieties For 2013. AGASTACHE ‘ASTELLO INDIGO’ Van Hemert & Co. Seeds Perennial zone 8 Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner Deep indigo 3-inch spikes.

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Presentation on theme: "Flowers New Varieties For 2013. AGASTACHE ‘ASTELLO INDIGO’ Van Hemert & Co. Seeds Perennial zone 8 Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner Deep indigo 3-inch spikes."— Presentation transcript:

1 Flowers New Varieties For 2013

2 AGASTACHE ‘ASTELLO INDIGO’ Van Hemert & Co. Seeds Perennial zone 8 Fleuroselect Gold Medal Winner Deep indigo 3-inch spikes Fragrant blooms from late spring to frost Long flowering, disease-resistant, hardy Highly versatile - patio pots, containers, borders, landscape “en masse” plantings Agastache hybrida

3 ANGELONIA ‘SERENITA MIX’ PanAmerican Seed Adds height and interest to flowerbed borders and containers Long-lasting fresh colors Very little maintenance Deer and rabbit resistant Angelonia angustifolia

4 BEGONIA ‘IKON BRONZE’ F1 Floranova Ltd. Vigorous spreading/mounding habit ideal for containers, baskets and beds Thrives in sunny or shady spots Tolerates high heat and humidity Self-cleaning no deadheading needed Begonia x hybrida

5 BEGONIA ‘MILLION KISSES HONEYMOON’ Ball Ingenuity Vigorous trailing begonia perfect for large-size hanging baskets Large light yellow blooms brighten up the shade! Easy to grow - little maintenance keeps it blooming summer through fall Begonia boliviensis

6 BEGONIA ‘SANTA CRUZ  SUNSET’ Ernst Benary Seed Growers, Ltd. Tough-as-nails plant can tolerate extreme weather conditions Perfect for landscapes, hanging baskets or containers Full, lush looking plant is loaded with flowers all season long Begonia boliviensis

7 BEGONIA ‘SPARKS WILL FLY’ Burpee Home Gardens Dazzling tangerine flowers shoot out from bronze foliage Great choice for shady garden areas Maintenance free for easy gardening Blooms early spring until frost Begonia hybrida

8 BUDDLEIA ‘FLUTTERBY LAVENDER’ Ball Ornamentals Fragrant flowering bush attracts all pollinators to your garden Adds color to landscape borders and large containers summer until frost Hardy to USDA zone 5 Buddleia hybrid

9 CALENDULA ‘COSTA MIXED’ Floranova Ltd. Ideal companion for pansy and viola in spring and fall Prefers cool sunny spots in garden beds or containers Add edible petals to brighten salads 2 to 3-inch blooms attract pollinators Calendula officinalis

10 CALIBRACHOA ‘MINIFAMOUS DOUBLE ROSE CHAI’ Selecta Klemm GmBH True double flowers add upscale look Trailing habit ideal for hanging baskets, low edging, or containers Annual blooms late spring to frost Self-cleaning, no deadheading needed Calibrachoa cultivars

11 CAMPANULA ‘MILAN’ American Takii, Inc. Large bell shaped flowers Available in either lilac or blue Annual - flowers all summer Compact, medium height container plant or as a houseplant Campanula medium

12 CANNA ‘SOUTH PACIFIC SCARLET’ F1 2013 AAS WINNER American Takii, Inc. Award winning first F1 canna from seed adds a tropical touch to your garden Floriferous bloomer with showy 4-inch scarlet flowers all summer long Robust flower-laden 4-5 foot tall specimen plant or tall focal point Canna generalis

13 CELOSIA ‘INTENZ’ Ball Ingenuity Vibrant color on spiky blooms adds texture to mixed containers Versatile plant for patio pots, landscapes, or as a pot plant indoors Low-maintenance plant with high appeal, performs great in full-sun Celosia caracus

14 COSMOS ‘RUBENZA’ Harris Seeds Unique color for Cosmos with dark ruby red flowers maturing to deep rose Gorgeous in flower beds and borders Height 24-32” tall with a 14-20” spread Performs well in heat, rain and wind Attracts helpful bees and butterflies Cosmos bipinnatus

15 DIANTHUS ‘DASH’ PanAmerican Seed Stylish and elegant, adds fragrance to containers and flower beds More compact habit with long, strong straight stems great for cutting gardens Loves cool-season weather with cold and frost tolerance Dianthus barbatus

16 DIANTHUS ‘DIANA PICOTEE MIXTURE’ Hem Genetics BV Forms masses of large blooms on a low growing plant Mix of three unique ‘Diana Picotee’ colors: Crimson, Scarlet and Lavender Excellent as a low edging or medium height divider in the garden Dianthus chinensis

17 DIANTHUS ‘EVERLAST’ Selecta Klemm GmBH Enjoy more days of vibrant color Flushes early in spring, blooms late into summer, and flushes again in fall Zone 4 cold hardy annual with the hardiness of a perennial Dianthus interspecific

18 DIANTHUS ‘RAINBOW LOVELINESS’ Botanical Interests Beautiful perennial heirloom with unique lacy flower petals Sweet intoxicating fragrance Heavily fringed flowers in white, pink, lilac, and rose, some bi-colored or with contrasting eyes or rings Dianthus hybridus

19 DIANTHUS ‘SUPRA SALMON’ Hem Zaden-Hem Genetics New interspecific hybrid with a dwarf and strong branching plant habit Exceptionally good garden performer blooms summer to frost Cold, heat, drought, rain, frost, and wind tolerant bushy upright plants Dianthus interspecific hybrid

20 ECHINACEA ‘CHEYENNE SPIRIT’ 2013 AAS WINNER Kieft Seed Award winning stunning first-year flowering sturdy perennial Delightful mix of colors from rich purple, red, orange tones to lighter yellows and creams and white Mid-summer through fall bloomer Echinacea hybrida

21 ECHINACEA ‘SOMBRERO LEMON YELLOW’ Darwin Perennials Perennial with proven hardiness to Zone 5 blooms late spring and summer Compact plant with good branching Adds bright color to cottage, perennial and butterfly gardens Echinacea purpurea

22 GERANIUM ‘CALLIOPE  BURGUNDY’ Syngenta Flowers Vigorous mounding habit ideal for baskets, large pots and landscape beds Large semi-double flowers with stunning color late spring and summer Blooms in full sun or part shade A true heat lover Pelargonium interspecific

23 GERANIUM ‘CALLIOPE  HOT PINK’ Syngenta Flowers Extremely well-branched, vigorous mounding habit Hanging baskets, large pots, and in landscapes as a medium height divider Large semi-double flowers bloom in sun or part-shade locations Pelargonium interspecific

24 GERANIUM ‘DIVAS PETTICOAT’ Floranova Ltd. Horizon ‘Divas’ have real Wow! factor Subtle but striking bicolor flowers are blush white with rosy red Perfect for bright sunny locations Deadheading will keep it looking clean and encourage more flowering Pelargonium x hortorum

25 GERANIUM ‘GRAND IDOL PINK’ Fides Oro North America Great climbing, trailing variety for hanging baskets, window boxes, patio pots, and as a ground cover on hillsides It will also climb on your fence In southern parts of USA, this annual stays in flower the whole year Large 3- to 4-inch blooms Pelargonium ivy

26 GERANIUM ‘GREAT BALLS OF FIRE DEEP ROSE’ Dummen USA Inc. Vibrant colored large double flowering umbrels of 4-6 inches New series of ivies specifically bred for heat tolerance Blooms early spring through fall Pelargonium peltatum

27 GERANIUM ‘NANO SALMON’ Hem Genetics BV Natural dwarf geranium which does not stretch Profusion of large salmon flowers with attractive dark leaves Use in containers or as a low edging Stays compact summer to frost Pelargonium zonale

28 GERANIUM ‘SALMON FRILLS’ Paul Ecke Ranch Large salmon blooms with a white edge are very free flowering Medium green foliage with a dark zone Good garden performance in cool weather and in heat and humidity Performs well in full sun to part shade Pelargonium x hortorum

29 GERBERA ‘CARTWHEEL GLOWING EMBER’ Syngenta Flowers Distinctive flower form and bigger upright, bushy plant habit Blooms from early spring through fall in sun to part-sun garden location Rich red/orange 4 to 5-inch blooms Excellent as cut flower or house plant Gerbera jamesonii hybrida

30 GERBERA ‘ROYAL BICOLOR RED’ American Takii, Inc. Exciting addition to the ‘Royal’ series Primarily vibrant red with a ring of white at the center of the flower Upright plants bloom continuously Garden container or houseplant Gerbera jamesonii

31 GERBERA ‘ROYAL PRINCE BICOLOR RED SHADES’ American Takii, Inc. Stylish blooms with shades of red highlighted by an inner ring of white A non-stop bloomer with a color show that doesn’t quit Compact plant to be enjoyed as a houseplant or to brighten up a patio Gerbera jamesonii

32 GERBERA ‘ROYAL PRINCE NEON VIOLET’ American Takii, Inc. Color so vivid it practically pulsates Large brilliantly colored flowers that rise just above the plant Superior blooming habit producing a constant supply of new blooms Sunny container or houseplant Gerbera jamesonii

33 GERBERA ‘ROYAL PRINCE RED’ American Takii, Inc. Jewel-like red flowers continue to greet you week after week Compact plant for sunny containers or as a houseplant Ideal hostess gift or something to lift your spirits Deadheading recommended Gerbera jamesonii

34 HELIOMERIS ‘SUNSPLASH’ W. Atlee Burpee & Co. Native plant from American prairies Winter-hardy USDA Zone 4 perennial Free-flowering all summer long Luminous bicolor of white and yellow Pollinator friendly 10-inch tall plants Heliomeris multiflora

35 IMPATIENS ‘PATCHWORK COSMIC ORANGE’ Sakata Seed America, Inc. Vibrant tri-color “cosmic” colored blooms shimmer in the shade Brightens shady garden spaces with non-stop flowers from spring to frost Gorgeous colorful low-maintenance hanging baskets, containers or edgings Impatiens walleriana

36 IMPATIENS ‘SUNPATIENS  COMPACT ELECTRIC ORANGE’ Sakata Seed America, Inc. Can grow up to 36 inches in height and width in full to partial sun Takes the heat and humidity and keeps on blooming Dense plants are covered with blooms from spring through a few light frosts Impatiens x hybrid hort

37 ORNAMENTAL PEPPER ‘CUBANA’ American Takii, Inc. Large vibrantly colored oval shaped peppers are held above compact plants Trendy, stylish and colorful Available in several colors: deep orange, light orange, red, yellow, multicolor orange and multicolor red Excellent in containers or as houseplant Capsicum annuum

38 OSTEOSPERMUM ‘MARGARITA SUPREME LILAC’ Fides Oro North America Blooms from early spring until frost Stands out for its large flowers and higher vigor than market comparisons Great for patio planters, garden beds and as a divider Osteospermum ecklonis

39 OSTEOSPERMUM ‘MARGARITA SUPREME WHITE’ Fides Oro North America A stand-out for its larger flowers and higher vigor than comparisons Blooms early spring until frost Full sun to partial sun garden location Annual hardy to zone 10 Osteospermum ecklonis

40 PANSY ‘COOL WAVE  YELLOW’ PanAmerican Seed Easy care and vibrant color in spring and fall Plants will overwinter through Zone 5 and be the first pop of color in Spring Spreads and trails over containers and hanging baskets and as a ground cover Viola wittrockiana

41 PANSY ‘WONDERFALL  PURPLE WITH FACE’ Syngenta Flowers Large pansy flowers Extremely trailing and floriferous Unique “spills” for containers and hanging baskets Vigorous, well-branching habit Pansy wittrockiana hybrida

42 PETCHOA ‘SUPERCAL VIOLET’ Sakata Seed America, Inc. Petchoa is a wonderful combination of petunia and calibrachoa traits Large 3” uniquely colored blooms are sure to brighten up a porch or patio Plants hold up very well in all types of weather including the heat! Performs well early spring through fall Petchoa hybrid

43 PETUNIA PICOBELLA ‘CASCADE  RED’ Syngenta Flowers Loaded with dainty flowers that top highly-branched, spreading plants Extra-early flowering, even under short days Containers and hanging baskets Pollinator friendly Petunia hybrida milliflora

44 PETUNIA ‘SHOCK WAVE DEEP PURPLE’ Harris Seeds Vibrant, deep purple blooms bring high impact to your patio pots and baskets Mounded, spreading plants keep classy appearance through heat, rain, wind and light frosts Height 7-10 inches, 30-36” spread Petunia hybrida

45 PETUNIA ‘SOPHISTICA LIME GREEN’ Harris Seeds Bring a zing of lime to your garden with these big, splashy 3-4” blooms Excellent specimen plant for gardens, baskets and containers Upright 10-15” tall with 10-12” spread Plant will tolerate heat Petunia hybrida

46 PETUNIA ‘TRELLIS PINK’ Grimes Horticulture, Inc. Upright growing and aggressive Makes tons of flowers on plants that lend themselves to trellis production The only petunia on the market that can grow this way Blooms summer to frost Petunia x hybrida

47 PETUNIA ‘TRILOGY’ American Takii, Inc. Unique dome shape and flower power will wow you Excellent performer in containers, in baskets and in the garden Will spread up to 30-36 inches when planted in the ground Petunia x hybrida

48 STREPTOCARPUS ‘CAPE COOL’ Floranova Ltd. Available in 4 colors Thrives in a warm shaded area, inside the house or outside in the garden Much more compact habit and smaller leaves than older varieties Less susceptible to diseases Streptocarpus x hybridus

49 SUNFLOWER ‘SOLAR FLARE’ W. Atlee Burpee & Co. Attention getting Burpee prize winner Dazzling flame type sunflower will keep your vases ablaze with color Showy 6-inch blooms 5-6 foot tall pollinator friendly plant Requires a sunny garden spot Helianthus annuus

50 SUNFLOWER ‘ZOHAR’ F1 Genesis Seeds Ltd. Vibrant golden yellow-orange petals surround the rich dark chocolate center Enjoy as a cut flower or to add height in sunny garden beds and containers Bright 5-inch blooms attract butterflies Tall sturdy plants are wind tolerant Helianthus annuus

51 SWEET PEA ‘CANDY SHOWERS’ Sakata Seed America, Inc. New series of trailing snapdragon available in 5 bright colors Great choice for hanging baskets or containers in the spring or fall Pollinator friendly full sun annual Antirrhinum majus namum pendula

52 SWEET PEA ‘VILLA ROMA’ Hem Genetics BV Dwarf bush type sweet pea Sweet scented blooms Flowers abundantly Ideal for container gardening Attracts all pollinators Lathyrus odoratus

53 VERBENA ‘LANAI  CANDY CANE’ Syngenta Flowers Striking candy cane colored flowers with a distinctive star pattern Available in a wide color assortment “Best in Class” garden performance Exceptional powdery mildew resistance Verbena hybrida

54 VIOLA ‘FLORAL POWER RED’ American Takii, Inc. Withstands temperatures down to 14°F Vibrant, prolific bloomer Enjoy cheery red color in spring and fall containers and gardens Edible ornamental Viola cornuta

55 VIOLA ‘FLORAL POWER SKY BLUE BLOTCH’ American Takii, Inc. Amazing blue color must be seen in person to believe Ideal for early spring and late fall as it withstands temperatures down to 14 ◦ F Edible ornamental Viola cornuta

56 WALLFLOWER ‘SUGAR RUSH’ F1 Floranova Ltd. Something new to grow alongside pansies and violas in fall and spring Survives the winter down to zone 5 Available in yellow, primrose and purple bicolor, plus a mix with red Sweetly scented blooms Cheiranthus cheiri

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